~ Dr. Dawn Karima

"I'm a Native American model --Ojibway--currently

working in Lima, Peru."

Hannah Mary Geauvreau-Turner introduces herself.

Down to earth and poised, she is devoting herself to

her career. Her reason why is poignant. "My mom

passed away when I was eight," Hannah muses,

"and I left the Rez when I was 12, but I know she is

proud of me." 

Hannah Mary Geauvreau-Turner is a 20 year old, Ojibway Native American lady from Canada. Now, she is rising to fame daily in Peru, where she is living at the moment as a model and actress. Pageants have brought her tremendous success; she represents Canada in a blend of respect for her Nation and honor for her Tribe.

Her mother passed away when Hannah was eight years old in Canada. This beautiful woman also competed in beauty pageants when she was Hannah's age. Hannah grew up with the dream of becoming a model and actress. She is carrying out her mother's legacy by modeling, competing in pageants and acting.

Hannah was able to act in a movie for Universal Studios that was filmed in Peru and has been in many magazines. She also appears in television programs and in fashion shows. Photogenic and elegant, Hannah brings her Indigenous ideals of womanhood into an industry.

As a proud Ojibway model/actress, she always tells everyone in Peru about her Indigenous community. She enjoys her immersion in different culture and thrives on sharing her own tribal culture. A diligent professional, she worked hard to be where she is now. Her demeanor sparkles with lively grace, which shows in her photos, performances, and her pageants.

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