~ Karen Spencer-Barnes

I have no excuse for not paying more attention

to your missing and murdered women & young

girls.  We are sisters on this small planet we call

“home,” and I ignored you.  My whiteness

privileged me in ways I am only beginning to

understand and acknowledge.  Please forgive me!

A few years ago, I saw, for the first time, red dresses hanging in Canadian trees on the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation in New Brunswick.  It awakened something in me – the loss of sisterhood, the indignity of human’s capacity to ignore another human being and the implications that has for all of us who are not indigenous.    

Recently I started reading articles about our missing and murdered Native American and First Nation sisters.  I am so sorry for the role I played in ignoring you.  I hope those of you who read this article click on all, or at least some, of the websites listed below and be impacted in ways that will help you understand the significance of these losses and the role we have in raising awareness and support for our Native American and First Nation sisters.  Thank you!