Billie K. Fidlin

Thank goodness for Facebook. What? Yes.

Thank goodness for Facebook. The reality

is without the social media site, America, let

alone the rest of the world, would barely know

about the plight, the epidemic, the pandemic,

of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. 

Almost everyday on Facebook, depending on the algorithms of your page, there is news of a new female missing, found dead, determined murdered, or kidnapped. Details include things like their nation, usually a photo, location, and of course, their age. Always terrible, and the cost to these families is immeasurable. 

All of this is horrible, heartbreaking. Occurring all over the U.S. and Canada, girls even younger than high school have simply vanished. Women - sisters, mothers, aunts - gone. WHY IS THIS NOT NATIONAL NEWS? Has the race factor that anyone in Indian Country knows has NEVER disappeared, become so callous that we as a country don't feel this is "news" ?  "NEWS" brings action, attention, solution. What are we doing? What, are we doing? Where is the compassion? Are racism and misogyny the values we want to dominate the culture?

I could quote statistics.

I could give websites.

The other articles in this issue will do all of that.

But I want, I hope for,  you to care so much that you are willing to research this topic. Google 'missing and murdered women and girls in Indian Country'. Learn all you can. And then determine what YOU, yes you, are going to do. There are things we can do! We can pick a city - Seattle, Fargo, Toronto, Montreal - so many more. Or smaller cities we have never heard of. Find out what services are there. What the police are doing. What help any and all are asking for. And then, respond. You could contact your elected official, ask them what they know about this subject in your state or province, and what is being done about it. Let them know you'll check back in a month to hear progress. And make that call in a month. If a case touches your heart deeply, perhaps that family needs some assistance. 

We can help to make a difference.

Don't let another female fall into the hands of evil. Their blood is on all of our hands.