Whale- Keeper of Secrets From the Depths of the Sea 

Oh, Keeper of secrets 
from the depths of the sea, 
telling tales of Ancients past 
of what was to be. 

Reveal to us your secrets 
from the depths of the sea. 

Use your sonar for communication 
from the depths of the sea. 

Show us some imagination 
from the depths of the sea. 

Bring us creative inspiration 
from the depths of the sea. 

Honor your soul's path 
from the depths of the sea. 

Great Spirit gave to us 
the Whale as a gift, 
from the depths of the sea. 

Hear Whales' call 
from the depths of the sea. 

It's time to come out 
from the depths of the sea 
and roll with the tide 
to hear Whale's lullaby. 

Then dive down again 
to the depths of the sea 
to  find your own 
Whale song to sing, 
For all Eternity. 

          ~ Edith Brakke

Horny Toad: Skills and Resources
An arid place 
is your domain 
where there is 
very little rain. 

You exude poisons from 
your rough and warty skin 
to ward off predators 
from your den. 

Your personal advantage 
in endeavors and conflicts 
promises you success 
and recognition 
of your achievements. 

Hesitate not, to 
use your talents 
they will help 
to keep you balanced. 

Forget not your past 
from whence you came 
remembering your roots 
where you began. 

Start paying attention 
from day to day 
miss not the opportunities 
coming your way. 

With strength of character 
you are blessed 
with solutions to problems 
to do your best. 

Stronger than others 
may realize 
rely on your skills 
to help keep you alive. 

You are an omen of healing 
an omen of money 
an omen of prophecy. 
In crossing your path, 
we are ever so lucky! 

~ Edith Brakke

spidery lines
intrusion cast
a web
spin the web
turn the dreams
to dragonfly wings
clarity from clutter
gossamer glitter
dust motes
sweep up
the past
drifting scattered
in the new
hold strong
clear vision
holding up the orb
clear crystalline glass
tiny bear
waits inside
visions intact
ready to rise
~ Orannhawk

Live Spirit 

Spirit has been alive since Creator made the Universe.

In fact Spirit was live before all things were created

Spirit flows through every thing that lives

Live Spirit

Spirit lives in things animate & inanimate

If you see a blade of grass, or one of the stone nation

If you touch the tree, or breathe the air that moves

Live Spirit

When you see the night sky, or gaze at the clouds

If you feel the wind upon your face, even your own shadow

Even all the thoughts that your brain that pass through

Live Spirit

When you pray those words have spirit, Spirit is touched

When you offer your herbs, those herbs burn taking the words

When you offer the songs which were handed down from ancestors

The Spirit of those ancestors enters into the space

Live Spirit

A'ho Hetc'itu yelo It is very much so indeed


~ Jerry Pope