Power Needed – Coming Storm
~Taina Amayi

What is power?

What is its purpose?

What is not power?

In these troubled times, fear has taken hold of

the human being. Governments worldwide are

in a grip of psychotic “power trips” that terrorize

people simply trying to survive. With that said,

I ask: How do you perceive the growing threats

to the existence of every Living Being upon

Mother Earth? Are they manifestations of power,

or are they something else?

I will not cover every issue that now surrounds us like vice-grips, but will cover enough to hopefully encourage you, dear readers, to research what I will cover, thereby leading to further research to know, and to understand the unfolding darkness threatening us. I do not want to lose your attention with needless hyperbole.

Please consider the following.

Is government power?

The word “government” has its origins in Latin. It is comprised of two phrases: Gubernare (To control), and mentis (the mind). Illusionists use sleight of hand to create the perception of the supernatural. Is it power? No.

I often refer to the illustrious L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz to illustrate the point. The “wizard” in that strange story uses what amounts to a psy-op (psychological operation) to intimidate, actually terrify, Dorothy and her friends to do his bidding; to defeat the “wicked witch of the west.” When reality comes, the wizard is nothing more than an old man behind a curtain, afraid of what is truly powerful, and in his perception, very dangerous.

Governments are no different from the old man behind the curtain. They create statutory laws that are arbitrary, and oftentimes cruel. They use law enforcement to intimidate the general public into obeying those laws under fear of punishment. Governments use the military across borders to force policies upon peoples from other nations, none of which can defend, much less threaten or attack the “greater force.” Truth be told, “freedom” and “democracy” are not the goals of any wars ever fought, and to declare these as the goals is fraudulent, and criminal.

Look at us, the Indigenous peoples of what is called “the Americas.” What happened to us? They came with smiles; always polite, but never honest. When deception no longer worked, they used genocidal violence, along with treaties broken, to steal all that they could. In the eyes of defenseless people, the armies that slaughter look powerful; their approach upon their villages looking like Armageddon with their guns, their cannons, and their swords. Were they powerful? No. They created the illusions of power, wreaking death and destruction, often in the dead of night.

The government, with all its enforcing agencies, its military and loud declarations are not power, but rather illusionary and self-granted authority.

Tragically, abuse of authority has brought us to a terrible point in history. There is a crime being perpetrated against All Living Beings upon Mother Earth, and if it continues, there will be nothing left for future generations. True power does not abuse, in order to achieve anything, but will fight against authority to maintain, and if necessary, to restore, balance. This crime is what I need for you, dear readers, to research, and I will leave a link for you to find the necessary resources. As authoritarian abuses grow exponentially, we need first to connect to The Sacred, then collect and disseminate credible and verifiable data to make our voices heard.

What is power? A river, a storm, the sea, the wind… these are power. A thunderstorm, a hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami… these are power. Nature is power, yet is now under attack by those claiming authority. The Great Spirit is power, true power.

We are power. We are made up of the same DNA as our Mother Earth, and Father Sky. The spirits of Earth and Sky are connected to our own. We are all related. As it takes billions of atoms to make the rivers flow, a storm to blow, the Earth to quake, it will take all of us to make a difference in a world so wounded by arrogance, greed, racism, sexism, the stripping away of the rights of every Living Being upon the Earth. Our prayers upon Sacred Smoke are power. Our love for Earth, Sky, and for All Our Relations In Between is power. Hate weakens us. Whatever we do, we must do for love for The Creator, for our people, and for all the Relatives with whom we dwell upon the Earth. We cannot fight an enemy that has no sense, no morals… no spirit.

What are they spraying on us?

This is not a “conspiracy theory”, as the government and its paid propagandists would have us believe. If you observe carefully, there are strange clouds forming over our heads that are not natural. Strange trails are being spread across the Skies, turning days into cloudy, unhealthy hazes. Wildlife is dying at an alarming rate; aquatic life washing up on shores from toxic waste products from air, land, sea, and sky. Birds are dying in terrifying numbers. Bees are showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Cognitive functions, and overall health issues are affecting people all over the world. Why?

            We are being sprayed with a patented cocktail of aluminum, barium, mercury, strontium and sulfur particulates. Raytheon, a Department of Defense (or should I say War) contractor holds the patent for these aerosol sprays covering the Sky; covering the land, killing the trees, controlling climate, poisoning the waters, causing the deadly fires raging in the west coast. This is not power; it is psychotic criminality.

Official government documents blatantly describe this program that goes by several names: #geoengineering 




It is the greatest threat to All Living Beings short of a nuclear disaster, although it is not the only threat. Vaccinations, 5G rollout, plus all the industrial waste being poured on land, air, and water. Ionospheric heaters like HAARP, are literally robbing us of our health, and of our very lives.

The government has issued an illegal gag order on the National Weather Service (NWS), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and all meteorologists, and scientists that know the truth of what the military-industrial-complex is doing to us without our knowledge or consent. This is not power, but abuses perpetrated for profit and control.

Please do not believe me. Research it for yourselves.

Please consider what I stated about power; what it is, and what it is not. Please visit: GeoengineeringWatch.org

Arm yourselves with credible and verifiable scientific data. Utilize your power in a Good and Sacred Manner.

Above all, stay close to The Great Spirit always.

All my Relations.