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New Year 2022

~ Debby Ball

I see all those posts and comments about

hoping 2022 is better than the last two

years and good riddance and how terrible,

etc, etc. Some thoughts (yep, the Pondering

Place has activated again):

First, my hope is that I am a better me in

the days that follow, that is my goal as

well as my hope.

Second, while there were many tough obstacles

that made life challenging in ways that many have never seen and experiences that came with pain and loss, I can reflect on the historical experiences of so many before me and I feel for those who faced even tougher obstacles, challenges, loss and pain than any of us can ever understand. And in that reflection, I can allow the experiences and challenges they endured to help me grow to a deeper compassion, a stronger sense of empathy and understanding for the ancestors of my own and many others, who faced trials and tribulations and yet still persevered and held tight to hope for their people and the generations to come.

And finally, I can reflect back on past years and feel gratitude for the gifts that were right in front of me.

Yes, there were challenges and loss and heartache. But there were also gifts, gifts of love, compassion, empathy and kindness, as just small examples. I am grateful for the time to grow and heal and embrace self reflection. I am grateful for those others who found a deeper meaning to life and those who lived in and shared compassion and love. I am grateful for coming to fully understand that peace begins in me.

And I am grateful for all of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the Wind and the Water. I am grateful for all beings that share our existence with us. I am grateful for the opportunity of this human walk and to experience all the senses of the physical world. And I am grateful for the energy force that is in me and connects me with all others. As all people move forward ready to celebrate the concept of new year, I hope they will also remember to be grateful for all that was positive and good in the past year. May you all be greeted with love, compassion, kindness and peaceful hearts today and all days.

And may you offer the same.