I Have Seen Your World
~Taina Amayi​

I have seen your world.​
It is not a place where I want to be.​
It was my world, once.​
Since you took it, it has gone from​
To Gray​
To Dark.​

I have told you my story,​
pleading with you to be heard, but my words, like silent rain fell -​
echoing in the halls of nowhere.​
Brother, the day may come when I could love you,​
but I can find no way to forgive you.​
In your world, forgiving you would be my death.​

When this world was mine, my children​
played, laughed, sang, and danced.​
Where are my children now?​
Many lay forgotten beneath your world of concrete and steel.​
I hear their playing, laughing, and singing merely as echoes -​
their dancing mere shadows in the ephemeral embrace of nevermore.​

I have seen your world.​
No, it is not a place where I want to be.​
My songs have lost their voice, their message no longer heard.​
I would touch the very heart of Ussen...​
but I sing those kind of songs no more.​

In your world I am but a shadow among  shadows.​
I cannot live in your world, for in that place there is no spirit.​
You are disconnected, and I mourn for whom you could have been.​
I ask for you to hear my voice, that I might teach you.​
I ask for you to take my hand, that I might save you from the pit which you have dug -​
yet you will not hear me.​
you will not take my hand.​

Brother, in your world you are alone.​
In my world, Ussen embraces me.​
In your world the flowers die.​
In my world All Living beings are respected.​

I have been to your world.​
It is a lonely place.​
It is a place where I do not want to be...​

https://youtu.be/AFAtLk_EXF8   Night Of Broken Dreams by Taina Amayi 

The Way it Was
~ Carol Dixon

The landscape was desolate.
Hope had faded to a distant past
And nothing was left of what once was.

Dreams were the keepers of the life that
Once existed, when creative man
Held the future in his irresponsible hands.
In dreams, when life was abundant and full,
Their imagination was their only limit.
Ambitious and ingenious, they built and created.

Actions bring reactions...
Are those that create always so blind?
Now the destruction has taken its course.
Jaded and emotionless are those who remain
And survive the harshness,
Worn and torn..they cling to meager existence
Like those in primitive times.
Frankenstein-like, their creation ate their very lives,
Creations destroying the habitat of the creators.

Have we doomed ourself to endless repetition?
Turned from the light, have we immersed ourselves in darkness?
On and on we go, never learning from our past? 
Can we see them, the ones who believed they could do no wrong?
Bent on self serving greed, 
Never pondering on the consequences of their actions...

Destruction lies in their wake.
Mindless and blind, they strove on...
They used and abused, 
Always able to ignore and minimize what was the inevitable end,
The material orgasm of their lives not seeing 
The consequences and irreparable ravaging
Of their self centered actions.
Their consciousness was small.
Actions centered on immediate results,
Floating above reality on a cloud of lies and deception.
The world they created was rhinestone, 
While they ignored the diamond that gave them life.

Crust burned and charred, they walked,
Ignoring the implications of what they had created.
Imminent ruin was denied and misrepresented.
Disaster was an act of God, something cyclical,
Of a nature beyond control.
The truth was buried too deeply.
Starvation ran rampant.
Disease was widespread.
Decay of the society and of the earth that held it 
Led to desecration of the spirit that gave them life.

That is the tale of this land, my son.
Lies and abuse led us to this place
Beneath the unshaded sun.

~ Carol Dixon

The way of truth isn't easy or smooth.
Falsehood's illusions can be ordered.
They can be molded and shaped and manipulated
Into convenient drawers and convenient files
Of our orderly minds and our orderly lives.

But truth comes frequently unannounced.
It presents itself at awkward times.
It has no regard for the order of one life.
It has no regard for desire for neatness.
It has no regard for fitting in boxes in planned tidy lives.

Sometimes it stumbles in recklessly
And knocks things over as it runs to you
And embraces you boldly, with no regard for timing,
Or personal preference, regarding not the pain it brings.

And then it waits to see if you will recognize it..
To see if you'll step out in space and follow it,
In spite of fear and lack of sanity and logic.

And once you chose it you are set on a one way course.
And the ride is high, but you may be all alone,
Deciding if it's worth the price you paid.