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Karen, Natalie Brown & Russ

Russ Letica: Profound Impact

~ Karen Spencer Barnes

Sometimes there are people who

come into our life who have a

profound impact even if we are

only with them for a brief period of

time. Russ Letica was one of those

people for me. I met him when we

were both on the Whisper n Thunder

Board of Directors, and I got to

know him when three of us flew to

New Brunswick to teach an ATHENA

female leadership class. He organized

our trip, had the First Nation community pay for our travel, pay for our lodging in a beautiful guest house, bought gifts for our class, set up the classroom, provided meals and snacks and all the details that make events successful. Russ was a magnificent event planner and organizer.

We knew when he moved from the States back to New Brunswick that he would become a valuable resource for his First Nation community. The Madawaska Maliseet Nation is nestled in a beautiful, wooded area with lovely homes, manicured landscapes, baskets of flowers and tranquility. Russ built one of those beautiful homes for himself. Drumming was a talent Russ enjoyed. Over the years, his health challenges increased but he tried to keep a positive attitude. He fought to the end. Thank you, Russ, for being exactly who you were created to be.