~ Dr. Dawn Karima 

Jessie Moreau, a Métis woman from

Ontario, Canada, boldly describes her

new book by saying: “I hope that any

person who reads this story is

ultimately encouraged to find that

which makes them unique as a person and that which makes them whole.”

"BEING (ME)TIS" is her new book, which examines identity and intersection among Indigenous communities. Being (Mé)tis chronicles a young woman's coming of age. Her transformation is complicated by her lack of knowledge of her tribal heritage. Feelings of loneliness and isolation surround her until she learns to look for connection and community. As she seeks her place in the world, she discovers the richness of her Native roots.
Educators, parents, elders and caregivers could share this book with children. Tribal libraries, childcare and even pediatric providers could make this book a part of their outreach to enrich youth experiences. Mainstream schools and libraries could contribute to healing division and connecting cultures by including this book.

This new book is available in Paperback and eBook. Order from Eaglespeaker Publishing at
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