Real Patriots
~ Dave Kitchen
I have been in deep thought today. Had some

things I needed to get off my chest. And none

of this is about anyone or any group of people

nor is this meant to offend. This is to get people

to think and work together for some very needed

adjustments to the national consciousness

of the USA.

I have seen some very negative comments about people who are protesting like the folks did at Standing Rock. And the people making these negative comments are calling themselves "patriots." They want to seize the assets of folks protesting and those who support them. Some of these folks seem to have the attitude "Murica love it or leave it."
But let's examine that attitude. It hearkens to what some call "the good ol' days." But the good ol' days weren't so good for many black folks and Indigenous People or even poor white folks. You know the history of how black folks were mistreated, kept down and the violence committed against them, and Indigenous folks and the genocide committed against Indigenous People which is the largest genocide committed to date. We could name all the lynchings and unsolved murders, that are so high among Indigenous folks - it might be a record. And all the Indigenous kids stolen from their families (including my wife), some put in boarding schools where many were murdered without consequence, some adopted to whites so they wouldn't be Indigenous. So basically the good ol' days were good for a select few. I could go on. But I could refer you to several history books that have the REAL USA history.

Now in any other time period including in American history, people who were trying to change things for the better were the patriots and the ones trying to keep the status quo were called oppressors. And the problem with trying to cover up all the lurid past history of the USA is, the world already knows about it. Even in Russia they were building a monument to the genocide committed in the USA on Indigenous People and Canada was/is no better to it's Indigenous People. When I was working for the parks department and was cleaning up the trash in the woods, someone said to me, "Just clean where people can see. They won't see in the woods." Huh? So if it's got the illusion of okay everything is okay? That seems to be the attitude about the problems that the USA has. As long as they keep up the illusion of everything is okay, then it will be okay. In spite of what has and IS going on still today. If you criticize you are not a patriot? That is totally opposite of what patriots were in history.

Patriots wanted their country to be the best it could be, instead of just rhetoric with fancy words calling it the best. They actually wanted it to be the best for ALL citizens (no matter what race, creed, spiritual beliefs, ethnic background, etc) and not just a select few. The select few is the status quo, not patriots.

I see those saying “I love this land so much that I really want to change those injustices” (make sure everyone is fed, schooled, has a place to live, has their beliefs respected and taken care of medically without owing so much you lose everything. Save the Earth and our water supplies and the animals that are going extinct) and really make America great. Instead of just a slogan that means we want to go back to greed. Why not be known throughout the world as the real beacon of light, instead of just hypocritical words.

And if this is a Christian Nation why doesn't it follow the words of the book that it was based on. Helping people was very important to Jesus. Those who were greedy and hypocritical Jesus said were like white-washed tombs. All white and pretty on the outside and full of dead men's bones on the inside.

I see the water protectors and people working to make things better all over this land as the real patriots. Those saying that you can't criticize what's wrong and are trying to keep voices from being heard and trying to stop the free speech of peaceful protests, are just the status quo oppressors.
And historically those kind, no matter how many flags they wave, they will never be REAL patriots.