Amethyst Dream

They sat in the stillness,
Absorbing the calm of the silence,
Speaking of cosmic connections.
High on a mountain,
Above the clouds,
They were perched on a huge rock of amethyst.

She spoke quietly of many things.
She spoke of oneness.
She spoke of the order of the universe.
And from over his head,
A booming voice spoke out,
“Listen to her, for she is a large soul.”

And he listened,
And he understood,
And he remembered,
And he knew.

They sat in the stillness,
Listening to the wisdom of the silence.

                             ~ Carol Dixon


The dark surrounded him like a soft velvet cloak,
Soothing him with nothingness.

Feeling weightless and without perspective,
He allowed himself to float.

Silence soothed his sapless soul,
Fluffing the quilt of darkness that wrapped him.

Looking inward, he reached outward,
Feeling himself disperse and expand.

The soothing dark caressed him
With the freedom of nothingness.

And as he drifted thinly through invisible space,
He was warmed and gathered,
Pulled back, regaining form,
And the warmth began to glow,
Then expanded in a flashing light,
As he burst from his velvet veil
And emerged glowing with being anew,
Feeling whole and filled,

With a ball of darkness in his left hand,
And one of light in his right.

                                 ~ Carol Dixon

Deer - Gentleness & Unconditional Love

Deer brings gentleness
and unconditional love
from the Great Spirit's

The gentleness of your spirit
and giving yourself some time
will help heal all your wounds
then things will start to unwind.

Power of gratitude and giving
must be in the life
that you are now living.

Your ability of listening
allows you to hear
what others are not saying.

New adventures are 
coming your way, so
watch for the signs
every day.

Have no fear, because
fear is the opposite of love,
fear does not come from above,
fear cannot coincide with love,
so, why not abideth 
in love from above.

                             ~ Edith Brakke
Porcupine: Childlike Innocence
Porcupine, Porcupine, 
so sublime 
your plans 
so divine. 

The nature of Porcupine 
is a gentle and loving creature. 
If we could all learn to do the same 
it would become second nature. 

Look for your own path, 
allow others, theirs. 
Would be so much more harmony, 
for all of us to share. 

To restore health and balances 
use your greatest talents. 
You will be much more able, 
to meet your daily challenges. 

From all the adult chaos, 
take a break away, 
ask the child within you, 
to come out and play. 

Where is that childlike wonder 
that you once had? 
Where is that fantasy and imagination 
that really made you glad? 

It's still deep down inside you, 
just waiting to come out. 
All you have to do is believe in it, 
and rid yourself of doubts. 

I believe! I believe! 
So, come out, come out, 
where ever you are! 

                            ~ Edith Brakke