No Part of that “Fly”
~ Graciela Macias

Today I’m pushing for more perseverance.

All listen to my inner gut! And be patient.

More happiness.

Today I’m closer to God. Today is my day.

I’m never going back!

In order to do that I wrote you this rap.
See I love you but them things that are holding you back, I don’t want no part of that!

I’m sorry to say, “It’s OVER: I ain’t got time for that.
Plain and simple I can see
That was holding me back.
I can see now the devil schemes using you.
I’m sorry!
It came to me leaving this situation and being behind these prison walls.
I learned my lesson.
There were two wolves inside me, but in the situation I only feed one.
But separated from the situation there were two wolves.
My other one was starving, that’s when I fed him the Word of God.
And now,
It was in me to win.
A new season came.
I had to let you go in order for me to grow.
Now that I’m on top of this world, I’ll yelling.
I hope you hear me.
Fly first love yourself,
And never go back.