Native Contribution to the Global Community

~ Deon Eagleman

The greatest contribution that Native American

culture can give to the global community would

be the gift of healing. The healing would stem

from the many traditions that we have as a

Native American identity. Much of the knowledge

we have can and will help aid the people in the

world and our Mother-Earth; as with all other

cultures’ spiritual knowledge.

Our understanding of the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions are the basis underneath our Creator to help guide us throughout life. It does not separate us because of the different color of our skin but brings us together in stages and cycles of our lives’. I believe our ability to accept everyone’s race and creed as equal is one of our strongest attributes and will help heal our nation and the globe.

I also believe that in this particular stage in our lives’; we are starting to see the paradigm shift towards the Indigenous People of Mother Earth, Father Sky and Spirit Tree. Those who have not forgotten their teachings through oral traditions and still practice the ceremonial ways; have been rising in a more noticeable fashion due to the birth of the internet. Examples such as: Standing Rock Water Protectors, Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Protectors and the Indigenous Brazilian Amazon Rainforest Protectors; to name a few.

Although I have not been able to visit any of these sites and stand vigilant hand in hand with our brothers and sisters. I know that my education both in the spiritual world and physical world will help me to be able to add a voice and strength to these causes. As I can only pray for now but with the help of scholarships such as this; I will be able to receive my Masters and maybe even a Ph.D. and help contribute to the RISE of our people.

I pray that this reaches everyone with love, light and good spirits.