~  Spencer Smith Via Dawn Karima

“Look what I got for Christmas! God is giving

us an amazing gift to start our new year,”

Dr. Dawn Karima laughs. The two-time Global

Music Award Winner rubs her round belly. 

The Indigenous Artist Activist Award Winner

is glowing, happy to be nine months pregnant,

anticipating a New Year’s Delivery. This winner

of a Native American Music Award is celebrating

the birth of her first born son with a new book of

poetry, MOTHER OF NATIONS, published

January 2019 by Uttered Chaos Press.

“I wrote this collection of poetry as a prayer, a way to put the desire of my heart into the heart and hands of God,” the two-time Indigenous Music Award Nominee says, “I’m thankful His answer was yes.”  THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE, the Women of Essence Global Award Nominee’s first novel, was a finalist for the North American Native First Book Award. Her second novel, THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS, part of University of Oklahoma’s American Indian Studies Series, was a finalist for the New Mexico First Book Award.

“I love my life, I do,” the resident of the Qualla Boundary Reservation smiles her Christmas Morning smile, which lights her whole face from within.  The Harvard graduate also holds the MFA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Indigenous Studies and Media Studies. “I am humbled, honored and happy with all the doors that Creator opens for me, all the accolades I enjoy and all the people I get to help. “ She won a Native American Music Award for her THE DESIRE OF NATIONS and an Indigenous Music Award nomination for THE STARS OF HEAVEN, which both won Global Music Awards.   Yet, even with her brilliant career that has encompassed education, modeling, pageants, broadcasting, music and writing, something seemed to be missing.

“Oh, I’ve enjoyed my education and achievements so much,” says the host of the popular, award-winning talk show, A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA, “I’m still enjoying it all.”  “My career kept growing and I’m grateful, but there was always something else to win, something more to do, something beyond to graduate from and I realized that I was so swept up in all these great, wonderful things, which I appreciate and anticipate doing even more good throughout my life, but I felt myself floating farther and farther away from my most precious dream to become a wife and mother. So, I wrote this book as a way of telling God that I am ready and asking Him to make this happen.”  MOTHER OF NATIONS follows her success as a novelist and non-fiction author, with a unique quality—it’s her first poetry collection.

“My new book, MOTHER OF NATIONS, was my way of pressing pause on celeb life and pressing in in prayer to manifest my motherhood,” Dr Karima shares.  “And then, at one of our tribal ceremonies, a spiritual leader came to me and gave me a new name in our language. He had no idea how I had been praying, but he renamed me “Mother of Nations.”  She hands me a hand-made, carved amulet, featuring a mother and son. “He gave me this and from then on, whenever somebody spoke to me or I introduced myself, I was saying “I am ‘Mother of Nations’. We were overjoyed to learn that I was expecting our son, our miracle baby. Around the same time, my book was picked up by Uttered Chaos and scheduled to be published around my son’s due date. I see this book as my way of welcoming our son into the world and reminding readers that miracles, blessings and good things are always coming toward each of us, all day, every day.”

A Women of Essence Global Award Nominee, Dawn Karima is beautiful, in the ways that celebrities are beautiful, but also in the ways that people we love are beautiful, just because they love us and we love them.  When asked about her hopes for her son, she smiles sweetly, “My son is a multiracial Native American and he is also Polynesian—Hawaiian and Maori—so I hope he will be a powerful Indigenous person on a good path. Most of all, I pray that he is wise and happy.”

MOTHER OF NATIONS by Dawn Karima is available from Amazon, booksellers and .  A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA, Dawn Karima’s radio show and podcast is available anytime at .