~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape Shifters

varies within the different tribe cultures. The

following provides a glimpse into understanding

the connection between humankind and all animals

on Earth Mother directed by Creator.

                                                              Chapter 31 Review

In but a short time the moon is full and up in the sky far enough to light up all the land around. He feels like the great mystery of all that is has provided this display to shed light on them all. He walks down and relieves Oneclaw by saying; go lay down and get some rest we have much to do tomorrow, I’ll stand watch for a while. Oneclaw nods and walks up to the top where the others are resting. Wolf looks out and sees the big tree that Oneclaw was talking about, it’s glowing a brighter green than all the surrounding area mostly just plain dirt. He sighs from this beautiful sight and is excited to see what will come to their eyes  when the Morningstar rises.

Back at home cave; feeling connected, Four Feathers stands on the cliff edge looking up the mountain top knowing that’s where they rest this night and she strains her eyes to see by the light of the full moon, but it’s far away to see. Yet she feels the connection. She turns to walk back past the camp fire burned down to embers and starts to go into the cave but stops and thinks she would better like sleeping under the stars tonight.

This has been one unforgettable day.

All their dreams mingle as the night continues. They are all so excited about the new discoveries that the Morningstar will bring.

How far can they see? What will be there? Which way will their plans change? So many questions and things to remember yet there will be so much more they will know to make it a better tomorrow. She lies back looking at so many stars, there doesn’t seem to be a place for the dark to be clear. They make a good light just as stars. Suddenly the mountain on their East side was getting brighter. She turns to look and in a glance she sees a shooting star and makes a wish before it goes out. She remembers from the elders talking to finish the wish before the falling star light goes out means your wish will come true.

She wished the men safety on the journey. Now she’s thinking what will we begin tomorrow, they may all be looking for my guidance. First we will eat, I know they will all agree to that. The brightness of the full moon just now hitting their camp was

surreal. One more look and see the shapes of stars in the sky and sleep found her.

                                                                 Chapter 32

The Eastern sky showed signs of light, barely at the ridge line. Wolf was standing on the peak big rock at the very tip top, watching for it to become the new day.  His excitement of what they will see had him wondering all night. So much so that sleep could not find him.

He slowly rotates to look around at the complete 360° horizon.

As seen many times before but this rising of the morning star is different. They are looking down at Earth mother as the Eagle sees during flight. It must have been the anticipation of a wondrous sight, which was the unknown.

Although sleeping most of the night the rest of the men are starting to sit up and move to be comfortable looking to the light increasing from the rising of the Morningstar in the East.

Wolf looks toward the West and sees the darkness fading to define the irregular ridge line. He thinks to himself about how high they must be; above the tallest mountain as far as they can see and it’s only the beginning to display the true sight of this new reality. 

The warriors are talking low among each other in mysterious wonder. No one has ever seen such a clear distance view of earth mother in her magnificent glory. As each moment passes the sky’s illumination changes revealing even more than they can believe.

Wolf looks around at the warriors; they’re in awe. Mouths open, and minds filled with suspense of what glorious splendors will be seen next. He can’t help but smile from the strong spirit of adventure, without fear. The excitement seems to be glowing from their personal silent personas. Nobody is talking, not even a whisper.  Suddenly they’re temporarily blinded when the Morningstar breaks the ridge line surface, so bright it seemed to explode flooding grand golden light across the land, and sharply straight in their eyes. They all looked down rubbing their eyes. Wolf says; relax keep looking down don’t rub dust and dirt into your eyes, let them adjust to the light, it won’t take long, and remember not to look directly back at the Morningstar.

All turn to look towards the West. A strange sight to see the Moon is setting yet it remains in the darker deep blue above the horizon. The warriors start looking back and forth at each other wondering, not only,  how long it’s been since they have seen these two heavenly bodies in the sky at the same time, and what kind of deep underlying mean this might have. Is it a sign of something to come from Creator? Or, is it just a declaration of pride in this day of new discovery?

They’re looking at the Western rolling hills leading up to the deep purple mountains that lay beyond, still visible but yet to be touched by the golden rays of the Morningstar. Looking around the West sky there still remains many brilliant twinkling stars.

They are all standing, looking around. From, a distance, must have been funny to Creator, witnessed by the warriors seeing different size white lines from the ridge line tops in irregular lines from the top of the ridge line down, even disappearing in some places to be obscure from definition. But it’s not in full light yet. What are those crazy, some jagged and some straight as an arrow; white lines?

The Morningstar clears the Eastern ridge line and floods the land with golden morning light. It looks as though the valley is lower surrounded by the mountain range. As viewed the shadows of the surrounding mountains cast darkness on the East side and shines brightly on the West side.

Wolf remembers the big white lines and looks in the Morningstar light shining on those to the West. They are waterfalls. Some larger than others but they are all water falls of so many. All seem to be pouring out down into the valley they call home.

Interesting sign of what Wolf knows not yet.

He looks around and settles his eyes to the Northern mountains, from where they came; from the frozen world into this peaceful valley. The Morningstar has cast light past the Northern mountain range. Wolf sees the white frozen land off in a great distance. But the land closer to the North Mountains is more brown and green than white. It is obvious the frozen snow and ice is melting back to expose even more fertile lands.

Oneclaw makes a loud war cry…

He’s right below Wolf who’s standing on the tallest rock. Everybody turns with a snap to see what the call is about, feeling vulnerable on the top of the isolated mountain top.  Oneclaw is holding something up he has found at the base of the tallest rock.

Wolf looks down to see what he’s holding. One Claw has two flat round river rocks, but something is strange about these rocks, they both have a hole right through the middle of them. Wolf holds his hand out and OneClaw passes one of the stones to him.

Wolf tosses it up to flip over and look at the other side, it’s the same. Wolf holds up the rock and looks thru the hole rotating around to survey the surrounding mountain range. Suddenly he comes to the Morningstar and yells out from the bright light bending over and rubbing his eyes.  They all bust out laughing one even went to his knees, way funny to see the wise leader do what he told them not to. Painful lesson but the humor is good medicine.

Wolf still bent over face in hand sees a vision begin in his mind.

He remembers of a time when he was a small child sitting behind the circle of elders, listening to the talk of this new thing they have been using to bring down small animals they’re hunting for food. As a reference he looks deeper into his hand to draw more memory up to recall. The council is talking about these very same type of rocks, only the warrior that made the holes in them had also made some braided buffalo skin. He was holding them by the braided hide and they hung down together to his knees.

He started swinging them over his head around in a circle and then he turned and threw them at a small tree. They went flying until they hit the tree and the stones wrapped around the tree and stayed like that. The council knew from what they have seen how this new weapon would be helpful when the small animals they are chasing for food run away they could use these throwing stones to stop them by binding their legs so running away would be stopped. The council men were nodding their heads and expressed good feelings from this new way to add in there bag of tricks to improve their personal hunting skills.

Wolf’s eyes have recovered and his vision has passed. His warriors are now gathered around him with concern and the laughter has stopped. He looks up at their faces wondering if he’s OK. Wolf says; “where did the laughter go” they all started smiling knowing he had recovered. One Claw had seen this in Wolf before and said: “Did you have a vision?”

Wolf stands back up and nods at One Claw. These are throwing stones, Wolf said. They all had puzzled looks on their faces.

Wolf explained his vision and they all agreed that these were from an ancient time and had been pushed up from deep in earth mother by the erection of the new tallest mountain during the shaking quake of Earth Mothers deepest feelings of expression.

They all turn back to looking around. Wolf gets back up on the tall rock and looks back to the Northern range which has captured his wondering as to what the sign of this might be. He’s looking past the range at the new exposed bare land. Remembering the white lines which are truly waterfalls running down into the valley. Wolf reaches up and scratches his head in deep thought. This movement retrained his focus to observe that the mountain range of the valley to the North had the most water falls. In fact; in some places they run out for a great distance and a few make half round circles of one giant waterfall.

Wolf turns a little to keep looking around the valley’s edge mountain ridgeline. It’s so big it could be known as great.

Hmmmm: Wolf turns all the way around to observe the whole ridgeline. He sees so many waterfalls it’s like all the water from the big melt is running right down into their home valley.

Suddenly Wolf sees the valley filled with water. So full it was hard to see from one side to another. He rubs his eyes and looks back up. His vision has cleared and he’s looking back at, so many water falls. Like a shooting star the conclusion of his visions and what they have seen hits him hard. He jumps down off the rock and the warriors gather around to listen.

Look down in the valley and tell me what you see? They all look and say we see rivers getting bigger. Yes says Wolf it’s all flowing into our valley from the waterfalls created by the melt of the white world surrounding the valley. The same frozen land we came through to get to this place. The warriors are shaking their heads with understanding.

Wolf says: “This valley we live in is turning into what could be known as a GREAT LAKE.”

The warriors look around again and it sets in; what Wolf is saying! Oneclaw said it first; “Our Valley is flooding and we must abandon this place or learn how to breathe under water.” Nobody laughs at Oneclaw’s twisted attempt at humor because they know what this means.

Wolf jumps back up on the tall rock and looks to the South shading his eyes with his hand, he stretches his vision to look at the ridgeline and focuses in on what appears to be a gap between the mountain range. One Mountain is obviously in front of another lending validation to a pass between the mountains. Wolf points it out and the warriors all look to see.  Rotating around they see it seems to be the only part of the valley that opens up, and the direction is South.

One Claw says: “Look all the rivers are running in the direction of that pass.” Wolf adds in: “What if Earth Mother shakes again and that pass gets filled in? Where will all the water go?”  At the same time they all say; it will stay in the valley and as you have said, and become a Great Lake. They know what they must do and don’t know how much time they have, except that it’s a very large valley, that is already filling the rivers to become wider and flowing faster. Wolf looks at the men and says; “We must finish scouting all around, look for the estranged tribe if they are wandering lost, or are they coming close to the home cave.” 

Eagle Two Hearts is approaching by flight even higher than they are. They hear her call as she dives down, the men step back from the tall rock for her to land. She’s diving fast and then tilts way back coming almost to a complete stop in midair, she lands on a nearby rock but not the tall one they cleared away to give her room. Greetings were made and Wolf asked why she didn’t land on the tall rock with more room for her wing span. Eagle said I saw you men get back to make room and you know I don’t like to be predictable, that can end your life. They had a short laugh nodding in agreement and then began to explain what they have discovered.

Back at home cave Four Feathers has everybody working at task. They have cleared out the original home cave and are now out in the fields gathering growing food sources. The few warriors that remained were all out hunting for meat.

Four Feathers is pulling up some grain plants to pound, grind with rocks, and add a little water to make their staple flat bread. She hears the Crow call to her. Looking up she says: “I hear you brother Crow, you want to help? Go find Wolf and report what their needs and situation is; maybe find out when they will be back so we can make a meal ready for them.” All this was exchanged by mind thoughts no words are needed. Crow bobbed his head up and down calling loud with each head nod, then flew off in the direction of the tall mountain. Four Feathers has been heard and her words hold strong meaning as her story has traveled throughout the animal kingdom that she is known as the tribes Alpha female.  Four Feathers smiled and looked around. Everybody had stopped to watch her talking with the crow. When they saw her looking at them, immediately they put their heads down and went straight back to work. Four Feathers just smiled facing down.

Wolf and the warriors have told Eagle what they think might be. She nods and agrees to do a fly over the pass they spotted and let them know what is really there. Wolf asks if she wouldn’t mind trying to spot the estranged tribe and which direction they are going, surely they have spotted this tall mountain and could be headed their way. Look; Wolf says, here comes brother crow. Maybe he has word from Four Feathers and our tribe.

Eagle turns her head and spots crow. She leaps into the air and makes flight to greet him high up above. They all watch and see it looks like brother crow and Eagle are dancing in the air darting around. They all look at Wolf. He says they are talking by contact and moves in flight. They all look back shaking their heads up and down following the two birds in this crazy dance. Eagle lands and explains that Four Feathers sent him to find if they are safe and if she should have food ready when they return. Oh and one more thing you might not know. What would that be asks Wolf. Four Feathers is the tribes Alpha female now and has the whole tribe in good order, working together as one. Crow has seen her shift into what is a larger than any other female wolf shifter, with the golden glowing beautiful She Wolf she is; which could be nothing less than a wonderful thing to see. Off fly’s Eagle to search and report back. As she’s flying she calls down a long screeching sound. They all look at Wolf. He’s smiling. What they ask Wolf. All he said was: “Beautiful golden Alpha she wolf.” The warriors didn’t understand what Eagle said and discussed it among themselves. Wolf just held up a hand for them to stop talking. They don’t know the deep connection Wolf has with Four Feathers.

They all strain their eyes to see if they can spot the estranged tribe coming towards them. Wolf says pass out the rest of this meat and everybody eat some for strength and drink some water, we’re about to leave this mountain top.

They’re all munching, sipping water, and gathering their gear to start the walk. Wolf says he’s thankful that Eagle is going to check out the pass so they can make good well defined plans. He mentions they should all walk in a line down the back side in case the other tribe comes out of the surrounding woods they would be hidden from their view.

Wolf picks up the throwing stones OneClaw found and handed them to him saying: “Don’t forget your stones.” The warrior’s chuckled, and contine to prepare for the return walk.

They are ready to descend this new mountain top; and begin walking down with Wolf in the lead; One Claw brings up the rear. He still has concern of the big cat and will keep out a watchful eye.

Back at home cave crow arrives and begins chatting with Four Feathers in his most profound call; caw, caw, caw, caw. I hear you brother. Thanks for the word. She turns, and again the rest are watching her communicate with crow. She merely waves her hand and they all get busy with their tasks.

Four Feathers gathers up the bundle and looks around some; they all follow her example. She is pleased and smiles with the memory of the ancestor’s way, she learned from a child. The sign of the best leaders don’t give directions yell out orders to the people around; they lead by example. They do what needs to be done as they are all equal and no one is considered above any other when considering the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Four Feathers holds her grain bundle on her shoulder and walks towards the home cave; the others copy and follow. They get back to Home cave and lay down their loads. Four Feathers dusts her hands and says to the group: “Follow me down to the river and I will show you something I prepared this morning.”

As they are walking to the river she talks about this way of trapping fish in the water that she learned from her Grandfather.

They get to the river and all gather around this handmade stick cage in the water. The half round construction has the open side facing upstream so the flowing water passes thru the many sticks

close together with small openings between. The people are mumbling among themselves as none had ever seen anything like this before. They get closer and look down inside the caged shape to discover there are some big fish swimming around in there. They have been trapped by this thing that Four Feathers has made.

She hikes up her skirt and tucks it in her waste tie, takes off her moccasins and walks into the river water on the open side of the trap. Pausing there she says: “Be ready around that flat area with grass growing on it. When I throw them up there; catch the fish before they flip and spin around to get back into the river. As soon as she said the last word she reached fast down into the water scooped up fish and tossed it up on the grass. The people started jumping around laughing and chasing down the fish. They got it and one carried it up the river bank farther so if it did slip from their hands, they could grab it again before it escaped.

Four Feathers repeated this action until they had cleaned out the trap and captured 5 big fish that looked like they had a rainbow down their sides. What a beautiful fish, they’re all excited.

We will call this a rainbow fish Four Feathers said. She picked one up and pulled out her knife to clean the fish by the river and the others copied her actions.

They washed them clean in the water and she started walking back to home cave. The others were asking what about the trap. Leave it she said, it will catch some more fish for us while we use these for a fine meal. The sounds of understanding and agreement went thru the people smiling and joking about this new way they have been taught to provide meat.

Wolf leads the warriors into the forest at the bottom of the mountain to be concealed from anything that might want to fight or eat them.

Wolf stops them in deep green lush forest and they all squat down.  Wolf turns back to speak to the warrior behind him. He explains that he’s going to Shift dropping his clothes and gear for the others to carry. Wolf is going to run out ahead and scout out the best way to proceed and look for any dangers that could surprise them and do harm. The warrior behind him nodded his head. Wolf stood up shifted and dropped down on all fours. All his belongings fell from his body and lay on the ground. He looked back and knows the word had been passed back because all the other warriors held up one hand and signed for him to go and scout the way. Wolf turned straight to task and ran but a few leaps and jumps over some tail bushes disappearing into the deep forest.

Wolf moves fast and is far ahead when he comes to a small hill to pause and look around, seeing the deep green woodsy forest wherever he looks. It could be confusing to people, but as the Wolf he know exactly where he is.

He sits down and thinks of all the things going on in so many different places with each in their own unknown direction. He knows he must look around fast for the best way and get back to the warriors coming his way to guide them from hazards unknown.

Wolf stands up on his back legs and lets out a loud long Wolf howl, calling to advise the others. He pauses to listen and hears a response. The distant return call of the warriors. Wow, he has come far in such a short time. Then unexpected he hears another call; closer and its coming from the direction he’s running towards the home cave. He recognizes the return call, it his son Littlewolf.

Wolf runs on forward and soon comes to Bears Bridge. He slides to an abrupt stop dust flying up in the air. Surprised to see Bears Bridge has fallen half way down towards the fast moving expanding river on one side. They won’t be able to cross the river here and return to home cave the way that they came. Now Wolf is torn to make a decision.

He hears Eagles call coming back from the pass she went to scout out. He’s covered by the forest and she won’t see him so his decision was made for him. He looks up and gives thanks. Turns and runs as fast as he can back towards the warriors.

Eagle will have the information they need to guide their whole existence and time in this valley. They must meet with the other warriors and define a new plan to move forward always in a safe good way to help and protect the people.

While running he’s thinking about LittleWolf, the rest of the tribe, and the new golden Alpha she-wolf Four Feathers.

He shakes off the unknown thought and concentrates to be fast and unite with the warriors when Eagle arrives.

They must make a life changing plan that will be best for all the people. He runs even faster now, jumping tall bushes and making his own trail to be on a path of the closet distance between them.

He tilts to run around a big cliff and hears a mighty roar. Wolf skids to a stop and looks up. He sees that big cat that OneClaws group was talking about. The hackles of long fur stand up on Wolf’s neck and down his back.

No more harassment, no more surprise confrontations with this big cat. Wolf’s ready, he is really on the edge of concern for the people. This big cat must be dealt with right here and right now before it can do any real harm to the people.

Wolf looks up at the big cat on the small cliff above him; it’s showing its long front teeth and snarls with a threatening grin.

Wolf has had enough and takes off in a full speed run to go around the corner and up the side of the bluff to the top of the cliff where the Cat stands.

Wolf’s growling and barking so loud it’s vibrating off the trees and echoes throughout the forest. He comes up running so fast the cat only sees a blur as Wolf leaps through the air and lands on the cat in a way so he can close his razor sharp fangs on the big cat’s throat biting down hard with all he has and feels his teeth sink into the big cat’s neck flesh, with such tremendous force; they both go flying off the cliff and past the trail over that edge into the tall pine trees below and disappear with the loud sounds of growling and snarling with dust like smoke that comes rolling up in the air like a cloud of darkness.