Religion or Faith: Why Do People Think Theirs is Better?
~ Dawn M Gibson (Red Shawl)
         As I sat and watched Amazing Grace

on LMN, I was amazed on the meaning of

true faith. This Amish gave forgiveness to a

man who killed 6 of their daughters and

subsequently took his own life. They forgave

him and then prayed for the family and his

mate; they offered help if she ever needed

them. When her own church did not come

to the funeral they all arrived in support of her.

Grief often does strange things to people including the way people are treated. If one is true to any faith the majority of them talk of forgiveness. This means you forgive YOUR trespassers of all crime and allow the Creator/ God to take care of the issue. People call this karma, which is in fact what many do end up with. Some faiths teach fear to stop people from researching or asking about other faiths or religion. One must ask why they do this, because one may find out that all faiths and religions connect in some way. The Christian bible states that during the building of the tower of Babel, due to the pride and arrogance people were showing, all people lost the ability to communicate and began speaking in different tongues so that they could not understand each other and therefore could not communicate well enough to build the tower. They went their own ways, thus causing many tribes/languages.* It is evident whenever you study cultural beliefs there is always God, Allah, Buddha, the Creator, or another name.
        People talk of peace, but do they really want it or do they just claim it? They talk with a forked tongue. There are people who say they are friends or on your side, meanwhile behind your back they are seeking to destroy you. This is like the devil’s work, and certainly not a Christian/ faith work. Isn’t the way the Amish forgave the man who killed their children much like Jesus who forgave those who killed him along with the two who were murdered with him? The very people who claimed to love him - His people the Jewish and the Roman Catholics - both who claim a religion/faith of their own. Jesus was NOT looking for popularity; he was seeking peace for all. When this is mentioned, it is not a religion or faith that kills or murders but people who want to feel in charge, who want to play God and do so. Native Beliefs have respect for ALL around them.
      Just like weapons do not kill, cultures or a religions do not kill; it is those who choose to do harm that use beliefs in the wrong way. Just as the murder of the lands little by little, by machines meant to help and are ultimately used to destroy, multi-deforest, multi-land stripping, not in need but in greed. People wonder about the status of climate change; look at pictures of the older days, the forests, now barren, Trees stripped that once gave us clean air, rivers imprisoned, stopping the natural flow, lands stripped of their soils and oils, and now we have sink holes, mud slides, air pollution, cancers, and many other illnesses we NEVER had. Human greed will lead to demise and they have NO ONE to blame but themselves, especially when we as people remain quiet.
       We must pray all cultures, all nations, all faiths, for a wiser and better turn out. We must stand with our brothers and sisters of Standing Rock. We must be very vocal, and very loud. Call us what you wish - we believe in the Creator who gave us all we needed.

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