The Power and The Glory
She woke up in a dirty motel room
She didn’t know who she was
She didn’t know where she came from
Her clothes were old ragged and torn
Our Father Who Art In Heaven
He sat on the edge of the bed
His eyes were red and wild looking
The scars on his wrists were in flames
Many scars were old ragged and torn
Hallowed Be Thy Name
She laid barefoot in the grass
The morning dew was wet and warm
Her dress was new and up above her waist
Her head was bleeding ragged and torn
Thy Kingdom Come
He sat in his car with flashing red lights
His suit was pressed and clean
The gun was hot and smoking
His face was mangled ragged and torn
Thy Will Be Done
She stood straight and tall on the bridge
Weeping and sobbing she gripped the rail
Her shoes were black tall and bright
Her mind was on him dead ragged and torn
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
He held his dead son in a tight grip
His tears were fresh hot and wet
Kneeling in a pile of clothes nothing to say
His son’s neck was cold ragged and torn
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

She sat on her kitchen floor
Staring at the knife in her chest
She looked for blood there was none
The edge of the knife was cold ragged and worn
And Forgive Us Our Trespasses
He could see a patch of blue sky
With white clouds easily rolling by
His legs were broken twisted and bent
At the bottom of a well pants wet ragged and torn
As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us
She felt the cool of the steering wheel
But she couldn’t move her arms
She didn’t know if the car was running
She could feel her legs black ragged and torn
And Lead Us Not Into Temptation
He watched the smoke and fire
Rise up into a clear night sky
The house was almost gone cinder and ash
He could see the windows broken ragged and torn
But Deliver Us From Evil
For Thine Is The Kingdom.
~ R.P.Leith

The Whisper

Let me be spread to the wind
into everything created
into the rocks and stones
my ancestors

To the four legged and to the two
into the waters deep and shallow
from which all will consume

Let me be spread to the fire
which burns in all our hearts
Beating with the flare of the flame

Let me be spread
onto the Red Road 
of Sacred Spirit
as all Peoples on the path
course through its veins

Let me be spread
into the sound of silence
Owl, Hawk, and Crow
pause for just a moment
hearing a whisper on the wind
~ Sheri Rene’ Watson

Mirror on the River

I went to the water
between day and night
and wondered if I was thought about
by those that have gone ahead of me
longing for the Stars
longing for home
The River was resting
when I went to reflect
in the reflection
of what She presented to me
In those hours She didn't speak much
She didn’t need to
She held the mirror to my face
I saw myself in the dark of the River's depth
of mystery
I never quite understood
Mysteries that hold infinite measures
of past, present, future
In between the day and night
in between the light and dark
The image of me and what I am
and what I should be
there is still light in the dark
and dark in the light
I was honored to watch
The Sun
that magnificent warrior
with all His fury in silent
flaming arrows
the skies
He wasn't going down without a fight
or without a stunning display of power
He descended in sleep again
over the horizon for another night of dreaming
The Moon awoke and rose to victory
Taking Her place in the night
She donned a jeweled cloak of Star Spirits
and draped the world in a comforting embrace
Millions of Her children sang songs of the
Ancient Ones
Sparking memories in my heart of hearts
where only She can go
She makes some mad if they resist Her
if they don't submit to Her authority
I can't help but  love Her
The Moon who illuminates my soul
and brings sanity back to my being
I stared long at the mirror
the River held me to
I tried to understand my own place
The River let me see myself and my place
in  this world
I sat between the Sun and the Moon
And the Stars
I was comforted and cared for
and knew it didn't matter
who I thought I once was in my failures
What the ultimate reality was
is who I am and my place in the order of Beings
and where they have centered me
In that place
I will succeed
In that place
I will live
In that place
I will never
be forgotten
In that place
I will carry on
from generation
to generation
~ Lisa Wilson