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Post Rapture

~ Ron Leith
She floundered in her misery
engulfed by her iniquity
in her search for the truth
She only found her Maker 

A thousand light years she traveled
mud-worn and unkept
only to find a portion
of what she was told to seek

Tired and disgusted
across the canyon
she saw a light
beyond the gulf and the dark

Could it be…
shall I see…
neurons coming alive
flashing in recognition

A bearer of light
In a city of the dead
She was a millenia too late
The sun was setting

The hounds were coming alive
hungry but never satiated
The day was turning to night
The light was dim

Only Time would test
In her anger she rose
Sword and cosh at her fingers
Once for redemption, once more for Him

But Hope was aghast
as always
crawling backward on his ass and elbows
She smirked at her reality

What My Granddaddy Thought About The Night Before The Apocalypse
~ Dr. Dawn Karima


My Granddaddy used to say, "If you're going through Hell, don't stop n make pancakes, KEEP GOING THROUGH TIL YOU GET THROUGH!"


"Stand around being NDN long enough and you'll find yourself in the middle of a family reunion,"said My Grandaddy. Ten minutes in a train station, some sweet tea and a pound cake proved he was right.


"Anything, anytime,always." That was what my Granddaddy used to say if I asked him for a favor or if I asked him for help. He said it right away...even before he knew what I wanted.


My granddaddy used to say, "Trouble comes to us all...but if you're ALWAYS in trouble...check your choices."

Big Cove

My Granddaddy used to say,"Whether they 
Love you or hate you,
God can work in your favor. 
Love? You're in their heart.
Hate? You're in their head.Either way, you're in."


My Granddaddy used to say, "God rewards faith...not foolishness or presumption".


"Not a whole lot of distance between nonsense and no sense.Don't let your nonsense get the sense knocked out of you," my Granddaddy retorted.


My Granddaddy used to say, "Dress for how you wanna be addressed in life. You're going somewhere, let your manners be your map."

New Echota

Timelines. Business plans. Deadlines. Evidence. That's what separates Visions from Dreams. Anything less is just wishing. As my Grandaddy used to say,"That's a mighty long story with no supper to show for it."

3200 Acre

"Well, that's one way to have an adventure," my Granddaddy used to say when one of us did something that didn't turn out so well. One thing about this family, we'll come to your rescue...even if the adventure you end up having ain't quite the one that you had planned.

None to Burn 
~ Orannhawk

born and raised 
nestled to the corvi 
under the lone, sometimes 
lonely star 
sitting among the  
countless words  
candy, protein, and carbs 
to nourish 
both mind and spirit 
freedom, deliverance  
freedom is bound in 
precious paper 
pages numbered 
share the stories 
with the crows 
hear them sing 
stories old 
yellowed pages 
from time 
newly bound 
perfectly spined 
crows singing 
none to burn 
hold them close 
she reminds 
she moved 
outer mundania 
is safer 
than the  
one star 
none to burn 

~ Dr Dawn Karima

Noquisi (Star)

My Granddaddy used to say, "We don't care how you got in this family...just as long as you act right once you're in!"

Adalvquodi (Honor)

"Ain't just weapons that win a war," My granddaddy, a WW2 VET, told me, "Everybody thinks you win a war with your weapons, or with your strategy. They think that's where you win a war, but it ain't. Where you win a war is your friends,the folks who fight alongside you. You can't win a war by yourself... Allies matter." 

Unole (Wind)
My granddaddy used to say, "You can set your watch by trouble. Trouble's a sure sign that what you're waiting on is on its way."

Nvda (Moon)
My grandaddy used to say "Fix what you can, pray about what you can't, but don't act shocked if what God fixes is YOU."

Nvwadohiyada (Harmony)
My Grandaddy used to say,"If you're wrong about life, getting loud about it won't make you'll just be loud and wrong."

Ulitsvyasdi (Courage)
"Y'know, being Native ain't for the squeamish," My Grandaddy used to say,"You'd best Warrior Up or You better go on home." 

Ditlihi (Warrior)

"When you find yourself wondering who your real friends are in a battle," my Granddaddy used to say, "Best believe you don't have any real friends in that battle...and act accordingly."