~ Dr. Dawn Karima
Maya and Wayu Grammy Artist, Jimmy Lee Young is a two time Native American Music Award Winner. A singer/ songwriter / actor, Jimmy Lee Young now appears in the new U2 video for the song,  "One Tree Hill". The stage video is the backdrop for U2' s 30th Anniversary Tour of the release of their number one album, "Joshua Tree".
A tireless advocate for Native American causes, Jimmy Lee Young contributes his time and talent to benefit the environment, education and charity. This stellar artist also advocates for actress Linda Blair's Worldheart Foundation, which protects animals. Jimmy Lee Young' s song, "Apache",  is currently being played on Irish national radio, RTE 2 FM, Dublin , Ireland. 
"I am so jazzed about this! I got to wear my own stage regalia," Jimmy Lee Young exclaimed as he reflects on his appearance in the U2 project, "So, it's my stage image that they will project behind the band!" His music is available on iTunes, cdbaby, and wherever downloads are sold. Jimmy Lee Young says he is thankful to appear "in the new U2 stage video dressed in my regalia. Their tour started in May! Going worldwide baby!"