Rat  Metropolis 

Lush green vines
Camouflage the shack
Shading an invitation 
to hide
from the hunting heat.

So there I go.
Lured by the possibility
Of invisibility- TRAPPED
I become the phantom
In the basement
Of a rat run union station.

Rustled leaves,
Chit chatter squeaks
Rat feet marching on various speeds
Different directions
On and about a thriving
Rat Metropolis.

Scampering rats
Overhead, having no idea
I have here, breathing
But not living
As real as the shadows
Captured on the walls.

I am here.
Other can testify
It’s true. 

From the long legged
Spiders waiting,
Dangling, watching my 
Every move.

To the horde 
Of blood lusting little 
vultures pissed off 
and buzzing. 

Yeah, they know I am in their house. 

And in a simple, twisted
And predatory way, they care.

The rats don’t. 
“out of sight, out of mind”
As the rats go about their
Daily lives.  

I stare outside.

~ Corine Fairbanks

First and Forever 

She wanted to tell him,
"I have never loved like this before",

but she couldn't.

She had loved like this before.
Many times over.

Loved with all its different
shades, colors, sizes,
and angles. 

In the perfection of the moment,
it felt first
and forever.

~ Corine Fairbanks

Not Beaten Down

Oh those moments of darkness
Where the positive  slips away
Feeling backed into a corner
And the  words  beat me down

Feeling more than I show
Catching the subtle hints
Yet struggling to rise above
Still those  hints  beat me down

Trying  my hardest
To be in no one's way
But those words say I am
And that feeling can beat me down

I will rise back up
And stand on my own again
I will be in no one's way
And I will not be beaten down

~ Debby Ball