My Home Reserve

~ Jacqueline Short

My home reserve Saddle Lake Cree Nation

sits in the parkland. The place where bush

meets prairie, grass meets trees, muskeg

meets ponds, frogs greet grasshoppers.

The slow rolling hills begin to
make way for the swaths of prairie lotuses and prairie grass. The sunsets and sunrises are silhouetted in the backdrop of poplar and birch with assorted willows and lodgepole pines as they
begin to crowd in select areas of the reserve.

The North Saskatchewan River was once the main highway for our canoes, stories rich with small groups of Cree tribes crossing this swift running water is beyond anything our minds can comprehend with our modern lifestyles.

I love the beauty of nature. I love that I can have a place that I can call home. And it's more than just a place, it's the history, the stories, where my parents began theirs. Where I formed my ideas starting at the tender age of two.