Out of Patience
~ Marilynn-Leigh Francis
I'm usually a pretty easygoing person. I stick

to myself, travel, network, work with my people,

help the cause so to speak. I'm always about

the betterment of my people, as a Mi'kmaq

woman, a woman who has been Lnu all my life,

I can only remain calm, cool and collected for so

long before I respond to what's happening to my brothers and sisters. 
People ask me all the time if I am racist, I ask myself that very question 85% of the time but what I've come to realize is that I'm confusing being cautious with being racist.  White society fears black people and that's acceptable but I'm weary of white people (considering our history) and that's not ok. Depending how you live your life in their world depends on how you're treated in their world.
Do I hurt people? Am I a murderer? Have I kidnapped their children and abused them? Am I a threat to their land, water or air? Am I a threat to their way of life? If the answer is no and I'm doing nothing wrong, why am I so hated by the white people, because I support my family? Are you people not doing the same thing when you fish? But yet, I am the problem. You people bring in millions upon millions of pounds of lobster during your season and you're worried about conservation?
I see comments from people whom I thought of as friends, but when harsh words are spoken to my people or about my people, they are said to me as well. If you don't understand that, I don't know what to tell you except this is who I am!  I am with my people, ALWAYS!!
I come from the Lnu Nation; I am Mi'kmaq and I have a TREATY & INHERENT RIGHT to do as I wish in the ways of fishing, living and surviving off those rights by means of land and water ways. My rights are passed down to me through my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents; since the beginning of time my DNA is of this territory you people call KKKanada! This land is my home, North America is my home, Turtle Island is my home, Turtle Island is all of our home but yet, we are confined to small parcels of land that you people call Reservations - to us they are 3rd world prisons but you people call them paradise. We are told what we can and cannot do all the while searching for our lives to have meaning,  but as Lnu people, the land, air and water give our life meaning and you're trying to take that from us. Have you people not done enough?
Now I have to worry about being attacked, hurt or killed by the white people even more so then before because of their greed and sense of entitlement. People forget that we are the TITLE HOLDERS of this land you call KKKanada and you... you are the guests who invaded our home and abuse us to this day, but the government has made my people targets and in their own mind, they are right in doing so.
Who cares right, who cares that we are hated because of their genocide, corrupt politics, missing & murdered Lnu women, men and children. Who cares that we are losing our babies into a system set out to destroy us? Who cares that our leaders are bought and paid for by the KKKanada government to ruin us. The government couldn't destroy us from the outside, so now, they attack us from the inside, using our own people to do their dirty work.
Do I agree with how some of my people fish? Absolutely not, but I do agree with their right to fish 110%! As an Lnu woman I believe in my future generations’ right to fish and hope we leave them something to inherent for their journey as Treaty Beneficiary Officers, but more importantly  as Lnu people, just as our ancestors intended. I can only hope that my kids aren't subjected to such violence, racism and hatred by a group of ignorant, uneducated, racist people. I can only hope because nothing has changed since you've landed, it has only gotten worse.
I am 34 years old and because of the "past", I have lost my language, culture, traditions, identity and you would think that would be enough but NO it is not enough, it never is. My water is polluted, the air is dirty and my Mother Earth is dying. What else is there to take or destroy? You've taken and destroyed everything!
My soul purpose in life is to live in peace, take care of my family, protect Mother Earth and to live like Creator intended, to live like we did before the invasion. I wasn't sent here to be hated, abused, killed or to be treated like my life doesn't matter, like I am nothing. The Creator doesn't abuse me, people do and not all people, white people, all day long, everyday, since the day I was born! You people took my identity before I even had the chance to find one, you took everything but do you see me hating everyone? Do you see me protesting your existence? But yet, you do it to me and I am supposed to just accept it, would you accept it?
How would you feel if I invaded your home, killed your wife/husband in a brutal inhuman way, killed your babies using their skin to make purses, stole your children, abusing them, starving them, raping them, killing them while I educated them in a school to kill the white in them, then after all that, I stripped them of their language, culture and ways of life, I forbid them to sing, dance and live without fear - would you accept it? What if I spared your life then forced you from your home making you live in poverty stricken conditions, giving you rotten food, diseased blankets and took your freedom, replacing it with drugs, alcohol and a life of misery. How would you feel being a prisoner in your own home? Could you just move on and accept it like it never happened? I DO IT EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE!!! And the kicker, it's acceptable. Why, because I'm just a dirty Indian? What if for hundreds of years until present day I abused your people then after I broke your spirit, I said that you did this to yourself, could you accept that? However, it's acceptable for my people? Why is that? Am I not human enough to be treated with dignity and respect? To be treated like my life matters, if it's not because I am Lnu, then why? In all honesty, I am done, if after 525 years of abuse, wouldn't you be? 525 years of torture, genocide and massacres of hundreds of millions Lnu people, land, air and water destroyed, wouldn't you be done?
"Home on Native land" does that not ring a bell? Home on Native land and we're treated like we aren't even human. People want to talk about equal rights and fight for it but we are fighting to exist in a world whose sole purpose is to destroy us! Everyone talks about no tax, cheap gas, cheap cigarettes, free housing, free education, free healthcare, free living but let me be the first to tell you, nothing in your world is free for a person like me, my freedom is something I pay for with your forced oppression every single day of my life and my Ancestors paid with their lives. Why white people hate us is something I could never understand and is something nobody could ever explain. I was told it was because that's what they do, they discover things they want and conquer with any means necessary. As I got older I realized it still happens to my Lnu people all over the world. 
Racism exists because of them, hatred exists because of them, misery exists because of them but they are so ignorant that they see themselves as the victims in the wars they create. When is it ok to address that the problem people have with us is the simple fact I like to call the truth, WE ARE NATIVE! Please correct me if I am wrong but I highly doubt I am, look at history and the facts.
"You people" - doesn't feel good does it? You people need to understand one thing, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! NOT EVER, so the faster you come to grips with that, the easier everybody's life will be. In the famous quote that some of you people yell at us "if you don't like it, go back to wherever it is you come from."