~ David Kitchen
Someone asked why I play a Lakota flute

and care about the Lakota so much since

I am Cherokee. When I look in the mirror,

I don't see just a Cherokee. I see all

Indigenous brothers and sisters from all

nations, including those in the US, Canada,

Puerto Rico, that whole connecting peninsula from Mexico on down to and including South America, Alaska, etc. We are Indigenous; we are one people. We traded and intermarried before any other people were here. One Lakota sister said a man mistook her for Mexican and said he had a gun and wanted her to leave the USA. This what hate that powerful elite spread between us of other races does. If you blame each other and fight each other you are weak and can be kept under control.
Furthermore I am a human being also who is related to ALL races. You are all family to me. That is why a Cherokee can play a Lakota flute and a Spanish guitar made in South Korea. And I am related to ALL creation. So I care about EVERY LIVING THING. Including animals and plants. The wind, the sky, the Earth, the waters, fire, the planets, the Sun and moon, rocks, mountains, etc. all are made by Creator and have part of Creator in them. I respect the Creator. Therefore I show respect to ALL creation. It is ALL sacred, including all of you. You are sacred. Hawa.