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~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape Shifters varies

within the different tribe cultures. The following provides

a glimpse into understanding the connection between

humankind and all animals on Earth
Mother as directed by Creator.

Chapter 38 Review

The tribe is sitting around the night’s council fire. Some have

finishing up their meal, mostly snacking on flat bread. The

day’s adventures are shared for all to hear. Respectfully

they talk in turns as the others listen and remember what

has been sparked in their thoughts by the story of another.

The turn came to Wolf; he praised Creator for all of this beauty, comfort, and their safety. Everybody started expressing their thanks for what could be their new home for some time while they build their numbers. Never has anyone seen such a plentiful valley with everything they need right here. They are feeling truly blessed by Creator for this new home.

Little Wolf chooses some warriors to stand night watch for the camp, to insure they are not unpleasantly surprised. They are tired and winding down as the kids go to sleep by their Moms. The men pick them up to carry, and the people start moving into the cave. It’s nice and warm in here, they were thinking. Someone had already lit a small fire where the other one was, and the smoke was drafting nicely. Soon they all drifted into dreamland.

Deep in the night Little Wolf starts shaking White Wolf to wake him up and come outside to see the night sky is glowing light orange and filled with smoke. They run up to the top of the cave and see to the North, there’s a big fire running across the horizon. Another warrior runs up to them and reports he just got back from running over that first hill to see what was happening.

He’s out of breath but speaks rapidly, “The all of the North looks to be on fire and the wind is blowing it towards us. They run into the cave and wake up the people.

Wolf says, “Make ready and take just what you can carry, no time for drag poles on the dogs. We must run for our lives. Just grab what you can help each other and lets meet outside.

They gather by the now cold council fire. Wolf points the direction for One Claw to lead the people down the river and away from this choking smoke. Off he goes and the tribe strings out behind him with Four Feathers and Wolf bringing up the end to be sure all the people escape.

Four Feathers stops at a small rise and looks back, past Wolf, who’s already looking back at the flames running down the hill headed straight for what was their new home cave.

Wolf turns back to see a tear running down Four Feathers cheek. All she said was: “Thanks for the time in this beautiful place.” Three dogs came running past, and startled them a little. Wolf puts a hand on Four Feathers shoulder as they turn to follow the tribe away from the fire and their new home, now burning.


Shape Shifting ~ XXXIX (Chapter 39)

Four Feathers runs out ahead, as Wolf gathers his thoughts walking at a good pace, head down, watching the path now illuminated by the fast growing fire.

At the bottom of one place on this rolling path, Wolf pauses and looks back. He sees the fire at their cave has made a twirling fire, like a wind storm reaching up high in the sky directly over their now lost, home cave site.

“What sort of magic is this?” Wolf thought. He looked towards the people on the trail in the almost day-light from the high spinning fire. The tribe has stopped; and is looking back towards Wolf to see this strange fire tornado.

Wolf looks back to the fire and is thinking; this must be some kind of Sign. The trick will be to look within, and figure out what it is.

A fire spinning tornado so high in the sky everybody is watching it rise to be taller by the moment, fueled by the rising thermal winds of incineration through the home cave ground level openings, roaring up through the top hole. Wolf validated to himself, it truly is a rising fire tornado storm.

As they all look up, the fire tornado has peaked almost touching the clouds. The people are in open-mouth shock of what they are seeing. The peak of the fire has formed the look of an arrowhead, as it continues to stretch up even higher.

Wolf looks around at the people of the tribe, some are sitting down while others stand, yet all staring with wide-open eyes, as if hypnotized by the sight. The reflection in their deep brown eyes is strong and filled with the visual Sign of the fire storm and arrow head.

Suddenly the arrowhead started moving towards the Southeast, pointing out the direction right over their heads. The people follow the direction the fire arrow is pointing with their heads and eyes. They see off in a great distance - close to the horizon of the dark Eastern sky, an obviously much brighter and larger; Blue Star.

No one has ever seen this Blue Star before, and it was indeed getting bigger and brighter. Suddenly the fire tornado now in their view, made a huge roaring sound, and then snapped itself down below the horizon of the hill they just came over.

All turned back towards this new Star and see it even brighter now, casting light and shadows on the ground like a small Moon, yet still brighter and bigger than any other Star. The reflecting glare of the fire has diminished to a much darker surrounding ambient light. 

 Blue Star demands to be seen and accentuates the power within.

Wolf sees the game path they are walking on, it leads toward the Star above the dark horizon. He speaks up and the people listen: “We have seen the Signs of the fire and the Blue Star. It is true this new Star hangs low in the sky, yet right in line with the game trail, our path, on which we walk. We will follow on this trail and watch for more Sign. We must move quickly away from this fire that is running up the back side of the hill ridge line.”

The people began to move with renewed purpose down the path towards the Blue Star, hanging in the sky.

They walked quickly for the rest of that night and well into the next day, tested by the fire chasing them which has them continuing in a hurry, yet tiring. But there is no time for rest.

 Brother-Wind continues blowing at their back and pushes the fire to make chase of the people. The Tribe is with heavy hearts to see this lush fertile valley destroyed.

However, they have faith from known experience: Much like, without the hard times in life, there could be no good times, to know the wisdom of the difference, Earth-Mother renews to be stronger and better in such ways.

The people continue the rapid pace until almost sunset of the second day. Wolf feels Brother-wind shift from blowing into their backs, to blow in their faces.

Wolf is in the rear to be sure no one gets left behind. When he feels the wind blow into his face he stops and turns around to see what effect it’s having on the fire that's been at their heels for days.

The fire has also stopped and Brother-Wind is doing a fine job of blowing the fire back onto itself, smoldering down to embers and mostly smoke without fuel to burn.

Wolf turns back and runs to catch up to the tribe. He doesn't tell the people, to make more distance from the fire line before they stop to rest, for it’s a good plan, born from knowing the people will need a long rest and not be startled by the sudden need to begin running again.

Wolf hears Little Wolf speaking in his mind: “There’s a tall mountain up ahead and the Blue Star is hidden behind it.”

Brother-Wind has blown in a rain storm coming towards their front. Light sprinkles are beginning to hit their faces. Wolf looks up ahead and sees the sharp cliff of the mountains edge and that the trail goes around it.

Wolf replies back on the same mental-frequency, (knowing the Six are all listening): “Indeed, for all on our connected-frequency: Make direction towards the cliff edge far enough on the mountain side of the trail and with the force of Brother-Wind blowing the rain, we might find protection by the shadow of the mountain. We will all rest there, if that is so. We give thanks to Creator for all that is, and this connection.”

Up against the mountain cliff it was a dry, windless and warm area. The people are wet and tired, some just lie down, while others make ready to rest.

Wolf, Four Feathers, Little Wolf, Cat Man, One Claw, and Bear sit in a circle around the camp fire, made and used by the people to get dry and warm before laying down to sleep. Rest is much needed. Yet the band of frequency- connected Six who remain, talk in their minds, “The Six.” Four Feathers lights a sage bundle, smudges and passes it around the circle of the ubiquitous Six. 

Wolf continues on the frequency: "For the light between kindred souls has no bounds, the ribbon that connects all things cannot be torn as everything is connected to CREATOR’S HEART, which is connected to Mitakuye Oyasin~(all my relations)."  All agreed and gave thanks.

Even the camp dogs were sleeping, yet Wolf noticed just before dozing off that there was one of the camp dogs still holding head up, ears out, and watching to alert the sleeping camp.  All slept in deep restoration rest.

At the rising of the Morning Star, Wolf is waiting and watching from the trail’s edge and the mountain cliff.

A new day is giving birth. The storm has passed, all Signs of fire are gone, but for the scorched valley left behind. The Blue Star is strong as seen in the day, and the night - their direction guided from Signs to follow.

Wolf walks back to the rest camp and smells the scent in the air of flat bread cakes cooking by the morning fire. He inhales deeply and his stomach answers with a rumbling growl.

The tribe eats and packs up, preparing to continue the walk on the game trail towards the Blue Star.

Wolf walks over towards the rock circle of their fire pit. Some braves are already there, extinguishing the embers from morning fire, by way of earth to smother, and spreading it out to tamper out the smoking bits and sparks.

As Wolf walks up close, they have accomplished the task and pause to speak with him.

Wolf says: “It is good the way you have, smothered out all traces of the fire. We wouldn’t want Brother-Wind to have a way of making sparks fly in play, yet creating a new fire to chase us again.” The warriors standing around, smiled big, opened their eyes wide, and nodded their heads in agreement. Wolf looked around and everyone who heard his words was smiling or laughing. He thinks to himself (It’s good to start the day with some humor).

The laughter settles down, Wolf says: “When the people are ready please gather here so that I might give words of encouragement, and all who choose to share some thoughts may do so, as it is our way to be as of one mind. Spread the word to all the people.”

It came to be the time to gather, and they did. The people were talking softly among each other. Couldn’t help but notice everyone was smiling, rested, warm, and had joy in their hearts, the look on their faces was energizing.

Wolf says: “We give thanks for a beautiful new beginning, this day. How about we walk at our united pace today?” The Tribe is laughing and nodding their heads “YES”.

Wolf continues, “The Sign from the Fire Arrowhead, and especially the Sign of the Blue Star that remains for us to follow, is a precious gift of the connection with all that is.

Things said and done in the past that might bring bad feelings when thinking back and wishing they had been better, has been laid down. The Blue Star Sign is to banish these thoughts not to be remembered, and for good feelings and deeds to go forward from here and now.

For something to change it must first go through a struggle. When a crisis enters our lives, there are other powers to help us. We will learn some lessons, and we will guard our trust to respect and honor the urgency of standing tall quickly to solve the next crisis. It seems the Signs and urgent events are becoming stronger. I’m proud of each one of you for rising up to greet the tasks with a joyful and compassionate heart. Anyone care to share any thoughts in words?”

A few people gave thanks for the Signs, and validated the united connection of the Tribe. The people have all spoken and it has gone silent. Wolf looked at Little Wolf giving a nod, and the tribe all raised an arm in the air making war yelps, growls, and howls as Little Wolf leads the way. The tribe funnels out in a doubled line, towards the game trail around the steep cliff, onward South following the Sign of the Blue Star.

The people walked together at a good pace for 3 days, they slept and ate during the nights. They ate all plants so they could gather more during the walks. It was strange but, all the animals that also ran from the fire have caught up to the tribe. They move along with the tribe. Tall rabbit ears, fox and other tails can be seen moving between bushes as the tribe continues on the trail. A bonding renewed has been connected again. The tribe feels good about eating plants at this time. The positive side is the women have become very creative in mixing and cooking new things with all the evening spare time, much to the whole tribe’s benefit.

Interestingly enough, the wild free animals walking along with them - many have always been mortal foes until this time of the Blue Star. All living things are truly related. Mitakuye Oyasin~(all my relations).

On the third evening as the Morning Star is close to the dark horizon and is shining brighter than ever, the people pause to gaze in awesome wonder. Blue Star is almost straight up in the sky.

The people hear drumming off in the distance. In fact the ‘difference’ is right under the Blue Star. The tribe walks in that direction, side by side with all the animals of wild and free. The deep drumming calls out to all of them.

They see the glow of a fire ahead. Like a large camp fire, from where the drumming sound is coming, making them feel welcome. Some of the tribe are jumping and dancing on the walk towards the drumming. Some animals are jumping and bouncing around also drawn by the all of everything. All have joy in their hearts. They’re not  wondering why, but just enjoying the good feelings and continue walking towards the fire and drumming sound.

The tribe has spread out while walking so all can see as they approach the fire. They all stop when the fire light illuminates them as the many people and animals by the fire can now be seen. The people by the fire are waving them in, smiling and dancing to the beat of a big hollow log, which is providing the rhythm of the moment by warriors sounding the log to summon the ‘heartbeat’ of the joy that fills the air.

The tribe looks around at each other, smile and begin to walk in. As they are walking they see there is a big cave in a hill behind the dancing people. Light comes from this cave and sends glowing golden sunset colored rays highlighted by Earth Mother’s dust in the air.

The tribe mingled with the others, and it didn’t take long for them to understand they didn’t speak the same language. They started making hand signs to communicate. It wasn’t that hard for they have all had similar journeys.

This was an All Nations gathering. The Wolf Clan learned of a special event on this very night. A child is to be born under the Blue Star.

Suddenly the drumming stopped. All went silent as all the people moved to the front of the cave with the animals among them as well.

In a short time of such air filled joyous feelings the bond of all standing around happy and of one mind, heard the first breath and cry of the new born baby.

There was a low humming sound as the people all made a sound of contentment, compassion and peace from the equal vibrations resonating throughout all the people and animals.

It was a moment of nothing anyone had known, and they had no words. The people started walking slowly inside the cave and placing gifts of what they had at the foot of the birthing place and look at the new baby.

They saw for the first time in their whole life, that the baby had Blue Eyes, matching the Blue Star. This was truly a Sign of good change for better tomorrows in harmony and peace between All Nations.

The Father in the cave held up their baby and said: “Go forth and spread the word that on this night, Blue Star, daughter of Dancing Deer and Two Elks, was born.

A sign of the time to be united as one Nation in peace and harmony is born by way of the Blue Star child. Tell the world at the first snow each season, will be a time to celebrate and tell this story. The people will remember by gifting good things creating more memories and the beginning of a brand new season.”

Wolf walks out of the cave and looks around - it has started to snow small fluffy flakes gently floating down in the air. A slight breeze passes and the white floating flakes swirl around in a spiral much like the fire tornado, yet another Sign to validate the importance of this time.

Wolf looks up to see the Blue Star shining brighter than ever, as if it was proud to share this time with the world.

A few snowflakes land on his eyelashes and to be more amazed he sees a rainbow of light colors mixed, reflected by the Blue Star. The Six find each other by mental contact. All had snowflakes on their eyelids and were seeing the same thing.

The Six are giving thanks, reaching out to the universe. Four Feathers wonders what could be next after this sacred time.

The others think in pause of this question when Wolf makes Voice. "Let us rest and prepare to continue our journey at the first Sign of light.” The others all look at him in question, he continues, “We have a whole world to tell this story to so we better be ready.”

The Tribe slowly gathered in a circle and lay down to sleep this night, with good cause of renewed purpose from the promise of a good future.

All are lying back so they can have eyes on the Blue Star as sleep finds them, one at a time, drifting off into powerful and peaceful night vision dream time. This was a good day to always be remembered.