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Rainbow Spirit

~ Daniella James

I am a child of the earth and sky,

Born of ancient wisdom that cannot die.

My blood runs rich with ancestors' dreams,

Flowing like rivers through sacred streams.

Though this land has faced a brutal past,

The spirit of my people rises vast. We are

the guardians of land and sea, Two spirits

dancing, forever free.

No longer will we be made invisible, Our truth burns bright, it is inextinguishable. We embrace our identities with pride, No longer forced to live our truths to hide.

The path ahead may still have strife, But we walk together in this beautiful life. Our rainbow spirits radiate with heart, Lighting the way, we'll never be torn apart.

In this American world of diversity, We teach the meaning of true sovereignty. To live authentic, open and whole, Is the greatest gift we can bestow on this soul.

So I stand tall on lands paved with tears, A beacon of hope to conquer all fears. Two spirits soaring, one heart, one voice, The Peoples' radiance, the world's choice.