~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape Shifters varies within

the different tribe cultures. The following provides a glimpse

into understanding the connection between humankind and all

animals on Earth Mother directed by Creator.
Chapter 28 Review

Four Feathers said to the whole tribe: “You know why it always

rains when we dance for it?” ~ Wolf nods his head with a knowing

smile and says, “Because we don’t stop dancing until it rains” The

tribe had a good laugh, but all knew the true meaning and they

will never give up.
Wolf speaks to all: “We will make our days long, gather the food and meat as much as we can. During these tasks we will think of our main mission and how we can together make it best. We will use our dreams and focus on them by night and discuss of what help they might be at each morning gathering. We will be ready to make things right and retain our peaceful home cave for this coming winter. Warriors begin the creation of what weapons you can devise to include some you haven’t even thought of. We will not surrender to the aggressive rude takers. The next few nights of dreams will set the main focus and guide for us.
We give thanks for what was, what is, and what will be.
We will make this work in a good way, as soon as we figure out how. The plans, work, and continual preparation begins. 
Chapter 29

Knowing there was a few days less than one moon to prepare. Wolf realizes it’s time to become more serious and have a plan with details to follow and provide directions to work harder in the proper direction. This forward planning has proved in the past to best facilitate a successful resolution. The tribe accelerated the hunting and gathering to have twice what they will need this winter. This will provide the reward to the estranged group as barter by gifting, winter stores in exchange for a peaceful treaty in agreement, for there is plenty of land for both to have their own big area to live prosper or split again to move on and procreate more of their own people following the leader of their own tribe. Wolf and his Tribe had fire circle talks every night and things in potential plans were changed as new dreams made guidance and the people we’re all in agreement of the direction Creator is continually setting out in front of them. They have faith and will follow all the signs, for it’s by doing so they reach out and create new peace. Knowing they have already come so very far. Yet Wolf knows they have only begun and time never stops so in little time they will be face to face attempting to discern the agreement between what they now refer to as, the different tribe. 
Wolf was walking on the ridgeline, looking and wondering how long is left before the other tribe arrives in their area. Hand over his eyebrows he strains his eyes to see a distance that is farther than he can see.
Whoosh….right up the blind side of the hill a dark shadow startled him enough to step back which caused him to fall off the rock he was standing on. Flat on his back he quickly looked up to see what that was. There on another big rock sat Eagle Two Hearts. They greeted with smiles and hugs. It’s been a long time Eagle, where have you been? And how are you doing. Eagle smiled a sneaky grin and explained she went by to watch over the estranged tribe and see what they are up to. Wolf was excited about these words for it was the very thing he was just wondering about. Wolf looks at Eagle and asked how; did you know what I was thinking? Eagle smiled at Wolf and said; “I always have an eye out for you.” Wolf asked how far the other tribe was, and how many suns would she guess it to be, before they get here. I’ve been away for some days catching rabbits. I’m very full and feel ready for a long flight. There are some very big and tasty rabbits at the bottom of the other side of this ridge line. It must be the fields of berry’s and deep rich green plants down there they have been feeding on.  Eagle raises up flapping her wings on each side of wolf’s face, he could help but smile at the touch of her feathers silky soft stroking and his hair is blown by the wind she’s making, she bounces to prepare a leap up in the air and winks at Wolf telling him she will be back in a while after checking again fresh and currently where they are. With that she was up off the rock and Wolf pushed her up from the bottom with his hand as a sort of launch to ease her rise up into the skies. She turned and looked back at Wolf they both were smiling almost to a laugh as she continued to rise up faster and faster.
Wolf hurried back down the mountain side. He wanted to tell the people about the bounty of good rabbits to make journey to this place and set off to hunt and gather some of those tasty sweet berries. It was still very early and the sun was showing bright glows of yellow and orange of the horizon. He was trying to hurry as he’s still a long ways from the mother cave where he left in the darkest night way before the dawn.
Suddenly he stopped.. Looking down a little father and to the East he spotted what could be an opening to another cave of good size. He walks over to this place he has spotted. Wolf was standing there, in front of the visible opening, behind some bushes blocking the vision of the size or what’s inside.

Big rocks line the front opening Wolf pulls out his club and slips down from the big rocks to enter the cave holding his club up with caution.
It is deep dark and Wolf’s eyes aren’t adjusted to this so he has little to no vision by sight. Suddenly his arm is grabbed and shook, Wolf swings his club and felt it scrape against something and heard a loud yell out from a voice he recognizes. OUCH!  Stop that. It was Little Wolf already exploring the new cave. Together they moved to the outside light to see what damage was done. Little Wolf was holding the top of his head and a lot of blood was flowing. Sorry son I thought I was under attack. No Dad I was just trying to trick and scare you. Let that be a lesson of what not to do son. With that Wolf jumped back over the rock, and told Little Wolf to wait there. He came back with a piece of buckskin soaked wet in the flowing water of a nearby stream. He uses it to clean off the blood and hold it on his head to stop the bleeding, catching the blood from running down into his eyes. Wolf saw the deep cuts, but knows it’s not that bad and they will heal, so he down played the damage as no big thing when it really kind of was. Wolf was chewing something, he spit it out into his hand, some teardrop moss roots and mud, and places it right on the cut and wraps the buck skin around to hold it in place.
Wolf asks Little Wolf if he has his balance and with a nod of the head they climbed up out of the cave. Come on son we need to get back to camp and have Four Feather fix your wound up right.
It was a long walk back to home cave, so they stopped to rest and reduces the blood flowing from his wound. Sitting on a log for a short time Little Wolf started explaining what he saw inside the cave. It was a good place but not as big and perfectly placed as theirs. Wolf was thinking in some depth about this. There is a reason this happened and this must be part of our plan. We will speak of it in the circle fire tonight.   How does your head feel son. I can feel my heart beat, he slapped his dad on the arm and frowned at him, they both laughed as they stood up to continue walking back to camp. Little Wolf shakes Wolf’s hand from his back saying: “It’s just a scratch on the head Dad I’m not blind, Wolf pulled his arm away and more laughter ensued as they continued walking.
They have been walking slowly because Little Wolf’s head was still hurting so again they paused to rest. Sitting on some large rocks they were looking around and enjoying the plants, sounds of the streams and rivers around them. The sun was shining between passing clouds. Wolf looks up and says a storm is coming. Little Wolf agreed and added, did you see how the animals some squirrels and rabbits seem to dart around when the clouds made shade from the sun. Indeed Wolf said. They seem to think they are less seen with less light. Little Wolf added; ”They must think it’s the setting of the sun and that becomes their time to sneak around and eat like it was night when they are hidden by the darkness. They both looked at each other and smiled saying at the same time; “there’s a lot of game in this special place.” White Wolf talking out loud remembered the journey to get where they are the long White winter was all around but the small area they settled in.  As far as they could see was froze White, until the days when the sun melted so much of it away and continued to expose more of the fertile land. So our home base cave is kind of the center of the big melt so the animals have procreated more in the new more friendly areas are filling up with life.
Wolf has an enlightened look on his face and said; “We have much to talk about tonight in the fire circle. He ask his son; “Did you get a good look inside that cave. Little Wolf agreed that he did and started describing it when Wolf told him to save it for the talk tonight. We might be getting close to some final planning, Wolf continues; it all seems to be coming together in my mind by guidance of Great Spirit. All the stories of visions and dreams seem to be born of each other. But we must wait for all the others to hear the visions and dreams of last night to be sure we have all the directions for making the true, true plan.
Brother Sun has moved as many hands across the sky as I have fingers on one hand. That must be half a day, the new cave is a long ways from the home cave. This is a good thing to be part of the plan.
Eagle should come flying back soon to give us more information about the location of the other tribe. Little Wolf asked more about this thing he didn’t know. Wolf explains as they kept walking.
Eagle has returned to the surrounding area where she last saw Wolf. Circling high above on the rising thermals effortlessly Eagle dances with the wind in ever increasing larger circles. She holds a captured mouse in her talons. A gift or is it a trick to surprise Wolf? She spots two men walking on a game trail, moving in and out of the bushes. She looks up ahead to find an opening they will soon be walking thru. But first she wants to check and be sure it’s Wolf. Slowly she glides down lower still circling. The men come into focus and she sees its Wolf and his son. Whoosh back up she rises so as not to be seen staying close to glide between the sun and the two men so they would be blinded trying to spot her.
They stop once more to rest sitting on a big rock that was in the open from above but had shade from a nearby tree that was casting a long shadow helping them to stay cool. Eagle almost laughing now sees her opportunity to provide the surprise she brought for Wolf, the bloody mouse.  She’s in the right position and circles ever smaller and smaller until she starts passing right over the two sitting on the rock. She takes careful aim allowing for the wind drift and at the right distance from flying directly over she drops the fat inside-out bloody mouse.  Down it falls and lands right on Wolf’s shoulder with a loud splat that splashed blood and guts on the faces of both the men. Surprised and overcome by the sudden unknown event they jumped up drew their weapons and spun all the way around, but nothing was there. They brushed the blood and guts off their shoulders, neck, and faces. Little Wolf had a mad look on his face wondering what ever could that be. Wolf although at first startled had a thought of what it might be. He looks up scanning the sky looking for Eagle; she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly she swooped up over the trees and gentle floated down behind the men landing on a tall tree stump but her wing made some strong wind and brushed on Little Wolf’s shoulder. Wolf had already seen her before she landed, but Little Wolf had his back to her so when he felt her land he spun around quickly and stepped back. Both smiled at the relief it was their friend.
Little Wolf said out loud why would you do such a thing to us. She laughed and said because I can and it was fun to see you jump around. Wolf said; “I know Eagle Two Hearts well enough to be thankful that all it was, only a mouse she dropped on us,” they all busted out laughing.  She helped by flapping her wings to help brush off the mess on the men.
Wolf looked intently into Eagles eyes and asked; “so did you find them?” Little Wolf said: “Find who” Wolf motioned for him to wait for Eagle to answer. Eagle says: “They are about nine or ten suns away. But that will depend on their pace. They spend much time hunting and gathering. I heard one say they don’t have enough food reserved to make it thru the longtime of white-winter coming and they seemed very concerned on this. Wolf put his hand on his chin as he was pondering her words. This could be a good thing. What? Said Little Wolf. Wolf answered with, we will talk much more of this in tonight’s circle fire and Eagle can speak so all can hear.  How does your head feel son? He lifted the buckskin to see. The skin had dries so much it was almost stuck to the wound protected by the moss poultice. What happened asked Eagle. Dad hit me said Little Wolf. I will need to hear more of this story tonight. Pass me the buckskin, and Eagle took flight. She came back in a few minutes with the wet buckskin from the steam. Wolf dabbed it on Little Wolf’s head. Eagle said we must get to Four Feather soon so she can work her medicine on it.
Eagle took flight once again and the two began to walk some more. We must be getting close said Little Wolf; I can smell the fresh flat bread cooking. Wolf smiled and Eagle flew over the next row of tall trees then dove down, maybe towards camp and the home cave.
They walked through the trees and there was the opening into the flat land above the home cave, they have made it back. Wolf took notice that their home cave can’t be seen from anywhere around this side of the flat lands. They came around the corner of the trail that led the way down into the cave. Four Feather and Four Words came quickly to help Little Wolf over to, and sit by the small fire, Four Feathers went into the cave to get her medicine bag and Little Wolf took that opportunity to grab a piece of hot flat bread from a rock cooking from the heat of the fire. He stuffed as big piece in his mouth and it was so hot he couldn’t close his mouth so with it open he was blowing to cool the bread. Four Feathers came back with her medicine bag and smiled at Little Wolf struggling to keep his mouth closed without chewing to be busted for taking a flat bread. She said; you best open your mouth to let some air help cool that flat bread before it burns you, they both giggled. Four Feathers opened her bag and began to get out various herbs and potions.
Wolf was standing on the top part of the cave and looking all around. Eagle was sitting on the big rock at the top, the one they used for the Tatonka (buffalo) trap. Eagle asked Wolf what are you looking at so intensely. All Wolf would say is; we must hide this place, and if everything matches the dreams and visions there’s a new way we must hurry to create before the other tribe comes into our area, but first listen to Little Wolf in the fire circle talk tonight. Eagle just shook her head; she had no idea what he was talking about, and the way Wolf was acting figured now was not a good time to ask. Eagle took off to catch a rabbit she saw running nearby. Wolf walked back down to the cave and directed the people to start getting ready to eat and have our talk. This has been a long walk, we have much to do and the sun is going down below the tree tops darkness will be upon us soon. Everybody got busy and Eagle flew over the camp and dropped 2 rabbits on a rock turned and flew to get some more. The younger women were right on it and began to skin the rabbits. Wolf was walking the surrounding area at the tree line to see what he could before it gets to dark. He has a plan brewing in his mind and Eagle wants to know what it is.
The darkness came upon them during the time of eating. There was plenty of food with all the rabbits Eagle had brought, and kept catching. Several were still being cooked on sticks over the fire. One of the younger warriors had killed a deer earlier and pieces of that meat were also cooking on sticks over the fire or laying on fire hot close rocks. All the people were sitting around the fire eating. Eagle was perched on a log behind the circle of people. She held the rabbit with her talons and tore pieces off to eat. She looked at the rabbits on sticks cooking over the fire and said; how can you eat those burned pieces of meat. It tastes better to us cooked in this way. She just shook her head and said it looked burned and un-fresh. With that Little Wolf grabbed one stick and took a big bite out of the meat. Holding the stick up he said see it’s good and not messy or burned. Just then from waving the stick around the cooked rabbit fell off the stick and land in the sand. The whole tribe was watching with the entertainment. Little Wolf with a surprised look on his face pick it up and brushed off the sand as best he could then took another bite and spit it out from the grit of the sand.
Everybody started laughing and joking about the best way to eat the rabbits and deer meat. Eagle just smile and kept on ripping the raw meat and tilting her head back to gobble it down.  It was good they made joy during the time they all spent together. Laughter continued and more joking around continued. Wolf looked on and knew things would change and get serious when the circle talk started. He had much to say and needs everybody to participate. The plan he’s had the vision of includes the visions and dreams of all the others, that they have been sharing every night around the fire talk.  White Wolf motions for the other Warriors to follow those already going to get more wood for a longer fire talk this night. The plan must be created now for the time is upon them to put everything into action. 
The meal was finished and the fire was stoked up with some good size logs providing a glow on everybody’s face. Wolf looks at Four Feather and asks of her dreams and visions to add more wisdom to the plan. She explained of a dream where they moved to a different place and then came back to home cave but could make no sense of it. Other than the fact that everything they were doing in her dream was in a rush very busy much to do and everything had a limit of time in when it must be done. Her Sister FourWords spoke up and said yes I shared a similar dream and it involved a new home cave but we didn’t call it that, we called it the trick. It seems we must be like coyote and out think or distract this other tribe if we are going to continue our building of this tribe to be more by procreation, increasing our numbers and become even stronger. Several others talked of their visions and dreams, some repeating the validation that for the most part all were having the directions of ways to make a very similar plan. Wolf recognized this and looked over at Little Wolf. I can still feel my heart beat thanks to you Dad, they all laughed and Eagle said I need to hear this story as it happened when I wasn’t there.  What an arrival that was said Little Wolf, I’m still smelling like mouse guts and dried blood. The tribe didn’t even know what happened but found this to be hilarious.
Okay said Wolf we must get serious and make the plan. I have gathered the stories of the tribe in my mind and have combined them together to realize they are well tracked in the same direction for which we can assert a good plan, but first we need to hear from my son. Let me explain. I found a cave hidden behind some big bushes and rocks. I carefully crawled over some rocks and slipped down into the cave. The suns brightness had me all but blind as my eyes started to adjust. Suddenly I was grabbed by the arm and I swung my club and making a wild swing at whatever it was grabbing me. That’s when I found out it was Little Wolf playing around because he was already in the cave and his eyes were adjusted. The tribe was laughing and Little Wolfs attempt to scare his father had most diffidently back fired on him. Four Feathers walked over and removed the first dried moss poultice she made to replace with a new one. Little Wolf was thankful and let her know what a good medicine woman she is. The tribe all agreed by Aho’s and grunts of agreement. Four Feathers has helped many in the tribe. Funny part is that her future seeing Sister Four Words usually was able to tell her it was going to happen so Four Feathers could prepare.
Wolf asks Little Wolf to explain and/or describe the inside of the cave from what he saw and Wolf could not. Little Wolf says; “It’s smaller than the cave we have here. But it is big enough to provide a good place to live. It’s cool back deep in the cave because it goes down in the back and earth mothers maintains have a good cool temperature for long sunny days. Much like our home cave the temperature also stays warmer when the outside becomes frozen. The people all looked around at each other shaking their heads yes and making sounds of agreement, to understand things they haven’t really thought of. This is good for all the people, gaining wisdom from sharing words of discovery. Wolf asked if there was anything more. Little Wolf said; it’s different from our Home cave, that is there is not only the front opening of the cave, there was also another two man wide crawl hole access in the back and to the right around part of the cave wall rocks. It was like a way to have an escape in the back of the cave and the way it’s around a corner of rock wall that will keep, the cold winter winds from blowing straight through.
Wolf begins to unfold his concept from the information gathered during all the fire Talks discussing the visions and dreams of all the people.
Putting together our visions and dreams to make them as one will provide the pertinent details assembled and with Creators help provide the direction for continuing to make the plan. Eagle speaks up as she spread out her wings and flapped them a few times before tucking them neatly alongside and under her body, kind of a stretch before beginning to share what she knew; I did a scouting flight over the other tribe today and learned a few things. First they are hungry and seem to be having troubles hunting with the skill it takes to catch much of anything. I saw several in the fields collecting eatables. They even shot an arrow at me, and missed by my diving and turning. I did see two men that seemed to be in disagreement so they were fighting and from what I saw if there’s one thing they are good at, it would be fighting like fierce warriors. They are moving in this direction but slowly. How long until they get here Wolf asked? Eagle responds; maybe ten to fifteen suns, more or less. When they do move along they do it on the top of the ridge line to see in all directions as they go. The people made sounds of concern, they haven’t even heard the plan yet, but they have trust and faith in Wolf as they think of how far he has brought them.
All are staring at Wolf now, with the intense silence you could hear the crickets walking on the rocks. He sands and begins to explain what the combined thinking is.
We have worked hard to collect a stash of two winter’s food to trade half in a good way for returning peace as they pass through our area. We know they will need it, as told from Eagle’s scouting.  Our home cave has become a big part of our life. However, this new cave sounds usable with some differences. About half of the Visions and dreams center on our own home cave.
The other half speaks of change or moving, we know that comes from the travels we have made all our lives, born into our blood from our ancestors. Always moving to seek and find new adventures and peaceful lands of plenty.
We have come to a point of decision and there are many ways to make the plan in fact we should consider more than just one plan.
All the people looked around at each other and you could almost see the big question marks over their heads.
Wolf looks around and no one has spoken the silence is loud. He says; I can hear you all thinking, there was a ripple of chuckles that passed through the people. Wolf felt this to be a good sign the people are open and still have humor. He knows how important that is, maybe more than most. It’s times of humor and joking when wide open sky thinking sneaks in and helps whatever is going on with more answers than questions.
Silence comes on the people, to listen as Wolf begins to explain.

The new cave we found today was no accident. The accident was when my son thought he could trick his dad. All laughed out loud and some were yelping and jumping. It was good to see the oneness of the people. Wolf tells them to be proud and the roar got louder. He held up his arms and everybody gathered themselves and sat back down to restore listen mode.
Wolf continues: We can go to the new cave and clear away the bushes and make it appear as if that is where we live. Stash half the stores we have saved there, in case the other tribe decides they will just take it all, we will still have our half we need hidden right here at home cave. The people looked excited about the plan. Wolf says; this will give us some options to adjust our plan as things unfold. The important thought is that they are traveling on the ridgeline so the new cave most likely will be the first spotted. However, what we don’t know is if they have some warriors spread out in the valleys on both sides of the ridgeline.
We must pay even more close attention to our visions and dreams to seek out directions of our open plan. There are many ways this could change twist and turn. So, be aware of any clue that might help us understand and be ready for the unexpected.

Remember we plan for the worse and hope for the best.
We will split up in the morning half of us will go clear open the new cave and make trails all around it as if we did live there. We will take the branches and trees we clear and drag them back to home cave and that will hide our tracks. Then if we choose we can use the plants bushes and trees to hide our true home cave. This will keep from showing we cut down bushes and trees around the home cave so it might be less obvious there is our home cave where it is. These are the directions of the plan at this time. The will and/or could change without warning. Wolf turned to Eagle and asked if she would stay with them and continue to scout the other tribe so we know when they may arrive and what kind of tricks we must use to be successful and protect our tribe and our home. Eagle gladly agreed it is an honorable thing they do in trying to make peace over war but sometimes that’s just out of our control and everything continues to change.
We must think like the trickster coyote. Be flexible and change to meet the need with wide open blue sky thinking, very well then. Everybody share the way of the people that wish to go to work on the new cave and those that will stay here to start preparing to hide our home cave. Enjoy this time to let the plan become part of our thoughts and actions. Tomorrow will come soon, and the other tribe will follow not long from now. This will be hard work and Creator will test our skills. We need to rest while we can, soon our work time will be before the sun rises and continue after it gets dark. He looked at Little Wolf and said; prepare to set up watch men to guard us during our sleep time. Rotate the guards often as we all need as much rest as we can get to greet this challenge with the wisdom that Creator is providing.
The people began to talk among themselves. Finally they have a plan to work with and change as required to make it work. Many questions of the unknown haunts Wolf as he walks off into the darkness to search the stars for some more direction and meet with Creator and our ancestor’s medicine counsel in the sky to help him understand the ways they can use their tribes shape shifting abilities to help and protect his tribe.  This day has changed almost everything, but they do have some new directions and for that they are thankful.