God, Can You?
Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Can you touch me?
Can you hold me?
Can you walk with me?
Can you talk with me?
Can you see me, that I’m lonely?
Will you hold my hand?
Will you wipe my tears?
Will you stand by me?
While I have all my fears?
Can you smell it?
Can you feel it?
Can you taste it when it rains?
Can you see me outside?
Drowning… in pain.
Will I cry out in release?
While I bleed out in vain?
Will you really return feelings given?
Or will
You too
Turn away from me in shame?

~ N. Cady

Birth of a Nation
Singing an anthem of wailing and pleas,
A melody trilled by a nation who weeps,
a harmony of sorrow and gnashing of teeth
Until Justice comes.
Trayvon Martin carries the tune,
a chorus directed by Misty and Tamir,
solos by Sandra and the students in Parkland,
The Children of Flint pour out Holy Water,
on the lands of Puerto Rico, a light in their darkness.
While wounds grow foul and fester, 
Some forget to eat their Bread
of Life.
Grief makes angels and martyrs of this country's sons and daughters.
Creator carries our hearts in the palms of His hands,
a grand design of the fallen and flowers,
and hours
by a hail of bullets and sympathy cards.
~  Dr. Dawn Karima

 Defeat is all I know.
And when I’m there
I’m all alone.
My friend is loneliness and separation from my loved ones
I ran them all away.
Played out they will say ‘yea’
You said you would change
Just because you pray
Don’t take the pain away
So I run away to be
With myself
But there’s my King
Grabbing my hand
And with His other one
He lifts my face and says
You are Mine.
I got the victory
And You are the key.
A tear drops from my eyes
And He wipes them away
I have resurrected from the dead
And I am resurrecting you
I believe in you
He tells me you are the daughter of the Most High King
Don’t be sad or disappointed
Because they don’t see what I see
One day
They will see
I have given you
The key
To follow
~  G Macias