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He sat shivering in the dark,
Cold and alone, naked and exposed.

Two crimson spots in the distance
Grew larger and more menacing as they approached.

Fear struck him like a hammer,
Pounding with the rapid beat of his heart.

The glowing crimson twins moved closer,
Embodied in a towering blackened shape
That humbled the surrounding darkness.

Helpless to fight the approaching demon,
He focused deep within and found his source.

Breathing with his new found calm,
He felt his mind and soul expand.
He opened his eyes and looked deep
Into the glowing red orbs.

Now more curious than afraid, he explored,
And discovered yet another version of himself.

The fear rolled off of his consciousness
Like drops of rain washing away the soot,
And he stood tall and whole
As he welcomed this piece of himself into his being,
And found he could now walk freely among the shadows,

And that dark and light were one.

~Carol Dixon


The sea of time is calm and smooth
Until the pebble of individuality is dropped.
Each ripple is unique,
Affecting a different part of the sea,
Some waves, some lower.. barely seen,
Some wider and some narrow.

And the sea moves with the ripples.
And we move with the ripples.

Drifting farther out into the sea
Away from where the stone was dropped,
We look back and see...
That the ripples look the same,
Repeating themselves in circle after circle,
And they are all part of the sea...

And the sea is smooth...
And all is one.

~Carol Dixon

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