The Principal Thing: A review of WISDOM LESSONS
Review  ` Dr Dawn Karima

Ojibwe Spiritual Teacher Mary Lyons is the

author of WISDOM LESSONS, which offers

her Wisdom Lessons as short poems and

prose pieces. Years of extensive experience

with the negative effects of alcohol and drug

addiction, including historical grief and

personal trauma  have given this Great

Grandmother powerful perspective. Her own

recovery and years of fostering and adopting

children with family problems, disabilities and

fetal alcohol syndrome have taught this Elder

that smiles and laughter are good medicine,

and every day offers the chance for sobriety.

   Lyons shares her lessons as  “good medicine” in her new book, published by Green Fire Press, an independent publishing company in Housatonic, MA.Great Grandmother 
Mary Lyons was raised on an Ojibwe reservation in northern Minnesota.  Battling against alcohol and drug addiction, 
Mary Lyons learned from Native elders and her ancestors how to find her own path out of negativity and walk out her own recovery. 

This renowned ally for fostered, adopted and at-risk children from all backgrounds now travels and teaches internationally.  She shares the wisdom from her Native culture worldwide with such groups as the Parliament of World Religions, Wellbriety and other audience.  “Swimming in Tainted Waters,” summarizes the Great Grandmother's attitude toward addiction and its impact. She states that 
"Alcohol has done horrible damage—our communities can testify to this. Alcohol has silenced our inner spirits; it has put us to sleep."
Further, the author surmises that "Alcohol has brought company with it, and this company is called drugs. The battle against alcohol and drugs can be won,
But it will take 100% of our effort and commitment. Indigenous Elders all across the globe are saying, It is time."

Great Grandmother Mary Lyons explains that “The teachings in Wisdom Lessons are for anyone who feels stuck and is looking for help in understanding life, as well as support in moving forward."  “I believe these teachings will be of benefit to people of any age and any background, from a young child to the eldest person on the planet, no matter the color of their skin or their religion or culture,” she posits.

Grandmother Mary Lyons is a radiant, resourceful Elder. Her life is inspiring and empathetic. As a result, WISDOM LESSONS, offers hope and healing for Native America and beyond. This book is available from Green Fire Press online at and in bookstores.