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~ Lakol Pejuta Wi

Crazy Horse, an iconic legend from the Lakota nation. 

His spirit as well as any of our ancestors’ selfless efforts

will continually be embedded in our hearts with deep

respect.  Whether connected to their DNA or not, we

shall always be indebted for the true love they all had

for our people. Their bravery impacts us generations

later to be influenced of not being afraid of dying for

what is right. It is their hope for us to carry on their legacies.  The uniqueness of Crazy Horse to be unscathed by bullets whenever he took a stance against of whatever threatened our people may seem like magical powers to outsiders.  Undoubtedly we know his courageousness for his Lakota people was also backed by a mysterious spiritual connection that protected him. For those of us who understands this, it is not “magical” but a power given to him from the Creator himself.  Though Crazy Horse has long been gone, it also remains a mystery of the unknown whereabouts of where he was laid to rest.  It was perhaps foreseen by Crazy Horse that outsiders would make a spectacle of unwanted attention marking his grave site into a shrine if they could.  Instead, he instructed his family go deep in the night to take care of his remains in a humble way.  I’m surprised no one has fabricated an unmarked grave or something to be able to attract tourism.  Our own people are clueless of any such landmark and even if they remotely knew, it would be forbidden to exploit by the natural consequences plus backlashes from the Lakota nation.  It is bad enough to have to deal with people making false claims of their kinship with Crazy Horse or other well known leaders so they can have that special recognition.  Some Lakotas scorn articles or memes regarding Crazy Horse’s monument that is spewed out on social media praising such a ginormous sculpture. Too often something always comes across my newsfeed on Facebook in which I take the opportunity to educate best I can in what our Crazy Horse had told our families during ceremonies.  I am greatly annoyed by some of the comments I read especially of so-called ‘educated’ people.  It is also disheartening even of our own kind to hear even our own native people praising the Crazy Horse monument. We do not need to erect a statue of idolatry for such a valiant warrior whereas his legacy will linger forever as well as any noble ancestor that has been ‘lost’ in writings but their essence remains.

It has been well documented in various forms how Black Elk and Crazy Horse were related as first cousins. The leverage is not that the kinship upholds a tight bond but Crazy Horse spirit comes to our traditional ceremonies at his own volition.  This is one of the ways how Crazy Horse or any of our ancestors still communicate with us during this modern era.  And when they do, we must heed their commands in what they tells us.  Because our ancestors do come around so often, we cannot make up stuff of what spirits said nor put words in their mouths. Therefore if we do anything of our own accord on Crazy Horse’s behalf, we would literally have to answer to Crazy Horse directly should we ever make him unhappy of our actions.  Just like my late father, Wanbli Cikala a/k/a Wallace H. Black Elk, assures us the he watches over his sons/daughters/grandkids/great grandkids.   He says he checks up on us daily. So dad will definitely tell us whether we are making him smile with tears of joy or if we need to critique something within ourselves.  It is a special bond to have this sort of connection of both physical and spiritual realm.  The veil between both dimensions is thin and the spirits are capable of honoring us with their presence not just during ceremonies but also any given time in broad daylight in our homes as well. Though I am just a common woman, I can only attest to countless ceremonies during my lifespan to have such a wonderful presence come who may not have ever experience being human at all.  It’s also been a blessing to have witnessed Crazy Horse gracing us with his presence.  Even just recently, Crazy Horse himself blessed my son’s warrior society during a Lowanpi.  So Crazy Horse does recognize us as the off-springs of Nicholas Black Elk and sees other Lakota people making efforts to carry on the sacred ways.

Unfortunately not everyone gets to experience something like this.  Through spiritual genocide strongly influenced some of our own natives to assimilate into the white man’s religion have gone astray from the beautiful way of life.  Thus have inadequate comprehension most often no fault of their own. Our white brothers and sisters especially, seriously need to return to the natural laws of nature and take responsibility of the spiritual genocide inflicted upon our tribes across the Western Hemisphere.  Every native tribe has such a unique ways in bonding with the Creator and gives reverence of all its living organisms of what may seem inanimate objects such as the stone people.  We are attuned into a frequency that is much higher than anyone can learn in a University. As one of our ceremonies is known as the ‘University of all Universities’ that exist on this planet is known as the womb of mother earth or in which widely known terminology as the Sweatlodge.  Our definition of what a true University is, differentiates vastly because we will never graduate.  Some people may possess multiple doctorate degrees that may be very impressive to their educational system but in actuality not knowing the spirituality as we do will not even be deemed being at an elementary level.  Because the true educator is the Creator in whom we call Tunkashila.  No matter what religion or don’t even if you don’t consider yourself to have a religion, perhaps secretly and sacredly admit there is something greater than our own sorry selves.  Our minds do not have the capacity to have a portion of what is always going to be mystery in each layer discovered in their so-called “science.”  Quite frankly I believe we as earthlings are extremely small minded compared to our star relatives in our galactic community.  But even they have a huge reverence towards the Creator and compassion towards us humanoids.

What little bit of information I possess isn’t much.  However what tiny bit of wisdom I do know is of great importance.  A special gift was given to our Lakota nation from a deity such as the White Buffalo Calf Woman sent from the Creator.  She gave us the Channunpa along with specific instructions.  It is thee most sacred of ALL sacreds upon this earth.  With this, it is able to help mankind in the most tumultuous, arduous complex situations if one presents it with the utmost sincerity.  I once had the honor in visiting the original channunpa on the grounds of where it is located for safekeeping.  The force of the channunpa is LOVE.. Once a person can deeply understand this, there will be understanding the compassion our Lakota nation possesses.  It is one of the most beautiful power one will ever feel in this physical realm that can bring you to overwhelming tears of joy. That kind of peace can exist on earth.

The magnificent powers that Crazy Horse was able to obtain is a mere example of the true relationship of trust he had with the Creator.  He also foretold of his untimely death would come.  For whatever purpose you admire Crazy Horses, his spirit is even more stronger on the other side in the spirit realm.  We are extremely lucky to know that we as off-springs of other legendaries in our DNA has also been passed down for generations now.  Their spirits have more freedom in which you have to understand they are no longer bounded by the limitations of the physical body, money nor fear of having any more threats of anyone corralling them into their control.  Spirits can appear to anyone in reality at THEIR OWN VOLITION.  It is not like a séance where we can conjure up any spirits at any given time during our ceremonies.  I often have had this discussion with our natives who have been assimilated into our oppressor’s religion.  That they can go into a building on Sundays or whenever and summons Jesus and order him around.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Jesus has yet to come into a sweatlodge that I have ever attended.  That told me that whole Trinity crap is something that is made up.  I laugh at a meme that was once circulating on my newsfeed to the effect of if we are all made in God’s image, then, wouldn’t we all be like...invisible?  Just something to think about the illogical concepts written in the Bible that is not credible to me.  I was once a product of genocide myself at all levels.  Returning my path to the red road was quite a journey for me from all the nonsensical brainwashing I had gone through that practically stripped me from everything I was born into.  I am very grateful to be part of a human race that maintained ancient wisdom regardless of all the persecution our people endured from missionaries and other corrupted individuals.

I can understand if an individual has never had an environment that presented itself to attend a ceremony some of the things I will say may seem a bit foreign.   

In all the depths of my chaff and chaven words of efforts explaining our Lakota mindset, I was building up to my strongest point of this article, I have been a great advocate of relaying a message that was given during a ceremony  regarding the Crazy Horse monument.  The greatness of Crazy Horse himself expressed he does not consider the monument as being an honor nor does he like the monument at all.  He continued in explaining why, because it is still a form of desecration of a sacred mountain.  Yet, I have been challenged by so-called “educated” people that think that Crazy Horse died in the late 1800’s therefore he couldn’t have possibly had any say so of what he felt because he would have died way before the monument started being built.  This is a typical example of how a person’s mindset that is far divorced from Mother Earth who doesn’t know the simplicity of our culture always having to be over analytical.  To some people, there might not even be a concept that there is even an afterlife.  But with the reality of Crazy Horse command, he does not desire the project to ever be completed.  I had learned this earlier when I was much younger during a ceremony that was shared to me by my family. Since then, I have been watching the snail paced ‘progress’ taking place because it was also said he would do things to make certain it would not be completed.  As the years go by, I have been waiting for a group or someone with the same passion of stopping the original carver.  Yet, it seemed at the time when Crazy Horse message was received, there was a strong current of people who believed Korczak Ziolkowski was doing something good for the Lakota nation to honor such a warrior. But it is Crazy Horse himself that has been doing unspoken things to the construction not ever mentioned in the mainstream media.  The original carver has been deceased and carried onto his next generation but the saga continues of exploitation as far as I am concerned.  We truly need to rethink of what Crazy Horse had said and consider intervening in stopping the project as well. We should have every right in being able to blast Mt. Rushmore to smithereens. After all it is on our sacred lands and thus mother earth can be restored back to its natural state.  Though some people I have expressed to me that they are against that as well, because it is still a form of desecrating in their logic. Well...the truth is, the mountain is more-so desecrated by the faces that are there to remind our nation we have been defeated with their thievery of our land and always a reminder of the broken treaties especially made with the Great Sioux nation that was basically dismissed when Trump held his rally nearby there.  Our tribal president at the time had forbid any trespassing, but regardless of the turnout of protesting creating merely a blockade only caused a temporary delay. The end result our people was grossly dishonored.

Perhaps people will challenge me that there was a native man that ‘authorized’ the original carver to have his blessings and permission to destroy the mountain with such idolatry.  The intention was to ‘honor’ the Lakota nation but it turns out it’s been merely another homogenized scam of the carver image since there wasn’t any known photos taken of Crazy Horse, ever.  Though throughout the years, seems the internet has been exploding of photos of whom claim that is the actual authentic photo of Crazy Horse.  It has always been well known that Crazy Horse didn’t ever consent to having his photograph taken.  So, someone out there in cyberspace can conjure up some old photos of God knows who and claims it to be Crazy Horse for their own personal financial gain.  The fact I also want to emphasize is the native man that ‘gave permission’ is not someone that had any authority to make such a decision on behalf of the entire Lakota nation.

I know that as a Lakota, we give reverence towards everything that we do, especially in partaking anything or doing something to Mother Earth.  First we pray to ask permission.  My own father even asked permission from the spirits and guidance of writing his book.  These things are sacred in what we share as Black Elk legacies will continue in such respect.  The native I don’t find worthy enough to mention his name, is not someone that apparently taken the time to do the correct way of asking permission from the Creator.  I guarantee that Crazy Horse himself would have attended at his own volition to given his input just as he has done with the medicine man that held the ceremony.  There is a very strong force that seems that goes against the grain of what Crazy Horse desires.  But I am a voice that does my best to takes up any opportunity of the platforms that are presented to me.  If people have a shred of love and respect for Crazy Horse as they say, we should be taking this project down.

It appears the family refused any governmental funding to have had the memorial done at a faster pace, instead are doing it at their own pace and receives private funding so that they can rake in multi millions of dollars throughout the course of decades that milked every dollar in the name of the Lakota nation.  This infuriates me to the core that people do not know that the truth behind this is not something that all the Lakota nation is in agreement nor excited in its completion.  As far as I am concerned we must do what is right.  The Lakota nation never benefited from any of the funding to go into any of our programs to help those in need.  We remain the poorest third world country yet, we are the richest.  Everyone wants a slice of our history or be a part of our culture most often displaying ostentatious behavior or utilizing our nobility that is just pure exploitation.

I am livid, if you take a closer look at the original carver’s face there is a strong resemble of himself instead of Crazy Horse.  I cannot be convinced otherwise.  It is my intention for  tourists to  understand that Crazy Horse remains in power without having to go to this extreme in recognizing him, It would be nice to see the dismantling this charade during my lifetime.   My patience is wearing thin that the Ziolkowski family is nowhere in sight of ending their scam anytime soon,  Meanwhile keep in mind  “The freedom of expressing art” is a phrase that is not something that will ever be in agreement with Crazy Horse. Bottom line, white man should worry about their own history and need to learn how to maintain their own survival because they are on the brink of self-destruction and keep their noses out of our tribal concerns.  Hetche Tu, Mitakuye Oyasin

Lakol Pejuta Wi
(Lakota Medicine Woman)