(Chapter 26) 
~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape 
Shifters varies within the different tribe 
cultures. The following provides a glimpse

into understanding the connection between

humankind and all animals on Earth Mother

directed by Creator. 

Chapter 25 Review 
She turns to say the names of the 3 young women

that came with them. They all re-friended and the

girls ask if there’s anything to eat. One of Wolf’s warrior

brothers came out of the surrounding brush with two

arrows and a bird on each. Wolf turns to see some others have already added wood to the fire burning bigger now to cook some kind gift of bird meat from the abundance of brother and sister animals in this amazing place. Wolf gives thanks to Creator for all the signs and gifts. And all around acknowledge his words as theirs. He strokes the bird and thanks it for its sustenance and life.
Little Wolf is talking to the men preparing the birds to cook and Wolf can see them speed up their task. Little Wolf walks over to his Dad and says they should eat for strength and get back fast. Wolf says "You’re right Son but we must rest here while the food brings strength to our friends, it seems they haven’t eaten in several days.  But you’re also right we should get back.
We will stay the night as the shadows are all but gone. This will be safer for them. You take four of the Best Wolf shifters, eat before you leave and shift to run faster. Return like the wind on the clouds to make watch over Four Feathers and the rest of the clan adding more warriors to protect our Home Land and the round Cave our sacred place of life and protection. Tell the story of the man & woman rouge warriors of a bad way so they may be ready with understanding."
Little Wolf did as was spoken all were huddled around the camp fire with full bellies.  The four warriors walked to the edge of the bushes and forest and Wolf walked with them. Everyone knew what must be, so they gave Wolf a nod and as they began to shift they hear Wolf’s words. “Go and do with peaceful prayer my son and relations.”
The shift was fast and they were gone. Wolf heard a howl and smiled, turned and walked back to the camp fire.
He sat in the circle they had made and looked to OneBull and asked of the bird with black blood. OneBull pulled it out of his side bag. Wolf says, "I’m happy to see we didn’t eat it", and all had a good laugh.
Wolf began to tell the Story of the bird as it lay on the ground in front of them. He talked of the plan map drawn with a stick in the dirt. He told how his son had made a funny by drawing a circle at the river level end. Proceeding to tell of the bird they shot and how its blood turned black as it flowed down into the river on the stick drawing and the hole that was made filled up. They noticed it looked like a big black snake, and as the sand slipped in behind the head it looked like the head had been cut off.
4words was looking up to the stars as she said, "I remember a story; burning generations counted and it was somehow connected to the sign of the black snake." She has pause as she seems to finally spot the constellation of stars she was looking for. "There, right there," she says pointing up. They all look at the constellation she is pointing out. "They, our ancestors, called it the Seven Sisters.  I think it has something to do with the black snake prophecy."
Wolf gazed at the Seven Sisters Constellation and thought how wise the statement was to put things together ahead of time itself. Perhaps Four Feathers can provide more light for this discovery.
One man on watch, to change during the night, is set up among the braves.
As Wolf closes his eyes giving thanks for this day and all that was provided and the wisdom to know why she is called “4words”.
                                                              SHAPE SHIFTING Chapter 26
In his dreams the visions come clear and continue to change ever faster. He’s flying over the dark forest and spots the first sign of morning light. Below there are two braves running in the direction of a camp with small coals glowing. The two come in running to a stop and embrace the others. He understood the two were the ones that left 4words and her daughters just before Wolf and his braves were received by 4Words. The others in count unknown have joined as one tribe. A different tribe than Wolf’s, but he thinks "What I see has been in my thoughts since but a small child." Not sure how yet but Wolf knows now he must be flying.
He keeps flying forward, as any attempt to alter his course was unanswered. It’s getting a little brighter with light of one point. Looking out at his spread arms he sees his arms, hands, and fingertips spread as the Eagle wing feathers that they are.
He sees the twinkle (spec) of the first light from the Morningstar in the center of the curvature full circle that’s Mother Earth; he’s way up high. The twinkle has some rays: a golden beam shining straight up through a layer of red clouds and sky continuing up into the heavens and dark space filled with so many stars in space; so many, so close they seem to be touching each other. He looks up following the longest ray beam with his eyes and it points to a large planet with colored spinning stripes and circling it many moons. There’s a big dark red spot as he wonders if this is the lodge of ancestors.
Without hesitation or thought he automatically flips over backwards and rotates his body to upright position, yet now he’s flying away from the Morningstar. How strange this is. He feels a vibration through his body and looks back to see he’s still the Eagle. A deep voice (of his own without him speaking) says, “You have seen the forming of the negative side, the aggressive tribe. You have freedom to change your path on your return flight. The choices are yours. I suggest you use them wisely. Before you reach your camp the gift of now will be gone.”

His body stops vibrating and he feels the all of what he is the wind flows over his whole body. He feels each feather as they can be moved by him and the effect it has in his direction by the wind. He feels the complete connection of the flight with feathers - each feather independently and all together as one.  A little lean in one direction moving so many feathers naturally curves his flight path in the new direction. He’s so high, drifting on the rising thermals; he doesn’t need to flap his wings, so he uses them like rudders in the sky to help guide his path. Testing his abilities that Creator has provided with the short lived gift. He swoops down and gains some speed then leaning back, he feels the warm thermals lifting him up higher and higher until he feels very close to Creator. The thought of being that close to Creator brings the words to his mind that he will lose this ability when he gets close to his own camp. “Use it wisely,” he remembers being said. 
He focuses on what the task is and thinks of the blessing of scouting out to locate where his people are as well as the new tribe of aggression he first saw on the flight. Wolf looks all around to see the frozen white land is receding even more yet it still prevails at a great distance appearing to be a very big circle way out, almost out of his line of sight. This is a good thing Wolf is thinking. Time has provided the increase of unfrozen lands and he gives thanks for the vision of how many more people together they will be.
He leans to the left pointing one wing tip towards the Earth. Whoosh the wind turned him so fast it was surreal.  He felt all his feathers, (every one individually), pulled back from the force and wind of this new feeling. It was strong yet still he remained in full control. This a powerful feeling he’s never felt before.
He’s using all he could think of to command control of his flight in the skies. It’s so powerful and swift, he knew at that moment it was with great truth that the legend of the Eagle's spirit does carry words from and to Creator.
A stronger wind pushes his side to a new direction. Surely it’s a sign from Creator to use this gift wisely. He remembers and continues in the direction of his new path. He lowers down his flight to visualize the separate tree tops and sees some paths in between. He sees a big morning camp fire of the new formed aggressive tribe. They are all gathered around the fire seated in a circle and the two he knew that left, 4words and her daughters, just before his band showed up to meet in peace - they had already chosen and made their own path. The challenge of wisdom and sharing will bring some interesting moments. He prays it will remain peaceful and in prayer. He used his powerful wings to gain altitude. Looking out and around he saw the big cave camp, way up and over three ridge lines, where Four Feathers awaits. He sees Little Wolf and the warriors that went with him the night before to warn Four Feathers of what had been discovered. They have just arrived and the camp is coming awake from the greetings and laughter of arrival. He screams the Eagle's call, looking down sees that no one hears.

The Morningstar seemed to have stopped for his flight. He sees now that it has begun once again to RISE.
He makes another steep banking turn in the wind flying briskly feeling every feather and the powers he has to move them like fingers to catch brother wind and guide his direction towards 4Words and his camp glancing around during one more circle. He sees and locates the position that will set his path forward.
He’s feeling weak and knowing there is no need to wonder he folds his wings into his sides and zooms down so fast like a rock falling from the sky. Down below he sees his camp with a small fire and 4Words with her daughters making flat bread, cooking on the rocks by the fire.
What’s this? His mind is racing in wonder. He brings his wings forward slowing his flight to a floating on the wind. He sees himself laying down asleep on the ground. Now he remembers and understands the fading ability of the flight of and Eagle. He turns his body around looking out towards the others, lowering his tail to make the final stop and then dissipates within himself.
Wolf is back within his sleep now and as if it was before, the Eagle vision, he’s looking up at the sky and smiles at the deep beautiful clouds and the contrast of colors within, rolling, building and forever changing. A cool breeze loosens his state of sleep moving to awake. He’s dreaming of the great smell of fresh flat bread baking on hot rocks. 
He feels a presence, close, and opens his eyes. It’s 4Words handing him some warm flat bread. Wolf looks past her to see the clouds he already felt, and another rush of cool wind. "A storm is coming, we must move quickly up through the river path we came down and pray the rain holds off from sending the river in a flash down the deep valleys."
4Words says: “Did you see our direction during your flight?”

Wolf’s head snaps to look straight into her eyes.   He’s not sure what part of this she knows, and thinks but for whatever reason she does know. "We must hurry to leave" Wolf says. "Here’s your flat bread to carry, we are already ~ ready to follow your lead." Wolf put the flat bread in his side bag and looks up at the rock circle of their fire. They’re all squatted there looking at him. Wolf scans each kodas' (friends) eyes, all staring right at him as if frozen in place.  They all nod at once and with that up stood Wolf, heading at a rapid pace. His kodas followed back up the river; they went in Simi-single file. The storm is moving closer and Wolf looks back to 4Words who raises one eyebrow; she knows they are walking up a dry river bed that won’t stay dry if the impending storm delivers a big rain.  Wolf went fast and after a bit was thinking of the ones behind him. He stops and looks back at all their struggling, out of breath faces. Wolf looks to 4Words and sees her mouth open, taking deep breaths. He says, "you set the pace that you can make, we will guide a follow." He speaks to the other braves of moving higher up the ridgeline to see further ahead. "No surprises, these are crazy times from the estranged people, and new places that become more each day. Be silent like the snake." Wolf waves his arm and the braves each move up higher on the ridge on each side of the river bed. Wolf gives the bird call and the two braves look back to see Wolf sign for them to stay below the ridge liner so as not to be seen. Wolf glances up at all the sky he can see from down in the valley. The clouds are dark but they are trimmed with golden light. A true sign; there is indeed a storm on its way and from the looks of the clouds it won’t be long. A strong cold wind blows the back of Wolf's shirt up as if it was the storm slapping his back as a warning. He turns to 4Words and sees the smile on her face; she knows that his connection with all that is, is very strong within his spirit guides. Her daughters are helping her as best they can, yet at this pass Wolf and 4Words both know it’s going to be very close if they make it out of this dried river bottom before it becomes filled with fast rushing bolder moving crushing raging storm waters.

Wolf gives the bird call once more and the two braves up ahead come out of some trees to look down and receive Wolf’s message.

Wolf signs for the warrior on the right side. "That’s the same side the other band is on only several ridgelines over."  He signs for him to stay below the ridgeline, shifts to a wolf and runs back to camp. "Bring some drag poles, and come back quickly with more shifting warriors to run faster as wolves. Together they will speed up this journey before the strong waters come. We will carry 4Words and outrun the wind." They proceed for a bit longer, then Wolf paused and looked back to see 4Words struggling in pain but not saying a word of complaint. Wolf says, "Come up in here under the tall bushes and rest in the shelter of the tall trees."
Wolf makes the bird call and the warrior at the top looks down. Wolf signs for him to remain there as he goes forward, scouting ahead. 4Words looks at Wolf and nods her head. Wolf scrambles up towards the top of the ridgeline. After passing some large bushes he shifts and drops to all four paws; the climb becomes easier and he can cover more ground.  Wolf gets to the top of the hill, stops, and slowly raises his head to peek over.
WOOSSHHHH.. An eagle flies up from the other side of the

ridge top so low it flew right up to his face, so close he can

feel the feathers.

Wolf Spins around facing a pine tree top coming up from

the river bed. He’s excited to see Eagle Two Hearts. They

greet and she begins to speak. Communication is mentally

as they are quickly talking of what’s been happening all

around. Wolf was excited to tell Eagle of his eagle flight

vision. She wrapped her wing around his neck, winked and

said "We could have met up and done the death fall." Wolf

had a puzzled look on his face but paid no mind; they will

speak of it later. For now there is the quest. They are still

warriors with specific instructions that are in the works

at his direction in all directions. Eagle Two Hearts smiles and nods with compassion and understanding. She expresses the fact that someday there will be time, and the death fall is but the beginning of new life anyway and not to be feared.  Wolf in his mind is reminded without time wherein that life itself could not exist. He’s intrigued by this conversation but knows he must now focus on the quest at hand. He begins to ask about the locations and time of travel between each. Eagle Two Hearts says, "Stay right here for a bit, I’ll be back," and she leaps from the pine tree top and pushes off the top of Wolf’s head to spring up into the air, flapping her wings furiously. Knowingly, Wolf smiles, and watches her fly way up high to see the all of everything.
While she’s flying around scouting out the area, Wolf moves down a little to see 4Words still resting in the shade of the big bushes. It’s best to carry her back in protection of her bad knees from a fall many winters past.
Wolf just sits there, closes his eyes, remembering the Eagle flight vision of the night before. He sees the way of discovery to know what flight is. How magical it feels to be one with brother wind. 

Such a powerful gift, the one of flight. He leans back to rest his eyes and a new vision erupts in his mind. He’s looking up into the sky and it’s dark but he sees a very large bird or something that is flying. It’s brighter than the night sky and has what appears to be flashing different colored stars all over it. He has never seen such a thing. It’s barely gliding when it stops in mid-air above yet close to him. It’s so strange, what kind of madness can this be? He’s standing on top of a tall hill and this flying thing is making a loud chopping sound, fast and repeating. It’s shaking him; he feels a thumping on his body and a smelly wind blowing straight down on him. This could never be a bird, it’s so loud and smells of a strange foul burned smell that’s burning his eyes. He starts coughing from whatever bad things are coming from this determined to be a crazy bad thing from the dark side. He puts his hands over his ears which only helps a little to hold out the sound. It comes low down to the hilltop. He can see right through it - only parts towards the top. He sees the shape of a man moving around with a round head and then he sees there’s more than one of those creatures inside moving around. He wonders if these are the star people. He’s heard many stories about the star people.
Without warning it was like the Morningstar was shining right into his face. This bright light came from this thing and now he could see nothing.  He places his arm over his eyes. Instinctively he raises his lance to the air at this thing and lets out a war cry.

The light moved away from his face and shined on down the hill as this strange flying thing followed it down towards a river. He sees a very big circle of his people, yet most are wearing strange cloths. They are dancing in a circle around a big fire. He hears their words of singing and understands but half of it. Some were looking up the hill where he stands as the flying thing moves away from Wolf. They raise their drum sticks so Wolf raises his lance again and together looking at each other. They gave war cries together. He could understand some but not all of the words.  They were singing for their ancestors to come help them to protect the water for all living things. They began a chant-  “Mni Wiconi” (Water is Life). Wolf remembers hearing this as one of the main teachings of his Ancestors. But something even stranger is there, a small band inside the circle are pointing up at him on the hill. Wolf raises his lance once more and makes a mighty war cry. He sees and hears their war cries back as if they know him. But the vision of all this is too much to begin to sort out. At that moment he hears within the song part of a story that is something about the 7th generation fire. This must be the future. Suddenly all the drumming singing and chopping of their strange flying thing stopped, all noise was gone. Everything went deeper than dark; he must be within the dark side. He felt the hope and prayers of these people in his vision and wonders how peaceful the future will be.
Wolf opens his eyes as he hears Eagle Two Hearts is speaking to his mind. "Wake up, wake up, I’m doing all the work up here. Look up here, silly-Wolf." He looks up high over him and sees her circling. "I flew like the Eagle in a vision the other night and you can’t fool me on the exciting ease and peace it brings." Eagle Two Hearts Laughs.  "You see my underside as I circle about you or does it match the sky in color? There’s a reason for that, and if you’re lucky someday I may tell you." Wolf smiles and says "I look forward to that time." Eagle Two Hearts says "Now watch the direction I fly. This is the location of the disbanded warriors. I will circle once and come back." Wolf peeks over the top of the ridge line to watch her flight. She’s headed across several ridge lines and floats gracefully to the flat lands at the dry river beds bottom, several days walking in distance. Suddenly with swift flight Eagle dodges to the right fast and to the right once more, up and over a ridge line as she swoops down gliding through the valley. He hears Eagle, "Do you believe that they shot at me with an arrow feathered with my own quill? I guess it’s true. Often we provide the very thing to our enemies that can destroy us." "Indeed" Wolf replies as she continues to fly back. Wolf watches her circle once again up above and hears her say, "Now I will fly towards your people in the half circle cave." Wolf watches carefully to judge the distance. Eagle flies straight up the ridgeline they're on and circles at the top. Wolf smiles; it’s not that far, maybe half a day at a fast walk, carrying 4words. Just then the rain starts in with a light drizzle, and the cold wind comes with it. The combination of light rain blown fast by the strong cold wind made it feel more powerful and created an understanding; they must move swiftly.
Eagle says, "I just saw the funniest thing!" "What was it?" asked Wolf. She says, "I saw four wolves running down the dry river you’re in and two each carrying long sticks like drag poles. It was a funny sight to see the wolves struggling, watching their slowed pace by bouncing off trees and dropping one end or the other of the polls." Eagle was still chuckling and said, "They're close, you got this?" Wolf answers yes and thanks her. "We will meet later. For now I will go find cover in the tall thick trees," and with that Eagle flew over the top of the ridgeline and was gone. 
The braves showed up and had already shifted back into warriors. Now Wolf is chuckling, thinking "I guess they realized which form is easier to carry a couple of poles." They didn’t seem to enjoy Wolf’s humor. But no matter the rain was getting harder.
The warriors working with 4Words and her 3 daughters went straight to separating the poles and wrapping a blanket around.

He says to Little Wolf, "How can this work as drag polls? They are separated at the same width on each end." Little Wolf responds, "I saw it in short vision Dad.  There were so many things I have never seen before. But I did see two men carrying a third man that was injured lying down to be carried in this way, with one man on each end." With that he turned back to continued making the carry kit to help carry 4Words back up to home camp. Wolf is wondering if Little Wolf had a similar vision of their people in prayer and in need of protection from the sky people he saw. It must have been the future, but does that mean there will be continued struggles to survive others from now until the end of time? He dismisses this negative thought and dwells on the task at hand. 
They have finished and begin walking up the dry river bed. Wolf looks at 4Words' face and she seems stressed and is holding her head. He asks the 2 warriors carrying the modified drag poles to change it around for the better of 4Words. They sat down the polls and the warriors changed places. Then pick it back up again to begin walking. Wolf is snickering now and tells the warriors to stay on the end they are, but the one in the back swings around to be in the front and this will have 4Words with her head uphill. It will feel more like standing upright instead of standing on her head.

They all began laughing now and 4Words looks at Wolf with a smile and a wink, mouthing the word thanks. Might as well be mouthing the words as the wind and rain at that point became stronger and were so loud they couldn’t hear talking and were literally fighting their way up the hill. They leaned into the task with 4Words and her 3 daughters hanging onto the sides of this new kind of carry kit.
As they continue walking up the dry river bed he’s thinking of how hard it is raining. He remembers being in this type of situation before when the tribe was escaping the great flood by scrambling up the dried river bed when the water came flooding down and it was at that moment in time he saw, and can still see, his Mother and Father being swept away, never to be seen again. This thought haunts him so much he calls out to start moving up the side of the hill.
Earlier when Little Wolf and his warriors returned to camp, they spoke of 4Words, and what could be a slowing struggle of the journey back to home camp.  FourFeathers looks down the dried river bed which is starting to trickle down from the cold rain. She knows they will be back soon and sets to the task of preparing food for the returning band.  She has the braves building a big fire within the circle of rocks, the fire pit within the overhead protection of the cave from the rain; it will take a while to burn down to cooking coals. FourFeathers makes plans for a feast by directing the women of what to bring and clean the things she needs to prepare a feast for those returning and the whole tribe; using some of the remaining buffalo meat rubbed with sacred herbs, fresh tubers, and smashing grain for the flat bread.

They all worked together as one.

FourFeathers walked to the edge of the of the ridgeline top looking down into the hard rain and cold winds when she heard something unusual. She cups her ears to hear better in the direction from where the sound came. Something or someone was moving through the trees and shrubs. She picked up a stick and broke it in half, making a loud snap; everyone looks up at FourFeathers. She signs of the sound indicating something or someone is approaching. She rushes back to prepare the tribe to be ready with their weapons. She was ready from the early warning the warriors had brought to her before they went back to help the others back up to home camp.  Not a noise was made as they made a half circle around the entrance into the home camp cave weapons at the ready.
They hear the bird call and some of the warriors call back and rush into the bushes unseen by the others; they were making war cries of joy. Up out of the bushes and trees they all came. FourFeather sees her half-sister 4Words and rushes to her side walking next to the carry kit and holding her hand, so happy to see her again.
They all made their greetings inside the home camp cave and ate everything that had been prepared. Much gratitude was shown to FourFeathers for all that was provided was to her direction and help from all the women, and a few of the men.  They all gathered around the fire circle.
Wolf calls OneBull, the brave who carried the bird that they had questions of the sign. They explained how it came to pass when the bird blead out black blood in the stick drawn map of the river in the dry bed.  They told of where Little Wolf had made the shape of the snake's head to make it look like a black snake.  They told how the hollow snake shape filled with black blood and it also filled the hole made as the snake's head. Then the strange appearance as some dirt fell into the sides by the head as if the snake's head had been cut off.  
FourFeathers described how she remembers being told by her grandfather long ago as a child how all life, plants, animals, land, water are provided by the star people in our night skies, and especially how sacred the water is. Grandfather would say all the animals, plants, trees, people can go without food for longer periods of time, when there is no meat, no berries, no herbs, between traveling and following the animals and the weather - and how very sacred water is to all living things. People, animals, and plants can go without food, but all life needs water to live. 

FourFeathers went on to say her grandfather told of a time far into the future, many generations from now, long after all here have made the journey into the next life. She heard the stories of when there will be a time when people will become driven by their own personal gain they will call it greed. All looked around at each other making sounds of grunts and calls because no one knows the meaning of this word. FourFeathers began to explain from her younger life when Grandfather was told of this time by his grandfather, who heard it from his Grandfather, told by his Grandfather of the plans told by the star people.  How the peoples of the land will be overwhelmed by so many coming from across the big waters and a different land. They all look puzzled at FourFeathers, asking for deeper definition. They never heard of land and different people being across the big waters from the great floods. They have memories of running and that they lost more than half the tribe. "We are given the task of protecting the sacred land, animals, waters and our way of life. The word greed will be from the other people. It stems from their want to take everything use it all up and toss it away or trade it to have more from trading than what they have stolen; they will then move on and take more. Grand Father said this will be known as greed, which will be the downfall of all life. Remember this well, for that type of life will have no good ending and it takes away honor which is followed closely by losing respect, and a very important virtue trust. It has been said to never trust these new peoples."
"The other people coming in from other lands and destroying the land and the waters right here will be the biggest battles, to protect food, animals and the people who could no longer live on Earth Mother. The rivers will take the form of a black snack from the contaminated waters. Many will be killed to protect what is Creator's given right, life itself. The battle will continue throughout the history of this Earth. It will never stop. But the people know they are the caretakers and they will never give up. The battle over sacred water and land will go on for longer than life itself."

Wolf is still wondering about the 7 sister’s-stars brought to mind by 4Words; it doesn’t really fit into the stories at this time. But he knows as time has proven before that when it is time it will be revealed.
All the people in this circle are worried and concerned; moaning with long faces of deep concern. Wolf sees this and understands the need to change up their thoughts back to the now.
Wolf describes his Eagle flying vision. Eagle Two Hearts name was mentioned. "Yes... we scouted the surrounding lands and how far the white melt has rolled back exposing more sacred fertile land." He speaks of the two negative ones that separated, and then met up with more of kind and likeness towards the aggressive negative.
Wolf passes the task to set up night watch and signals to sound of any approaching enemies to Little Wolf. All get busy preparing their sleeping places, while the young warriors plan out the watch shifts to remain on guard throughout the night.
Wolf walks out of the cave and looks up. The rain has stopped but off in a distance he sees the tall thunder cloud beings from the passing storm. He sees a flash in the distance and a low rumbling voice that says in his ears so only he can hear. “This has been a few days of many important lessons. You and your tribe have learned well so I will, give the truth in warning. You have one moon’s time to be ready for the disbanded that will come to take what they want. This is the greed that comes from the dark side and the unknowing.” The words turned to a low deep rumble. Wolf looks behind him to see that no one else has heard. Raising his arms to the sky he gives thanks and turns to find his place of rest hoping for a vision of how to be ready and defend their home camp cave.
Such a challenge is much to think about, but he has faith and trusts Creator's guidance to continue, knowing this could take more than one vision. He finds his place and drifts quietly into dream land.  It is the deepest dark he has ever seen and his vision has him falling deep into Earth Mother. The planning vision begins.

Images Courtesy of White Wolf