My Parent’s Heaven
~ Red Shawl (Dawn M Gibson)
    My parents Heaven, is what I call it. My parents

were awarded the wildlife sanctuary. It is heaven

to me as well to all animals that reside there. You

hear the music of the birds, orioles, blue bird, blue

jays, robins, mourning doves, humming birds,

which eat with the woodchucks, squirrels, rabbits,

and so on. There is no hunting period, and they are

serious. It is a sanctuary from those who want to destroy. The deer, turkeys, an occasional pheasants or quails, which are always such a blessed sight, to see them eating with each other. The trees of variety, maple, sumac, oak, floribundas, and so forth, all live among each other. The divide is the wild life and the horses. It is enough, and when you are on time it is surreal if you can tone the traffic, the shooting, wood cutters, stone cutters, so on. It is almost like a transaction into the world before no electric lines, no modern objects except the barn and occasional tractor, in which the donkey has such a crush on.
     In times of stress this is my escape. I go and meditate and sometimes I just enjoy the splendor of natural music, the time is no longer a factor. I listen for lessons, stories, perhaps details of the past. I speak to the Creator and all spirits, so that my decisions are not alone. I embrace that I am able to have this which so many should also. Our bodies need the connection to relaxed time; we are after all part of the earth. It does not matter what people think, what matters is what you feel… utter peacefulness. Even with the buzzing flies, biting gnats, and rumoring mosquitoes. They bring reality back. The enjoyment that my horses mostly are family by blood but also by herd, enjoying the fact they are free and safe from harm. This is something I could never thank my parents enough for. They understand why I could never sell, or give up - you do not sell family. In my great times of deep depression, they were the ones who helped me through - had I lost the horses I would have gone mad. One cannot explain their heart, but my heart and soul have been the horses. I once cried every night as I wanted a horse so bad, now the reality is I have more than made up for those lost. I wish we owned so much land that we would be able to protect all animals, bears, wolves, beavers, bobcats and so on.
     I love my home, but hope one day to get this place fixed. It is only an acre, but one thing I can mimic from my mother is a garden of flowers (annuals because I am so bad at anything else). I want roses, lilacs, tulips, flowering everywhere, for the hummingbirds, butterflies, etc. My flowers include the Irish thistle, Scottish thistle, and others too. It is not heavenly because I am IN town, but it will be close as it is HOME. Another thing I cried for for a very, very long time. We do not realize the gifts given to us, but as we get older, we see them; we see the lessons learned, and ways we should be. My parent’s Heaven has saved my soul and given me piece of mind. Sometimes dreams come true. It is not in the green, gold, nickel, coppers, or diamonds people seek, it is in the peace of mind, love, family, understanding, faith in ourselves and loved ones, prayers in our OWN ways. Rich in knowledge that we have done what we could to improve life, giving compassion to those who need. We know we could always do better, but for now, we have done what we can and all is well, with our souls. It is knowing, that should we die today, we have done well, we have found peace, and we are ready to move on to a better place. My parent’s Heaven is where I have found peace.