~ White Wolf 

Author's Note: The importance of Shape Shifters varies

within the different tribe cultures. The following provides

a glimpse into understanding the connection between 

humankind and all animals on Earth Mother directed by


                                                               Chapter 34 Review

Not fully believing in the gifts of Wolf, the new young man can’t resist looking up and getting on his knees to watch this booming event. His Mom reaches up and grabs his arm to pull him back down for his own safety.  Wolf looks up to see the commotion. He sees the boy and his mom both up on their knees, and Four Feathers reaching up to grab the mothers arm as the protective instincts of a true Alpha. A big fire ball lands just below them and all three are bounced up in the air landing on the East side each one pulled in by the one falling in front of them. One last quick glance to see they are gone swallowed by the cascading sand on the East side.
Wolf puts his head back down and is thinking of what he heard the elders once say; we all must loose what we love sometimes. It is the way.
The wind has slowed down and the people look up for an instant. A quick glance at the mountain sees the hot red and orange color flowing liquid down the sides from the big hole in the East side. They look down at their arms, feeling the hairs standing up all by itself. Wolf calls out: “This is the center all hold on and get down low.”
Almost instantly he sees a long spinning cloud reach down from the sky and touch the top of the ridgeline to the East, the mountain, it’s tearing up the trees rocks and ground, drawing everything it touches up into the air as the spinning worm like cloud runs down the side of the ridgeline tracing its outline, like it’s feeling its way around the land.
The new mountain explodes again and fire balls are flying even higher landing all around them, but mostly on the East side. The all of everything is acting with anger, save for the people who have fear.
What kind of madness is this? Will it stop long enough for them to escape, but which way will they go. The wind is so strong the people are bouncing around more than they can believe could be real. Wolf prays to Creator for desperate help and renewed guidance.  As his last words run through his mind the East side of this hill gave way and the ear piercing Thunder beings following one lightning strike after another deafening all their ears.
They’re all wondering how they can possibly survive this shifting change of Earth Mother. Maybe they can’t, maybe this will be the end. Shuddering fear of the unfamiliar new harmonics vibrates strong doubts through them, as rocks and debris showers down on the people.
Wolf shouts out louder than ever before; “Hang on and have faith. Believe in hope.”
They all cuddle tight into the ground and wait, processing Wolf’s last words.
                                                                      Chapter 35
The thunderous vibrating loud sound of the exploding mountain has faded after blowing fire rocks thru the air all night. The sky is beginning to illuminate the Eastern horizon. This strange and mysterious event seems to have stopped for the moment at hand. It’s a brand new beginning for a new day.
The people aren’t moving much and most have dug in to be almost or all the way under the sand.
A mound of sand starts to move and rise up. Something or someone is about to emerge.  Wolf pushes himself up with his arms and most of the sand falls away.
He gathers himself up to his knees and after slinging the sand off, slapping his hands, and brushing his eyes clear; he looks around.
He looks down and sees a big shadow over and around him on the ground. Startled he spins around quickly ready to defend or attack. There stood Bear with his hands on his hips smiling down he says: “You looked like a big turtle coming up from under the sand.” Wolf just smiles, laughter is far away at this moment in time, he has deep concern of the tribe plus the new she-wolf Alpha Four Feathers, and the others that went over the side of the sand hill.
He looks down the line where the tribe had strung out, some still holding the big branches they used to secure them in place. Others are already up and gathered in a small circle around a small fire.
There’s a crisp cool breeze in the air and smoke like vapor blowing around them like they’re inside of a passing cloud, and it smells funny. Wolf looks at the exploded mountain and sees it’s the source of the cloud wisps; he can see it rising up from the side of the mountain that flew off and up in the air, and now it looks like but half a mountain.
Wolf stood up and walked to look down the East side of the sand mountain where some of the people had fallen. He sees no sign of them. Understanding that search will start soon he walks to the people by the fire. All by the fire are munching on a piece of flat bread to gain strength for the day’s journey and extended search.  Little Wolf and One Claw are also by the fire. They hand a piece of flat bread to Wolf and Bear; standing next  to Wolf, with a glance at Bear, Wolf started walking to check on the rest of the people and Bear walks with him, both munching on some bread, Little Wolf joins them carrying a bag of flat bread to pass out to the people not by the fire..
They get to the people just sitting around almost in the same line they were when the mountain exploded. The people are in shock from such a humbling experience.
They look up at Wolf. Little Wolf passes each of them a flat bread. Wolf says: “Gather your bundles and we will all meet by the fire over there, with the others. We will set the plan for the day so everybody will know and be ready to start out with like in kind direction of the task.”
Little Wolf, Bear, and Wolf walk to each of the people and repeat this explanation of directions. It seemed to calm the people, as it does when all are informed and have the opportunity to have their say.
This is the way to united the people and help each in the way they need. Wolf, having these thoughts pauses in his mind as Creator speaks to him: “This is the way it must be for the people to be as one. There will be many times in the future when the dark shadows in men’s hearts change this way and hide the truth from the people for their own personal gain. When this happens we must be ready to stand up and be counted for what is right and the people are to always be considered as the first priority for the best outcome in the directions and accomplishments for all. Consider this and tell the story of the way to be; pass it down to live through time.”
They all settle sitting by the fire and Wolf gives thanks to Creator for their lives and this time. He asks for protection of the Ones that went over the side last night. He proudly says; we will always have hope as you walk with us on the search this morning and help keep us on the true path.
Before he can close the prayer One Claw stands up and says: “And we have strong faith to never give up”
Little Wolf says: “Aho” (amen)
Wolf looks out among all the people and talks like he’s speaking to each one individually. It’s the sign of a compassionate leader. He’s feeling them, and they are feeling him in a good confident trusting way.
Wolf begins: “This was to make us stronger. It was a good test that shows the power of our people. We are here and it is now. We have a connection with Four Feathers who went over the side during the time when the big mountain was blowing balls of fire into the air. She was as she always is; helping the new woman and the boy but they all went over.”
“Four Feathers was my close friend, the established Alpha of this pack. We will gather our things in a little while load up the drag poles and use the dogs we still have here. We  can all sense the fact that they live. Wolf is feeling the harmonics of her very special frequency remains as her life in the air.”
“Now my brothers and Sisters, time for you to stand up and speak what you think about this plan or anyway we can make it better, including any other directions that we might consider.”
Some of the people stand up and Wolf points to the first one closest to him. He explains to have no fear and say what you think is best.
She agreed with what Wolf had said and believed in their mission so much she had to stand up and confirm it was a good plan. Several people smiled and nodded to validate what she said struck true with them.
All the others standing were pretty much the same way and some with planning and preparation ideas. Wolf directed them to gather and make those preparations the way they feel is best.
He looks out and nobody remains standing. We all agree on this plan to find our missing Sisters and boy before we continue on the quest to move South from this Great Lake that is getting fuller by the day. It adds a sense of urgency to their search and rescue mission.
Let us all gather our things and prepare to set forth.
The tribe is ready and they yelp and make war calls to express their enthusiasm.
They are gathered in a short while and Wolf leads off by walking on an angle down the East side of the Sand Mountain. The others see his stability maintained by walking on an angle, like a switch back trail up or down the side of a mountain.
Wolf is walking on an angle towards the area where the river comes out from under the mountains and flows on down through the new valley.
They all cross over to the East side of the river; Wolf talks to the people to explain; we need to be on the South East side, to be on the side of direction we must travel. We have walked down many rivers and know that at some point they will get wider and difficult to cross. Then other parts will be narrow, slow, and shallow easy to just step right over.
This is much like life; our path and everything around it continues to change. Sometimes life is hard and other times it’s hard to believe it seems so easy; but remember, we never  know when it will change to be the opposite of what it is, so always remain ready for anything which waits for us around every corner of life.
They all look around in the area where they are to be sure they haven’t missed finding the packs Alpha or the others that went over. Wolf says: “No one gets left behind.”
They make a plan to spread out and continue the walk down the river. This is a way for more eyes to cover more ground and find any sign that might help them on their searching quest.
They continue to walk forward slowly. After some time Wolf looks up and around holding his hand over his brow to shade the Morningstar’s light so he can see farther.
Something is different, he can’t see anything out in front of them but he’s senses are starting to pick up on a feeling that’s coming around the next small hill close to the river. There’s a scent on the wind, Wolf recognizes it and smiles, then frowns. 
Without even noticing, Wolf takes off walking faster, so fast he’s almost in a run. The rest of the tribe follows with urgency not even knowing what Wolf has detected.
Suddenly Wolf holds his arms out and signs for all to get down. The tribe including Wolf crouched down, obscured by the sage bushes so thick and dense.
Wolf can only smell the strong powerful scent of the white sage. He thinks for a flash and realizes the wind is coming in their direction. This is a good sign that shows Creator  is helping in their favor.
Wolf looks through the bushes and confirms what he saw. Nobody else has noticed yet, but there’s one big tooth cat sneaking low and slow up the side of the hill they have been walking towards. Wolf signs to the warriors and they see and focus on the cat with great surprise, and wonder of the impending battle.
Wolf speaks to Little Wolf in his mind and explains his plan. Little Wolf spreads the words so the warriors can all be ready, understand, and attack as one.
Wolf looks around for Bear he hasn’t seen him in a while.
He spots him towards the back of the tribe. Wolf does a double take; what is that long pole Bear is holding that’s sticking up in the air? Wolf looks closer and he sees the sharp point that has been cut into the top. Wolf talks to Bear in his mind. “Good to see you Brother Bear, what have you got there.” Bear mentally speaks back;
“I have smelled that cat a long time, since we crossed the river and have made this spear on the walk, for this very reason.” “What’s your plan?” says Wolf. Bear responds: “I don’t  have one that’s up to you. All I want to do is put this spear in the side of the big tooth cat and put an end to it messing with our people.”
Wolf pauses in his own thought, while the others are quite still and waiting for the plan.
Wolf looks through the sage to see the cat again. It’s stopped and laying down but seems focused on whatever it’s hunting on the other side of the hill.
Suddenly the thought hits Wolf; what if its Four Feathers and the others that cat is hunting, just on the other side of this small hill? This thought just sped up the need to get rid of this cat.
There is a declaration made, a meeting of the minds so to speak. The warriors are all making the plan through a mental connection.
Bear is told to move up slowly and stay undercover, do not let the Cat see you, or even know your there. Wolf tells him to take a position at the base of the hill behind a big dense bush and bury the flat hilt end of the spear against that big rock sticking up out of the ground right behind the bush. Then lay it down straight with the point facing the cat and wait in a good hidden position with your hand on the spear.
Wolf talks to Little Wolf in his mind and explains the rest of the plan. Wolf looks up and the big cat is still there holding perfectly still. Hurry wolf tells Little Wolf, we don’t know what the cat is sneaking up on, and hunting that’s just beyond that short hill.
The plan is set and nobodies seen or making any moves.
Out from the back of the tribe the deer sisters have shifted and are running towards Bear. They are getting closer leaping over the short bushes and playing by jumping and running side to side. They are getting close to Bear and the big rock.
The Big toothed cat hears them and turns to lay eyes on the deer sisters. They see the Cat and their eyes are locked in a stare. The Cat turned and started running down the hill. The deer sisters stand on the Cat’s side of the rock, leaped over the rock and the Cat jumped to clear the rock in chase of what it thought to be an easy meal.
Wolf made the signal, one bark, and Bear stood up holding the spear, base against the big rock point up in the air. Bear adjusted the point to be at the cats chest plate just as It flew over him and the spear held its strength by the base of the rock made a squishing sound as it pierced right through the Cat’s heart and it fell rolling with a loud thump on the other side of the rock, Bear looked up in time to see the deer sisters white tails standing tall jumping over another row of sage brush disappearing out of sight.
The tribe all walked up surrounding the big toothed Cat lying dead on the ground. Bear was the first to speak, just as the deer sisters walked up, back in human form.
Bear said: “I remembered the story of long ago when our ancestors were faced with such a large predator and used this very way of letting the weight and the force of the predator be its own undoing. Great plan Wolf, and use of the wisdom our ancestors have gifted us.”
All are nodding and turn to look towards Wolf. Wolf is not there. They look around and see him almost up to the top of the hill excited to check and see if their missing people are what the Big Cat was hunting. The tribe begins to run up the hill to find out what is on the other side. Wolf takes another step and flushed out a long eared rabbit out of the bush and it ran like the wind up over the hill, Wolf caught its eye looking back as it ran to get away. Rabbits know they are the prey, and the fear was strongly reflected from its eye.
Wolf turned and looked back to see about all the commotion; it’s the whole tribe running up the hill.
Wolf takes that last few steps to the top of the hill and looks down. He can’t believe his eyes. The rest of the tribe is lined up on both sides of Wolf and all are looking down at the bottom of the hill.
There stood Four Feathers holding up the limp rabbit in one hand and a thick stick in the other. She said: “Anybody up for a meal.” The new woman and her son, were standing next to her and all appear to be safe and in good health.
The whole tribe began to laugh at Four Feathers casual words of making food. The joy was mostly from finding them safe. Wolf just stood there and smiled. A sigh of relief could almost be heard escaping his lips.
Four Feathers directs some of the women to make a fire while she begins to prepare the rabbit. Wolf laughed right out loud. Yup that’s Four Feathers alright.
The tribe ran down the hill; hugs and joyful greetings ensued.
The fire was started and all gathered around to hear the story of Four Feathers, the new woman, and her son.
A little bit of the stories were told with some fun and humor added to lift the spirits of the people.
While the tribe was listening, Wolf listened too, but also was looking around; always protective of the people. Wolf has noticed there are many rabbits and other food game, tuber plants and eatable grains all around in this fertile rich area.
The stories have finished for now and so has the meal. Wolf begins talking about the fortuitous abundance that surrounds them. They all look around and agree. This will be a good place to camp for some time to lay up stores for the journey to continue.
Bear speaks up: “To eat, rest, and heal to be ready with our fats stored up.” They all laugh rolling around. It’s not what he said it’s the way he said. Knowing humor is good medicine, Bear smiles and enjoys bringing this lift to the peoples Spirits. He looks over at Wolf and they nod to each other. Wolf smiles in knowing the depth of this time.
The people start organizing groups on their own. Each group has a task to accomplish and the camp will be created to stay for a short time. They are working as one which is part of their teaching; one stick easily breaks but a bundle of sticks is strong and connected so much it is hard to be broken. Together they know they are strong and that brings pride and dedication to each and every task. The tribe is busy.
Four Feathers asks Wolf if she can show him something; he agrees and they get up and Wolf follows behind her.
She walks a ways out of sight around another small hill and stops turning to Wolf as she points down.
There on the ground a very large piece of Dragon glass; (obsidian). Some other pieces are scattered around. Wolf pauses, kneels, places his hand of the big piece of Dragon glass and closes his eyes. He sees the balls of fire flying out of the top of the exploding mountain. They went far in many directions and splattered out like molten liquid glass, now cool spread out in several places right in front of him.
Wolf goes deeper under the wisdom of the Great Spirit, farther back in times of his childhood. The vision of his ancestors is strong in his mind; finding similar dragon glass and he sees his Father Flint Napping the Dragon glass using another rock to hit it and break away an arrow and/or larger spear heads all with sharp knife like edges.
Wolf lifts his hand off the dragon glass opens his eyes and stands up to explain what he saw to Four Feathers. Yes it is the way she said with an encouraging smile.
Four Feathers hands wolf a big rock. She must have picked it up when his eyes were closed. She handed it to him and he knew just what to do with it. He raises it up and hammers it down on the Dragon glass. Some pieces broke off and shattered more than two hands full size pieces. Being careful of the sharp edges, they picked some up to carry back and show the tribe of this fortunate gift provided by Creator.
They walked together back to the tribe discussing the plans of the coming days and confirmed they will tell the stories at the counsel fire tonight and seek input from everyone on the future of their quest before the harsh winter comes and changes everything.
Wolf looks at Four Feathers and says: “It makes my Spirit happy to find you safe and now back with the tribe.” She smiles and they keep walking slowing under the shade of the big trees towards the new temporary camp the tribe is making.
They get to the camp and good progress has been made.
They lay down the Dragon glass by the rock ring of where the council fire will be. The people started coming over to see what they brought. Dragon glass was said more than once. Some remembered the stories of its use from their elders. They are excited about this finding.
Wolf stops them and tells of how the stories will be told at the fire tonight. Please make haste so we will all have a place to sleep, it smells like rain. They all immediately go back to work. Wolf hears a distance rumble of thunder. And looks around but sees no clouds.
Everybody is busy back at task when Wolf slips away walking up the short hill to take a look around. He sits down on the top looking towards the North, from where they came.
He sees the dark clouds far away; that must be from where the thunder came. The Thunder rumbles again only in Wolf’s ears these words are heard: “It took a while to get your attention but I’m glad you’re listening.” Wolf knows it is Creators way to pass guidance and wisdom for their journey, so he respecfully gives thanks.
Another long distant rumbling of Thunder and the people stop their personal tasks to view the sky yet only those on the North side of the hill can see any clouds, and they are at a great distance. The people continue with their tasks as Wolf listens to Creator.
Wolf hears: “You have done well and the tribe is as one, I find joy and successes in that. Listen to the future. I give you some understanding to lead the people. Make your Dragon glass weapons share time and stories. Gather and prepare for the next part of your journey south. For in as many times as the Morningstar crosses the sky in the same amount of fingers and toes you have, a new bigger long lasting storm will come down from the North overflowing the great lakes. This whole valley you’re in will be underwater. Your journey must begin by the count you have been given to escape this grand change in the geography of this land.”
Wolf wasn’t sure about some of the words but he got the message and knows when it will become reality. He hears more words from another rumble of thunder:
“A true and dangerous journey can be a good thing for a people that are as one. It falls on you Wolf to keep it so, and for all to be handled with caution for the people’s safety.”
Wolf is humbled, and at that very moment he hears another Long Toothed Cat call out loud in a distance.
A short rumble of thunder and Wolf hears: “By the way remember there were two big cats, and things being as they are, one is now looking for its mate.”
Wolf gives thanks, and runs down the hill calling the people together. They must be ready for the coming of this big cat, (that sounded very close), and even more that they might cross paths with them on the next quest of their journey.
Danger of attack is close and they must hurry.