~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape Shifters varies

within the  different tribe cultures. The following provides        
a glimpse into understanding the connection  between

humankind and all animals on Earth  Mother directed

by Creator.

Chapter 32 Review

Wolf runs on forward and soon comes to Bears Bridge. He slides to an abrupt stop dust flying up in the air. Surprised to see Bears Bridge has fallen half way down towards the fast moving expanding river on one side. They won’t be able to cross the river here and return to home cave the way that they came. Now Wolf is torn to make a decision.

He hears Eagles call coming back from the pass she went to scout out. He’s covered by the forest and she won’t see him so his decision was made for him. He looks up and gives thanks. Turns and runs as fast as he can back towards the warriors.

Eagle will have the information they need to guide their whole existence and time in this valley. They must meet with the other warriors and define a new plan to move forward always in a safe good way to help and protect the people.

While Wolf is running he’s thinking about his son; LittleWolf, the rest of the tribe, and the new golden Alpha she-wolf Four Feathers.

He shakes off the unanswered thoughts and concentrates to be fast and unite with the warriors when Eagle arrives.

They must make a life changing plan that will be best for all the people. He runs even faster now, jumping tall bushes and making his own trail to be on a path of the closet distance between them. He tilts to run around a big cliff and hears a mighty roar. Wolf skids to a stop and looks up. He sees the big cat that One Claws group was talking about. The hackles of long fur stand up on Wolf’s neck and down his back.

No more harassment, no more surprise confrontations with this big cat. Wolf’s ready, he is really on the edge of concern for the people. This big cat must be dealt with right here and right now before it can do any real harm to the people.

Wolf looks up at the big cat on the small cliff above him; it’s showing its long front fangs and snarls with squinted eyes and a threatening grin. Wolf has had enough and takes off in a full speed run to go around the corner and up the side of the bluff to the top of the cliff where the Cat stands.

Wolf’s growling and barking so loud it’s vibrating off the trees and echoes throughout the forest. He comes up running so fast the cat only sees a blur as Wolf leaps through the air and lands on the cat in a way so he can close his razor sharp fangs on the big cat’s throat biting down hard with all he has and feels his teeth sink into the big cat’s neck flesh, with such tremendous force; they both go flying off the cliff and past the trail over the edge into the tall pine trees below and disappear with the loud sounds of growling and snarling with dust like smoke that comes rolling up in the air like a cloud of darkness.

Chapter 33

The sound and commotion of Wolf and the big cat was within ear shot of the rest of the warriors as they were running towards each other.

They hurried and found the spot in the trail where they could see a scuffle by the tracks and looked over the edge. They could see Wolf lying on some thick branches, where he landed on, in a Hugh pine tree, close to the next trail switch back below. The big cat was nowhere to be seen and wolf had shifted back to human form when he was knocked out. There he lay on the thick branches up in close to the tree trunk.

They started calling to Wolf and One Claw told them to be quite; what if he wakes and roles off. They all looked at each other and nodded their heads, this is true let us be safe, and they all turned to walk down where One Claw was standing on the trail looking out at the branch where Wolf was, right straight out from where One Claw was standing.

Wolf was lying motionless. Everybody had completely forgotten about the big toothed cat.

Wondering what they should do, suddenly they heard a chopping sound behind them and they all turned to see just what was making that loud chopping noise.

It was One Claw using his dragon stone tomahawk chopping down a smaller tree. They all turned to look and with one quick glance understood One Claws idea and a couple other warriors ran over to One Claw and started chopping down one more tree the same size. They quickly copped off the side branches leaving two poles and carried them down to the trail next to the tree Wolf was lying still in. They all worked together to get the poles in place resting on some other branches on each side of Wolf. Then they pushed the ends resting on the trail closer together creating a somewhat functional bridged walkway to crawl out and get Wolf safely.

They did it and Wolf was now safe on the dirt trail, still knocked out. They poured a little water on his eyes, face, and lips, rinsing the dust and dirt off.

Wolf started rolling his head slowly back and forth. Suddenly he jerked his body and he was moving around faster. Wolf was regaining consciousness. 

He sat up with a huge gasp and immediately shifted back into four legged White Wolf.

He jumped to the trails edge looked down and started growling.

The others looked down as Wolf’s growl slowed. They saw the big tooth cat impaled on an old lightening cut tree with long sharp spikes sticking up. The Cat had fallen on this tree and a long spike stuck up all red right out of its chest.

Wolf shifts back into man form taking his things from the warrior that carried them. He turns looking around at the others. This story must wait for a tribal council fire. We must hurry back to home cave. As he wraps and ties his breech clout he glances up.  Look up there, see that small flat Plateaus on top of this hill. We will gather some wood climb up there with it, and make a Smokey fire so Eagle will know where we are. Bears Bridge has washed out and Eagle will know the way for us to reunite with the rest of the tribe.

They get busy straight to task. It took a while as the dry wood needed wasn’t right at hand they had to walk a ways in all directions to find some wood dry enough to burn.

But there is plenty of green branches, that when placed on top of the fire would make a good signal of smoke. Wolf looks over at the small pile of green branches cut from the rescue trees they used and pointed there they are ready for us. After some time they had just what they needed. As Wolf started to make the first bundle and tie it up to carry to the top, he looks back and holds up three fingers. Two other warriors had already begun. It was like they knew, before knowing. Wolf understood this as a good sign; they are working and thinking together as one.

Wolf mentions this would be a good time to find some small game and cook it up for strength on the unknown tasks of our journey, as we ascend this Plateaus. Immediately the warriors all went in different direction in pairs of two. All but One Claw; remains as the watch and help as needed for the climbers, from the bottom.

Wolf loaded with fire wood on his back, copied by the others, they began to climb the steep side of the Plateaus.  They tried going straight up and discovered that wasn’t working. So they walked on an angle crawling grabbing big rocks to pull themselves up. It was a long hard struggle but after several falls scrapes and bruises they made it to the top.

As they caught their breath they took the bundles of wood off their backs and carried them to set together ready to begin building the fire.

Before they can untie the first bundle; they hear an Eagle call and quickly look up. It’s Eagle Two Hearts circling above.

She had been watching them while she circled to guide their direction. They were all frustrated for all that work and effort in climbing, that didn’t need to be done.

Wolf says: “Sometimes in life we must climb the tallest obstacle placed in our path. When Creator see’s this, he helps those who are helping themselves. Remember this, keep on trying, and never give up, as proofs to this time; always look up. These are truth in words from our ancestors.”

They all started smiling as Eagle did a delta dive right down at them and pulled back with wide spread wings to come to an abrupt halt just as her feet landed on the a big rock close to them.

They watched Eagle land and fold her wings back, tuck them in, and wiggling her tail Eagle Two Hearts says: “Hello Boys”. They all smiled at the way she said it. Good to see you Eagle we have much to talk about. She said: “We sure do there has been many changes to the paths and trails in such a short time.”  “Understood” says Wolf; “but first I need to speed up things down below.”

Wolf picks up a wood bundle and the two warriors copy. They walk to the edge and look down below. One Claw is looking at the warriors returning with a few rabbits.

Wolf calls out to get their attention and they all look up. Wolf signs for them to get back out of the way. When they move back Wolf tosses down the first bundle of wood and the other two warriors follow his move. They roll and tumble down the side and in the last part crash to the ground busting the bundles open.

Wolf signs for them to use the wood; to build a fire, and start cooking the rabbits while they climb down. They see them go straight to work. Turning back around, they walk over to Eagle. She read Wolf’s signs and says: “Hungry Boys?”  They all have quick laugh.

Eagle Says: “Hurry I’ll meet you on the ground and we can talk while you guys eat and prepare to get going, you have a hard long way to go.”  Wolf nods and they go to the edge and begin to descend. Eagle Calls out and leaps into the air. They look up and see a large red Tail Hawk coming their way. Eagle flies up to greet Hawk, they spin and flip around in the air. They all look at Wolf watching Eagle and Hawk by holding his hand over his brow to shade his eyes from the light of the Morningstar. The two majestic birds separate in the air. Hawk starts flying fast back towards what Wolf thinks to be the direction of home cave.

Eagle glides around and down to land on a big tree stump in the shade of the Plateaus close to where they have cooked the rabbits and are eating. They hear the Hawk call off in a distance and see him meet up with brother crow. Wolf smiles as the warriors look towards his definition, Wolf says: “Brother Crow will carry the message of what’s going on back to four feathers.” The warriors all nod and grunt as they continue eating the cooked rabbit meat. Wolf takes some rabbit meat to Eagle and she declines. I have already eaten on the way. You men are going to need all the energy you can get for the remaining journey this day. Besides you have ruined it for me by fire. Wolf giggles at knowing Eagle’s cravings for raw meat.

Eagle begins to explain.  Wolf waves his arm signaling the others to come over in the shade and listen. She tells of the widening rivers, which Wolf already knew from the collapse of Bears Bridge. Continuing on she describes that as walking they must go far past the fallen bridge tree to a new crossing she has spotted from the air. She keeps describing the difficulties of the journey and Wolf is thinking this might need to be done by shifting into wolves and of course bear for the remainder of this journey.

The question remains of how they will carry their breach clouts and gear when in animal form. Eagle continues talking about the perils of the next leg of this day’s journey.

It’s mid-afternoon from the Morningstar’s place in the sky. Back at home cave Four Feathers has everybody at task preparing food for the tribe, Wolf, and the band of warriors returning. Some women are grinding the grain on a big flat rock using another smaller round rock. Two more women are using the fine ground powder by the river adding a little water to pat out their staple of flat bread hand cakes. As made they were stacked on a big piece of tree bark covered with some moist deer skin to keep the heat of the Morningstar from drying them out.

Four Feathers feels something deep in her spirit, she turns around and looks up to see brother crow flying past. Crow doesn’t even land but lets out as many loud caws as the amount of fingers she has on one hand, then without slowing down flies even faster away from the new mountain.  Four Feathers isn’t quite sure, but suddenly feels butterfly’s in her stomach. Something is amiss.

While continuing to prepare the meal she passes the finishing tasks to others and redirects the rest of the people standing around to begin packing up what the tribe can carry. This will be our last night to sleep here. They all look at her; with question. We will be leaving this place first light of the Morningstar. Wolf and the warriors are coming, but delayed by the many changes in the fast rising rivers.

Four Feathers gathers her large medicine bag, signals for the two women she’s been teaching the ways of their ancestors in ceremony for protection of Wolf and the warriors, to walk with her.

Out in the wild upturned forest Eagle’s still talking to Wolf and the warriors, telling them of a place a little father South/East from where Bears Bridge was. It’s a place where the river goes underground still flowing fast but the land above it is firm and can be walked across. Wait; Wolf says; I know of this place or what it once was. Little Wolf and I went floating down that river and it suddenly went underground and we shot out the side of a big cliff and fell through the air landing in a pool at the bottom. It would seem the Earth shift has changed this, but it is in our favor now.

We will scout this out good on our walk back as we cross it to get to home cave. It will be a good way of timing our need to depart this valley for the safety and future of the tribe. We must see if this new land bridge will hold the tribe and provide a way to make it through the one open valley pass. That journey will get us out of this new forming Great Lake, filling faster and faster. Eagle says: Love your ways of understanding to make the best plan for a journey of this magnitude. As I guide by flying above the true path, I will call out at the point of the turn to the East. Do not take this turn the land bridge is straight ahead and you must lead the tribe back over the bridge and only then turn right for the path through the pass, away from the dangers of this flooding valley. The animal kingdom is already leaving from fear of the changes in this place.

They hear a rumbling earth sound and just then over a close by hill a small heard of Elk went running past. The Elk were almost on a hunted stampede run from the fear and dangers that are coming. Eagle is so right. “Always looks different from up above the problem.”  She says. Wolf responds: “We will remember this and step back when a problem shows up to look with new eyes and discover the best way.”

Wolf is thinking….. He speaks: “There is only one way we can make this distance in time before darkness is on us, and that would be to shift and run traveling faster.” The men all look at each other and agree. One Claw asks: “But what of our breech clouts and gear. Oh, and what will I do with my throwing stones?”

Wolf knows and goes straight to work to lead by example of what they will do. Wolf takes off his breech clout and spreads it out on the ground. Eagle Two Hearts raises an eyebrow. The rest of the warriors copy Wolfs move. Eagle leaps into the air saying: “I’ll be up there circling.” The warriors look down at themselves and start giggling at Eagle’s reaction.

Wolf is placing his gear back into his shoulder bag, the others continue to copy. Using his breach clout he makes a back pack of sorts that his arms go through loops he’s made on each side. He puts his arms through the loops and looks up at the warriors. They were watching with understand, and make their own back packs. They turn to look at Wolf; he has already shifted and down on all fours Wolf still has the back pack on, it’s working. The rest follow, all are shifted into the Wolves that they are, now ready to run. They look over at Bear and start smiling. He has also copied their actions but the pack looks small and tight on Bear’s big back.

They all start howling, barking, and growling looking up at Eagle who started gliding in the direction they must run. Off they go running fast through the forest, jumping bushes and skidding around trees and curves on the trail running high on the curved cliff bluff wall banks to maintain speed. Bear’s running too but a little behind them.

They keep looking up to follow Eagles lead. Their all moving very fast now from the increased urgency they feel from the animals they now are. All the senses of the Wolf and most all other animals are much stronger than man. Wolf remembers these words from an elder council fire. This memory causes him to push on harder and faster.

They’ve been running for a while now, and Wolf and all the warriors keep looking up when they pass through a forest clearance told ahead by the light from the Morningstar shining on the forest floor.

Back at home cave, the women are still preparing the meal. Suddenly one sees another looking up, one by one they all look in the direction the others are, to see what is going on.

There is man size puffy cloud of smoke coming up and out of the forest, right in the area that Four Feathers and the other two walked towards earlier. They watch the smoke in amazement as it twists and turns making the shape of Wolves, the warriors as a pack of White Wolves running out of the forest. One woman said; “They are protected now.” The others all make sounds of agreement and get back to fixing the meal.

A short time later; Four Feathers and her two students come walking out of the forest; from where the smoke had come. But they are also holding up their skirts filled with choke cherries for the meal.  When they get to the group they empty their skirts on a skin on the ground. Some start tasting mmmmm. Four Feathers says not until our warriors return. They look down at their skirts and see red imprints of what appear to be wolf faces and there’s also a bear on one. They have just learned how to permanently paint colors on their clothes skins and other things. 

The people start yelling and calling; this is a good sign, so they give thanks for the safety of the returning warriors and the whole tribe. 

Wolf and the warriors still running come to an open sky area on the trail Eagle has lead them. She calls from above. Wolf stops.

This must be the turn off trail just before we get to the land bridge. He looks to his left and sees a path. They have all stopped and look back hearing bushes breaking and loud grunts; it’s Bear, that comes rolling down the short hill they just ran down. One Claw says: “We could just stand here and see if he knocks us down, that could be a new game.” They all started laughing by yelping. Wolf shifts and stands up. Drops his pack to the ground and unties it to tie on his breech clout. The other warriors do the same. Bear stopped rolling right at their feet. The warriors are all laughing and Bear says: “Am I that funny?” No, no; it was something that One Claw said. “What?” says Bear.

Wolf walks to a old lifeless tree by the forest edge all are watching when he breaks off a branch as longer than himself and brings it back to where this side trail is. He digs a hole and puts the sick base in, fills the hole up with the dirt he dug out and tamps it with his foot. Then what they thought at first to be strange; he reached up and breaks the top to be bent over, held by the unbroken bark. Then they all understand it points the way they must go when the tribe comes back this way. Wolf has marked the trail so they won’t miss the place to turn. He picks up his bag, weapons and begins to walk up the trail towards the land bridge, the warriors all follow.

They walk until they come upon what looks to be a narrow straight trail on top of a steep mountain slopped down on each side. They hear a roaring sound way down below in the shadows. Eagle circling above makes call down to Wolf. He looks up and holds his arm and hand up. Wolf turns to the warriors and says:

“This is the new land bridge. We will walk across keeping the distance of 3 men’s length between us. Watch closely when the one in front of you stops you must also stop. We will do this to not put more than one man’s weight at a time close together; preserving the trail to be here for our people to come back across.”  Wolf remembers an old saying his father used and this is a time to say it: ”We must always tread lightly on earth mother, and at this place and time even more so.”

Wolf takes the lead walking slowly. The others follow at his directed distance. Wolf stops in the center holds up his hand in a fist. All the others pause in place. He looks down over the West edge and sees the river, much wider than before flowing right into the side at the bottom of the slope. He turns and looks on the East side and sees no river at all. Wolf looks back at the warriors and signs for them to look down on both sides when they pass this point. The roaring river sound is so loud coming up from down below, they can’t hear even if they tried to make voice. Wolf continues walking and reaches the land on the other side. They wait and gather themselves together as they pause there.

One Claw shouts out to look as he points in the air.  “Look at the smoke sign.” They all turn and see the same amount of smoke puffs that there is as many of them. Wolf says: “It’s Four Feathers sending up protection smoke for us to return.” Just then the last puff of smoke was bigger than the others. One Claw laughs as he defines Bear as that last big smoke cloud rising. They all start laughing. As with the other smoke clouds the last big one of Bear also dissipates, vanishing into thin air.  Wolf says; “Indeed, the tribe has prepared a meal for us and Four Feathers is signing the way. The Home cave is not far up ahead let’s go.” And they head out, quietly in single file, weaving through the dense forest, on a well-known game trail.

Wolf has been thinking about the word of Four Feathers being the golden Alfa She-Wolf of the tribe. He knows they must have tribal council on this and discuss its definition for the whole tribe.

Rounding the last big rock they see the flat land above Home Cave.  They spot Buffalo kill rock, knowing Home Cave is just below that. The tribe has heard their approach, and is running to greet them. Much joy and hugs abound for their safe return has manifested into reality.

Together the tribe all walks back to home cave together. The men are tired and very dirty from the crazy journey. They get to The Home Cave and see and smell the meal prepared special for them.

Wolf sets down his gear and walks off towards the small water fall around the big pine tree. He feels the need to rinse off this trail before partaking in the sharing of food. To be clean and fresh is his way and a good time to give thanks to Creator for being with them all the way.

Wolf is under the small water fall the cool water pounding down on his head he’s feeling more and more renewed by the moment from the tingling sensation of the foaming water running over him washing away the worries to be ready for the meal, tribal council fire, and all the stories they have to tell. Eyes still closed, he give thanks to Creator dor all that is.

Wolf steps forward facing away from the water fall and tilts his head back rinsing his long hair with his hands to get to the roots at his scalp. He feels a stir in his center and bringing his head up and looks to the edge of the big pine tree and sees Four Feathers standing there smiling but not moving. His eyes are a little blurred from the water rinsing the dirt from his hair.  He quickly tilts his head back one more time to rinse his eyes so he can focus. But when he looks back to where Four Feathers was, she’s gone. How can that be, he wonders, she was just there and nobody can get around the big tree that fast. Was that a vision of what was, or was it about what will be? He has so many questions.

He arranges his breech clout and starts walking back towards camp. He stops walking in a flash back memory. He remembers this before; many times he saw and felt the beautiful woman help in some way when most needed and then she was gone, just like Four Feathers has done. Hmmmmmm. Wolf is in wonder and shakes his head so his hair fly’s around slinging water off. He rubs his hair with the fingertips of both hands. Still standing in one place he thinks; this must be a reconnection moment of true definition from past events directly connected to the now.

Is Four Feathers the mystery woman he has visions and dreams of so many times? Is she the one ancestor of the White Buffalo Woman?

Wolf tucks that thought away and heads back to the camp his stomach is yelling almost out loud.

It was a great meal all were satisfied and happy, but excited as well. They are in anticipation of the stories to be told at the circle fire tribal council tonight. The people want to hear what everything is all about. There is concern of leaving this place and their sure, the stories will tell them why and how.

At the nights council fire when the tribe had gathered to hear of the new guidance in directions and the tribes feelings to stay united in agreement as one. They’re waiting for the stories to begin. All have found their place and the talking sound lowers as One Claw stocks the fire by tossing a couple of large logs on.

They all watch and look up at the tiny sparks from the logs dropped on the fire. The twinkles are rising as well as the spirits of the whole tribe. When they looked back down everybody for some strange reason is smiling big and looking around at each other. They looked back and forth, some put their hands over their mouths and bend over laughing not with joyful emotions. It was a magical bonding moment for the whole Tribe, not to go un-noticed by White Wolf and Four Feathers sitting across from each other close to the fire. Faces glowing, smiling big the same as the rest of the tribe. They glance at each other and eyes lock. Their personal smiles get bigger. Wolf pics up the sacred white bone Buffalo skull holding it in his hands he stands up razing it above his head to the sky with his arms. All goes silent. Only the wind in the pines and some faint background water noise can be heard.

Wolf speaks to the ancestor council in the sky…..

“Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds of time, and whose breath gives life to the entire earth, hear me, for we are small and weak and need your strength and wisdom. Let us walk in beauty to make our eyes ever behold the sunsets of Reds, Purple, and Gold. Make our hands respect the things you have made and our ears to hear and know your voice. Make us wise so that we may understand the things you have taught our people, to know the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

We seek the strength, not to be greater than our brothers and Sisters, but to fight our greatest enemy ~ ourselves.”

Deadly quiet abounds. Suddenly there’s a very loud cracking branch sound followed by another, and another, then yet another all from different directions.

Wolf says: “Something is coming thru the dark woods towards the tribe, and its more than one.”