Our World is in Danger
~Dawn M Gibson
Traveling down the back roads, you see vast

amounts of woods being cut. They are not cut

due to disease, but cleared due to greed. We

do need them to build our homes, however the

mass cutting to make more and more land,

making trees into a few grand. These trees

who have survived winds, earthquakes, and tornadoes cannot survive human encroachment. People do not want to listen or understand how the natives lived along besides their surroundings. If one takes the time to relax and see how nature lives, one might see true peace.
The Use of Trees
The use of trees for us as comes as air filters, protection from strong winds, as well as giving us sources to build our homes, wood for our fires. These trees however, are the homes for many. The raccoons with their babies are seen running from the scene, scrabbling with her babies, looking for a new home, for them to be safe. The quail, turkeys, and other birds living in the trees who have taken the time, days, hours, to make their perfectly weaved nests, all now destroyed and the new search to find a place for a new nest… if the ones previously had not laid eggs. Unlike humans, most will have mates for life and will not find another. It isn’t easy for them to find a home. Momma possum, and babies three, wondering why me? What did I do to deserve this? You see Mother Nature is angry as her children have been displaced; she will wreak havoc, until the humans learn we do not own the lands, not at all. We were given a blessed gift, something we sure did miss. Things we can change, if we only listen.

Mother Earth
Mother Earth has given so much, but humans are never ever satisfied. They take and take and waste so much. They do not understand the destruction they are doing - minerals within the ground are there for a reason, as much as every tree, rock, sand, and forest. They were made by the most wonderful Artist ever to be, as He created you and He created me. Humans try to copy him - but forgery and fraud will never win. Once Mother Earth is so tired she will crumble and collapse, cease to be there for us. Massive sinking holes you have witnessed, pollutions from mines, poisoning the waters, fracking and oils, commencing to explode, these the stories have already been told. So scoff and laugh joke within, the time is clear the ending is near. Listen to the proverbs told, listen to the stories of wise men old, who spoke of stories, legends and myths. Mother Earth we pray, keep us safe by night and day. We are not all alike, but we have spoken with all our might. Tell us what we shall do, and we will stand 100% by you.
Ponds and Swamps
Ponds and swamps are here for a reason. They create a new habitat for a special community. Where we see beavers we hear songs. Various birds from song birds, to herons, to hawks and even eagles. Fish of all shapes and sizes, frog songs and dances. Many have come to share this community in peace…. until the humans arrive - claim the destruction, and begin to shoot or trap them, breaking and destroying their hard work. These Beavers KNOW what they are doing. They know how to develop to hold and release amounts of water. Now the swamps hold many secrets as well alligators living alongside snakes, turtles (also in ponds) and many other things. You see the Creator made so many beautiful works of art, everything here has a purpose including disease, bugs and such that we call bad. But in reality when humans get greedy, and want to destroy things because they can, for fun or to take over - these bad things even the odds. But in both places, ponds and swamps have their stories, secrets, songs and dances.
Our world is in certain danger, of the coming evil hell-bent on their own selfish needs, while killing and destroying all the beautiful art our Creator has made. In the end however, it will be the humans destroyed as His creations, between Mother Earth, Father Sky and all the spirits, lands will continue to grow and heal while covering every last evidence of human destruction.
That is the perfection of nature.