~ Dr. Dawn Karima

Respect. Discipline. Responsibility.  According to

Apache filmmaker, Geronimo Vela, these three

tenets form the foundation of a return to

Traditional Indigenous Ways of Being, the name

of his latest film with filmmaker Ed Breeding. An

in depth interview with this Anthropology scholar

appears on A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA at http://www.talktainmentradio.com/podcasts/CONVERSATION%20WITH%20DAWN%20KARIMA-042519.mp3

Geronimo Vela introduces himself as a nephew of the historical leader. He views his lineage as an honor and a great responsibility.  As a result, he shares his Apache beliefs in an effort to reconcile humanity to Mother Earth.

During this film, which currently streams free of charge on YouTube, Vela explicates his formula for healing human interactions with. land, water,air, other living beings and with each other.  Initially, this film opens with dystopian images of apocalyptic levels of natural disasters, pollution, and conflict. Vela posits that wrong relationships between people and the environment lead to catastrophe. The remedy, as stated in this film, is RDR...respect, discipline, and responsibility.

Vela outlines a return to the values and morals held by most Indigenous cultures in their original form.  Supporting viewpoints are offered by Dr. Lisa Grayshield.  A member of the Washoe Tribes of California and Nevada, Grayshield implements Indigenous ways of knowing into counseling and treatment. Both Vela and Grayshield promote the value of incorporating Indigenous ideas into life in order to redeem the planet and its denizens from destruction.

TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS WAYS OF BEING is available for free, yet the wisdom that it honors is priceless.  One of the strengths of this documentary is that it allows Native people to share their own knowledge, rather than allowing a non Native narrator or scholar to speak for tribal people.  A powerful discussion starter, this movie spotlights potent points and timeless truths.