Music of One

The music of the Universe beats in every heart.
Some are better at dancing to the tune they hear,
Some are better at singing along,
Some hear the music and flow with its rhythms…
Surfing on its endless waves of synchronized beauty,
Finding meaning and fulfillment in its every phrase,
Finding a wholeness in its notes that renews the fullness of life,
Finding joy and peace in the blending of its individual notes,
Expressed through individual beings brought together in the music of one.

And some are deaf to what is in them and stumble without direction,
Never hearing the beauty and the wholeness of the music within,
Feeling separate and having no notes of their own
To blend into the music of the whole,
As they search for something they know not,
As they listen for something they hear not,

That thing that lies within them, waiting for the stillness of soul
That allows it to be heard.
                                  ~ Carol Dixon

Two flowers grew in the meadow
Both the same, yet different.
From the same seeds, yet different.
From the same earth, yet different.

One grew straight for the sun.
Driven and focused on a single goal,
It excluded all else and quickly grew.
Reaching impressive heights it was proud.
Never realizing how thin was its stem.
Never realizing that speed has its price.
And there it stood, unstable and unable
To feel what it passed as it raced
To achieve that single goal.
And there it stood, vulnerable and weak,
Unable to realize where it was
Or from where it had come.

The other matured slowly.
Stepped on by travelers and broken at times,
It learned to be strong and broadened its base.
Reaching further outward, it absorbed.
Conscious of a broader knowledge.
Conscious of all that it touched.
And there it stood, expanding and growing
And reaching slowly out as it grew
Then reaching up with life.
And there it stood, enfolding and internalizing,
Knowing it was in all
And it had always been.

Two flowers grew in the meadow.
Both the same, yet different.

                                ~ Carol Dixon

Technological Man I & Technological Woman II
The Z-Factor caused an electrical storm
another day-another electrical storm
millenial androids with no beginning no end
another night-another eclipse
They were long past the mantle of time
memories of the trip, of the purpose, decomposed now
they were ionized atomic reactors, re-ennials
Learning to live from charge to re-charge
With empty eyes they had colonized Mars and Jupiter
Wired with electromagnetic fission
Moving was a challenge, moving once a lunar year
They had become auto-thematic, catharsis set in
Learning by scent, picking information by air
Their other senses became void, useless in here
Sight was limited x 180 degree radius
Holographic sight, thermo-graphic entertainment
The Z-Factor caused a storm
Zion would live another day
God had moved on
The Bible had lay to rot in a swamp of inequity

                                                     ~ RPLeith   

The Forgotten Ones

Tule elk once lived here
swimming across the strait
by the hundreds,

a strange sight
even then
to the settlers,

but long since gone to the hunters.

The sun sets,
the spring rains renew the ground
where they once roamed.

No one else seems to remember
the rough lands.

                  ~ Sheri Watson

This Sacred World

The Patwin
fought for us


this sacred world
full of egrets, and tule elk,
pintails, and cormorants,
red hawks and ospreys
barely clings on.

Only the shrew 
would have known
the truth
the annual animal
intimately acquainted 
with lost time.

The sacred tribe
didn’t know we
would tread
so deeply.

                              ~ Sheri Watson

Hidden from the world 
A child first grows in darkness 
Safe for a moment 
A flood births them 
Mother’s breast nourishes 
Against the day of danger 
Wariness in every eye 
Hearts thunder like rapids 
Over rocks 
Strangers search out and steal 
The children 
Cut off from their life stream 
From the strength and comfort of 
Their Mother’s tongue 
Keep the children hidden
Fathers stand by helplessly 
Castrated by whited sepulchers 
Shamed that they could not 
Protect their young warriors 
The river dwindles 
Bare stones lie bleaching in sunlight 
Forever marking its path 
Rocks are hard to destroy 
Not like the spirits of children
The heart knows its song 
Try and stop this knowing 
Pierce it 
Bleed its life out and 
Scarlet droplets will still 
Flow along secret paths 
Their history becomes a flood 
Of pain 
Of sorrow 
And hopelessness 
And anger
Mass graves cradle these little ones 
They hold each other in death 
As they could not protect each other in life 
The spirits of those who lived 
In spite of 
Are guarded by these children 
Empowered by these ancestors 
Of future generations
Prayers ascend through sand 
Collect upon the smoke of 
Sweetgrass and sage 
Carried by Eagle they
Spill into the air and earth 
Filling every space between every 
Grain of sand 
Every molecule of air
Our children
Their lives susurrate 
Revealing atrocities 
Murder brings an end to torment 
Unshed tears carve deeply 
Tallying every incident 
In an ever-rising tide 
Demanding voice 
Demanding awareness 
Demanding accountability 
Demanding justice
Demanding remembrance 
A river forced underground 
Gathers energy as it flows 
Bursts forth in power

​                                        ~ Nita K Pomeroy