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Holding On (the last leaf on the tree)
~ Carol Dixon
Trembling and shivering alone,
Dancing defiantly in the freezing wind,
Abandoned by companions that shared the warmth,
Abandoned by warm beams of light,
Abandoned by cheerful visitors,
Trembling and shivering alone.

Unwilling to bow to your fate,
Refusing to cease your dance of life
To return from whence you came
To be brought back again all young and green
Without the memories,
Trembling and shivering alone.

Afraid and alone, you hold your ground,
Knowing you must yield to the inevitable,
Knowing the cycle will have its way,
Yet refusing to go..defiant in the wind,
Unwilling to lose the memories of warmth,
As you tremble and shiver alone.

~ Carol Dixon
There is shrapnel in his soul,
Fragments left from life's battle.
Each fragment a piece of a painful past
That cuts and colors and codes
Each attempt of sunshine to penetrate the veil.

Each fragment a murky cloud of pain
That warps attempts at a new reality.
Each fragment a lance of anger
That stabs uninvited at tranquility.

Each fragment a time bomb of fear
That that slaughters introspection...
The introspection that causes more pain,
The pain that plunders ones soul,
The moment before it is healed.

Healing Circle
~ Carol Dixon

Pain had plagued him...
Intense and constant in his head.

The music hypnotized,
The candles reached out to him with their wavering fingers.
He felt himself begin to drift.

Her hands held his gently.
The energy flowed softly,
In on his left and out on his right.
The current gained in strength and power.
His head felt light as the energy swirled inside.
There was no time, though much was passing.
Each breath brought a new surge,
Each exhale sent away harmful fragments.

What she was doing, he did not know,
Nor did he even question.
He was floating without thought,
When a bolt of lightning pierced his head,
Starting on his left and exiting right.

He was spent and relaxed and light,
And then he knew... and was whole.

~ Louise Hills

Out of the fog of
The confusion
Laid out as the way
To "be/get along"
You stepped
Quietly giving oppressed people
Mirrors to see our beauty/
Our worth
You reminded us
That we are neither a conquered
Or defeated people
None of us oppressed

Red, Black, Brown or yellow

"I Ain't No Joke"

Went so far beyond the

To our souls
"Make Em Clap To This"

Had us dancing
While revolutionary dreams
of owning oneself
& determining

for ourselves

How survival/thriving
would look like for us all

I hear " Make Em Clap To This"
when I step out in my regalia
shawl on my arm
That I made

Looking at my reflection in the mirror
Reminds me of the struggle to create one person out of two very distinct people

Actually worked.

Black skin with the whispers of the ancestors who once freely roamed this land.

Wado & Doska

For leaving a trail of truth
& survival