elitist drivel
the signs
are all around
ignorance is
crows are watching
build the wall
watch it fall
we’ll sell the pieces
support the lost
watch us
hawks glide
the whirlwind is coming
no red shoes for you
you do not define
dreamers dance
crows delight
we rise
braid up
pick up the cups
pour out the
rivulets dissolve
in the rain
crows are watching
watch us

   ~ Orannhawk 

National Awareness for Missing and Murdered Woman 
Started May 5th, 2018 
~ Samantha Anglen 

Gone Missing; unclear. 
How many missing, still not clear? 
White flag and gun drawn 
Under God with Justice 
A bare footed warrior ran 
She left behind red prints in the snow  
She fought for her creator’s strength 
Yet they called her Jane 78 
We can’t hide the fact that there are no facts about her name 
How many that are missing and murdered is still unknown 
She ran like an Olympian for her family’s home 
She didn’t make it yet the killer is still unknown 
He held his white flag with guns drawn 
So many missing and murdered they counted 5712 
in just one year and that’s all they counted my dear 
The real number is still not clear 
National inquiry, please give them a voice 
This fight is at your front door make a choice 
The monsters doing it have not come into the light 
There are survivors waking up to fight 
Why must the children, woman, and families suffer with them in darkness? 
They have stories that are slandered in the news 
Calling young girls profanities blaming children for these insanities 
But the monster put fire into the flames and lit her whole life up 
She is someone’s daughter she has a name 
He said yes, I surrender with his white flag, uniform on, badge drawn, gun drawn 
Aim for the chest with his white flag, gun drawn 
The facts and figures haven’t been gathered, hearts are getting shattered 
There is no time for crime on top of a crime 

“According to an additional New York Times article, American Indian women are raped and sexually assaulted at a rate four times the national average. They are also 10 times as likely to be murdered than other Americans” (A. Klassen 2017)

“While missing person statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for Native American women.” (A. Klassen 2017). 

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Photo by Orranhawk