Ghostly Air Safe Travels

In silver he came out of the Wessington Hotel in a fume
ran across a sidewalk of glass figurines
And stepped into a Lear Jet.

His bandages hid his swollen face
His clothes were dusty
But it was all he had left

It was a new year
Something of a beginning
Red and yellow flowers in his hair

Chess was his game
A tankful of fuel was his wager
All debts must be paid immediately

George at 11:30
Alex at 2:30
No time now to cry or moan

All the while the tillerman held his breath
He sliced across continents
Floated over oceans

Chaos became his lifeline
Destruction was his mentor
Oil was the twinkling in his eye

He landed in Beijing
The night was black and yellow
The air was filled with stardust

Redemption did not sleep
Remorse did not take a holiday
They dogged him like belligerent shadows

Oil covered the land
The dead was wretched and rotting
Buildings were covered in cobwebs

Any survivors flew the skies
No cars, trains or boats were moving
The hoarding had begun

But there was a place
Where the devil did not reign
In the swamps of the north

Only the indigenous dared to travel
The gulleys and gorges of this terrain
Scattering seeds and plowing life to life

Where had the years gone
Why the sky and the oceans
Were the only ones that knew or remembered

He had bet what was left of his
Disgraceful life and times
On one last sale

One more country hungry for life
Hungry for prosperity and life
They had buried all they could

The ministers had raised their shoulders
And lowered their heads
Death wagons rolled thru the city

Another typical day
In the life of the greedy
In the cacoon of the insane

This year life was going to be short
A green film would cover everything
That drank or dared to breath

The stardust would soon evaporate
Into a cloud of black dust
Hanging over the gardens

All the while the indigenous lived in a paradise
Where no one dared to travel
Hearing only of the camps far off

The air was clean, food was plenty
And the children were originals
Casting stones into a clear water

Shifting the weight from heel to toe
Laughing at the stars
Which moved and turned.

~ r.p.leith

Children in a Troubled World

They are dreamers…
But they have looked around
And are now afraid to dream.

They are laughers…
But they have seen the pain
And ceased to be amused.

They are frolickers…
But they now try to survive
And have no time to dance.

They are caretakers…
But they see no one caring
And they create a shell around them.

They are risk takers…
But they see warnings and fear
And retreat into “I can’t”.

They are givers…
But they see the rest taking
And they hold what they have inside.

They have been forced to be the “ring bearers”
And the task is robbing them of who they are.

~ Carol Dixon


There is a little greatness in us all.
The potential lies there sleeping within,
Stirring momentarily when it looks in the mirror
And sees its big brother somewhere near.

Some feel it and strive,
Never knowing where they must go,
But going, nevertheless.

Some abuse it and nurture
The focus of self above a broader vision,
And destroy its intent.

Some never feel it at all…
Going through life believing in giants,
And never knowing the giant within.

And some attune to it and grow,
Using it to forge the future of hope,
And hold the spirit for us all.

~ Carol Dixon

Blue Jay: Proper Use of Power and Aggression

Hey there, Blue Jay, 
I"m listening to what you say. 
Sometimes you're too aggressive, 
to even know how to play. 

You know how to act, 
so learn to relax. 
Gotta satisfy that itch, 
when life becomes a bitch. 

Turn your aggressions, 
into positive expressions. 
You might be surprised, 
at how things will surmise. 

Knowing a little bit, 
about a lot of things, 
leaves the impression, 
that you think you know everything. 

Always finish, 
what you start. 
Cause when you do, 
It'll warm your heart. 

From Mother Earth 
comes your greatest power. 
Use it properly, 
or it will backfire. 

The innate royalty within you, 
shows in your Blue Crest. 
So, why not be a pretender, 
to the throne, at best. 

  ~ Edith Brakke 
Mouse: Scrutiny 

Little mouse 
scurrying through the house. 
Sowing lots of seeds 
preventing scarcity. 

Because you are prey, 
survival is a must. 
For your future to be possible, 
gotta be tougher to adjust. 

Scrutinizing at every turn 
fixated on methodology 
chewing everything to pieces 
simple tasks done with frailty. 

Delving deeper and deeper 
always more to learn 
understanding details 
able to discern. 

So, little mouse 
scamper through the house 
with your shyness and quietness 
and ability to be unseen, 
compartmentalizing everything 
your house neat and clean. 

Working toward wholeness 
walking in humility 
while noticing the Universe 
you're remembering the BIG PICTURE! 

  ~ Edith Brakke