Mother, I Love You
~Taina Amayi

As a writer, I am a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred

presenter of evidential facts. I call it as I see it,

and have paid the price for it on many levels.

It was, is, and always will be worth the price.

This article, however, is different.

As I recover from serious illnesses brought on, in large part, by climate crimes, I decided to pay attention to something deeper than the issues at hand.

At this writing, I am shedding tears, and praying. I listened to a song that was definitely inspired by The Creator. As I listened, tears fell silently as the lyrics took hold of every part of my being. I broke.

Indeed, Mother Earth is in trouble. Psychpathic criminals are perpetrating heinous crimes against Her, and Father Sky. The question I pose is: What will I... we... do for Her.
My Mother is being attacked. My calling is to protect Her. My Mother is sick. My calling is to care for Her. 

Here is what I must say:

Dear Mother,

I am here. You are not alone. As your children were in times past, You are being attacked by greedy, evil people. You are hurting, and here I am; ready to "take the bullet for you." You have given me all that I need, and it is my time to give back to You (though it is what I should always do), especially as greedy ones take, take, take, and never give back.
Mother, speak to me. Tell me what you need, and I will do it. I am your daughter. Momma, I love you.

Mother, as I hold your hand, and dry your tears, rest assured that I will fight for you. You are my beloved Mother, and I come from you. What is done to You is done to me.
Momma, you are burning up! I will kiss your fevered brow, and comfort your breaking heart.

I will not lose you, Momma. You are not alone. 

LOOK, MOMMA! Others of your children are coming! Your sons and Your daughters are dancing in Your honor. They are dressed for battle!

Momma, please open Your eyes. Stay with me. You will not die! 
There, Your heart still beats...

I know You and Papa need to rest. I am now here with my sisters and my brothers. 
With fierceness of heart, yet, with tears that fall like rain, we gather before You, Mother. There is something we want, no, we NEED to say.

Mother, beloved Mother, I... we... love You.