~ White Wolf 
Author's Note: The importance of Shape

Shifters varies within the different tribe 

cultures. The following provides a        
glimpse into understanding the connection        
between humankind and all animals on Earth        

Mother directed by Creator.
Chapter 35 Review

Everybody is busy back at task when Wolf

slips away walking up the short hill to take

a look around. He sits down on the top

looking towards the North, from where they

He sees the dark clouds far away; that must

be from where the thunder came. The

Thunder rumbles again only in Wolf’s ears these words are heard: “It took a while to get your attention but I’m glad you’re listening.” Wolf knows it is Creators way to pass guidance and wisdom for their journey, so he respectfully gives thanks.
Another long distant rumbling of Thunder and the people stop their personal tasks to view the sky yet only those on the North side of the hill can see any clouds, and they are at a great distance. The people continue with their tasks as Wolf listens to Creator.
Wolf hears: “You have done well and the tribe is as one, I find joy and successes in that. Listen to the future. I give you some understanding to lead the people. Make your Dragon glass weapons share time and stories. Gather and prepare for the next part of your journey south. For in as many times as the Morningstar crosses the sky in the same amount of fingers and toes you have, a new bigger long lasting storm will come down from the North overflowing the great lakes. This whole valley you’re in will be underwater. Your journey must begin by the count you have been given to escape this grand change in the geography of this land.”
Wolf wasn’t sure about some of the words but he got the message and knows when it will become reality. He hears more words from another rumble of thunder:
“A true and dangerous journey can be a good thing for a people that are as one. It falls on you Wolf to keep it so, and for all to be handled with caution for the people’s safety.”
Wolf is humbled, and at that very moment he hears another Long Toothed Cat call out loud in a distance.
A short rumble of thunder and Wolf hears: “By the way remember there were two big cats, and things being as they are, one is now looking for its mate.”
Wolf gives thanks, and runs down the hill calling the people together. They must be ready for the coming of this big cat, (that sounded very close), and even more that they might cross paths with them on the next quest of their journey.
Danger of attack is close and they must hurry.    
Chapter 36

All the people gather at the bottom of the hill.. Wolf says three warriors names, each raises their hand. Wolf explains the other Cat has sounded. Go now and protect this circle of the hill and we will, make plans to move forward from this point. They took off running and some other warriors went to help back them up.
Wolf was proud to see the leader ship and virtue within each warrior.
Creator’s words come to mind:
“Time goes by so slowly yet time can do so much in a very short time”
Wolf has a deeper appreciation of what time does to us. He gives thanks for the reminder.
The people are explaining what they have done to prepare for life. Wolf is proud of their so many accomplishments and with a smile and node everybody goes back to work.
There’s a questions mark in the tribes head. What will come?
Creator will protect us, we have been good to our Earth Mother.. We will leave a small track. May it always be so. Wolf is talking these words during breaks and changes in re-tasking.
Wolf is flint Knapping spear heads from the dragon glass, with several other warriors. The tribe works well together each watching to see what direction the next task might be. He can only hope that every family can have this feeling.
This bond, is as one.
They place many spears on the side of the hill, where their camp is, (Pointed towards the top), Opposite from the side the big cat was heard. Wolf explains, “We will have back up to change plans in a flash, who knows what the angry cat will do, or which way he will go for that sake. It’s time to gather the people and talk of the plan and how we can out think this Big Cat. Gather at the top of the hill and we will talk in the circle we make, we will be standing so the sound of our voices can carry to our warriors on guard around us, they will need to know all, to join in and make comment of their own ideas.”
Wolf talks about the spears that have been placed. Several suggest as before they should move some heavy rocks to be at the base of each spear to let the cat use his own weight to defeat himself. Many agree and so it is planned.
Wolf suggests they scout out to locate the big cat and not be seen or let it known that they are even there. We must do this shifted to avoid confrontation if possible. We are faster, make less sound, and smaller tracks as the shifted animals we become. This is agreed and set into the plan.
The women set to task of preparing food. The men warriors and “Wolf Shifters” gather to make ready for the search in the dense forest.
There are other warriors to stay in camp and guard the women. Wolf has concern that the smell from the food might draw the big cat nearer. He talks with Bear about this and Bear says; “I will be here waiting to deal with this threat and any other.” Wolf puts his hand on Bears shoulder and smiles. Bear nods and they go their ways to make ready.
Wolf walks over to Four Feathers; she is busy instructing the women who have begun to gather grains to grind for flat bread and dig up tubers to bake by the heat of the fire. She looks up in wolf’s eyes and says: “Yes we are preparing for your return. Some women have captured many rabbits to add to the meal. We will make a good feast to sooth the shifters hunger and renew their energy upon your return from a successful mission.” Wolf just smiles and bows his head as to give thanks and respect to Four Feathers and all the women.
Wolf shouts a war cry, and the wolf shifters run off together to meet in the nearby underbrush, the beginning of the deep dense forest. They find a clearing and sit in a circle as Wolf starts talking about the philosophy and directions of the plan.
We must be silent and watch each step to prevent the sounds of crushing leaves and breaking branches that would give up our surprise of searching to find out what lives in the wild, and everything close out there, that might be stalking the tribe.
Only time can teach us what is truth and what is legend. Some truths do not survive the ages but the Legend of the tribe will live forever and be whispered in all the winds directions, of the great White Mountains, protection and growth of these mighty warriors and all that is, of the whole tribe. 
Remember these words and use them in the wisdom of this search. We will be swift and jump from rock to rock when the path provides a way. The times when we run through the forest are most important to recall and practice our skills of the loud sound of silence.
The big question that is on every warriors mind, but put into words by One Claw.
“What should we do if we find the Big Cat or anything else that might be threating?”
Wolf looks up and sees a passing cloud. A rumble of thunder is heard by the warriors. However, Wolf hears the words of Creator. “Each will know exactly what to do when that time comes, and begins to pass.”
Wolf slowly looks in each warrior’s eyes, one at a time, and the word is passed as they nod with understanding, and then Wolf’s eyes move to the next warrior. All warriors are with the knowledge that they will be guided by Great Spirit but caution and safety are to remain in forethought of the path they choose.
Wolf points to the one tall hill way back and to the East side. All that can be seen from where they stand is the very peek for it is a long ways off. “We will meet there, after we run to cover and search all these grounds between here and there.”
Wolf looks one more time at each warrior around the circle and says: “Be brave.”
With that they all stand and shift into the wolves they are, as their clothes drop to the ground. They run in a circle without a sound and Wolf breaks out to start his journey and the rest do the same, peeling off one at a time, each in a different direction. The search is on.
They each set their own path mostly from rock to rock, and rock cropping’s, sometimes they must run in the sand, and dirt without moving a bush branch or twig that might give their own position and movement away, to be heard by whatever it is including the Big Cat that could be a threat to the tribe; they search with intense focus.
One Wolf froze in place when he heard the snorts of an Elk. To late, the Elk heard him and went running. As the Elk ran past some other Elk they all ran off as a herd making a thunderous earth pounding vibration. The Wolf perked his ears up and looked around; wondering if he had given up his position.
He thought about it for a moment; and rationalized it as nature behavior and it could have just been the Elk doing what they do. He brushed it from his mind and slowed down his movement just in case, as he continued to search.
One Claw jumped off a big rock down on the dirt and got spooked from a strong persistent rattle which had him jump back up high in the air landing on the very rock he came from. He peeked over the edge and saw the rattle was from a big snake and knew it was a warning to beware. One Claw turned and jumped to another rock in a different direction.
As One Claw continues he remembers what his father’s father once said; “The path isn’t always straight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.”
Back at their new camp Four Feathers is helping the other women remain on task and changing positions so that none are working harder than another. They are changing places on their tasks. The Alfa of Four Feathers is showing, and they all recognize the blessings she brings.
Four Feather pauses and stands tall. They all stop and watch to see if there is something coming she has seen, all look around. When they look back four Feathers is gone. One woman points to the bushes but it’s too late, only she saw the tall tail of a Wolf whipping back and forth, once, then disappear in the dense forest. The rest of the women just looked at her with a question mark in their eyes. She put her head down and returned to grinding grain on the big flat rock with a round river rock they had found.
A short time later Four Feathers came walking out of the forest carrying the biggest rabbit they ever saw. The women came running and gathered around her. There was blood dripping from the rabbit’s neck. The woman who saw her tail as she went after it, whiped a drop of blood from the corner of her mouth. No one noticed they were all looking at the rabbit. Four Feathers just smiled at the woman and she smiled back.
They all walked back to the work area and a couple of women started cleaning the rabbit, holding up and admiring the size of the pelt. Good warm fur to create something to help keep them warm in the coming winter.
Four Feathers asked several women to come help her gather some of what she had found, and bring the red willow baskets they have woven.
They walked into the forest where Four Feathers had come from, all wondering what they will be gathering. They saw with their eyes an abundance of choke cherries, raspberries, cranberries, fruit hanging from trees, and healing herbs, and spice herbs. The women were excited and happy talk was made. Four Feathers held up a hand and they made a circle holding hands asking permission to take some of this fruitful wonder Earth Mother has provided. A Big Red tail hawk flew overhead and called twice. Four Feathers heard: “Please they are for you to have and be strong.” She thanked Earth Mother and the women knew it was time to gather as they went straight to work filling the baskets they made.
Four Feathers looks at the woman that whiped the blood from her mouth and made motion with her head to follow her. They walked together to an area that had several different types of healing herbs and even elderberries growing. Four Feathers knelt down with the other and prayed for permission to take these special herbs. I short burst of wind passed between them and the herms waved, a sign of permission had been given. She reached out and started collecting different herbs she placed in her basket and the other woman copied her selections doing the same.
Four Feathers asked if she wanted to learn the ways of healing and adding flavor to their foods. The woman was excited at this honor and humbly agreed. Four Feathers smiled with a warm heart for a woman willing to learn and carry on to be a Medicine woman.
The women continue collecting until their baskets are full and with joyful talk carry their baskets back to the camp area.
When they get back they go straight to work on these new foods for the blessings they are to be ready for consumption when the warriors return. Bear is watching and can’t help but eat some of the berries and fruit they have gathered the women make laughter and chase him away saying we will all eat together later when the others return. We need time to prepare what Earth Mother has provided now go and keep a look out for our protection and return of the others.
The women were talking as they worked and heard one woman say: “Where is Four Feathers?” They all look around but she’s not to be found. Bear is walking back by himself to look around in the surrounding forest when he sees Four Feathers sitting on top of a small hill; head tilted back looking up with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees palms up. Bear recognizes the position of one reaching out in prayer to all that is, and gives not a second thought as he continues walking.
In her mind she’s standing right beside Wolf, almost, as she giggles from what she sees. She smiles for this is the first time a connection of this distance has been made. Wolf is still shifted standing in a shallow part of the river up close to the bank. He’s swiping his paw into the water trying to toss a fish out on the bank.
Four Feathers says: “Why are you chasing the rainbow fish Wolf?” Wolf is shocked and turns quickly to see Four Feathers standing on the river bank. He smiles and responds mentally, same as she has: “It is to be an offering of food for the Big Cat to possibly get his attention from the scent, and we know he must be hungry.” She agrees it’s a good plan and there is a splash as two rainbow fish jump from Wolf’s chasing paw landing on the deep green grass of the river bank. He looks up to smile from his accomplishment at Four Feathers, yet she is once again gone.
She looks down from the hill and sees Bear walking behind a Mama Bear with two cubs. She keeps looking back in fear from Bear and to protect her cubs. Bear is keeping his distance but wandering slowly between Four Feathers and the cubs and Mama Bear. Bear is doing a good job of keeping his distance so Mama Bear keeps moving to illimante the threat to Four Feathers who sees what he’s doing and smiles from knowing. Bear walks over to Four Feathers and asks if she’s okay. She gets up and says: “Thank you Bear you are a good protection warrior. I was visiting Wolf they haven’t located the Big Cat yet but are working on a good plan.” Bear asks what the plan is, as she begins to walk back towards their camp; she keeps walking slowly and looks back over her shoulder to tell Bear that Wolf is chasing a rainbow fish in the river. Bear reaches up to scratch his head mumbling a self-question, chasing a rainbow fish???  She continues walking towards their camp just around the next hill.
When Four Feathers walks into the camp the women are busy all doing their tasks.
They see her and smile as they keep working. They know she has a connection with the warriors on search and accept that if there’s word they should know she will share with them. They all recognize her pack rank as the female Alpha, and she has guided them well, so they give her respect and honor her ways. 
Wolf shouts, in his mind, to Little Wolf and he comes running from just a short distance away. As the shifted Wolves, they still are, on the search; Wolf explains to his son mentally. Take one of these two fish and I’ll carry the other we will take them to that clear meadow area up ahead and lay them out to offer up to the Big Cat and see if it comes from the drifting smell on the wind.
They wait a while, hidden in the bushes. No sign or sound from the Big Cat is heard. Wolf becomes impatient and has Little Wolf get up and go with him, moving closer to the tall hill they set as the goal for this search. He’s thinking the others might be coming soon and wants to be there when they do. Off they go running and jumping carefully to remain as silent as possible.
They come to a clearing around the tall hill and both of them see the edge of what looks to be a small cave opening. Wolf warns his son to be careful, a cave is where a Big Cat might rest or hide. He directs Little Wolf to sneak out behind from where they came, and move without being seen through the bushes, to see if he can look inside the cave to check for surprises. Little Wolf does as was said, while Wolf waits where he is and keeps close watch on the small portion of the cave opening he can see. 
Little Wolf is in position and only sees a small person or animal lying in the dirt of the cave floor. He walks out of the bushes at the same time he’s telling Wolf what he has seen. Wolf moves up to be coming at the cave entrance with Little Wolf from two sides. Slowly they walk, heads low, watching intensely with caution for any movement. They see no movement but as they get closer they do see the shape of a man lying on the dark cave floor.
The rest of the shifted warriors arrive at the cave. They walk right up as they see Wolf and Little Wolf standing there. Wolf is nudging the man on the floor to check if he is alive or dead. The man moves a little and moans. His ribs are standing out from his chest and his stomach is sunk in and hallow, just as well as the cheeks of his face. Wolf Shifts up to a man and says: “He’s alive but starving and too weak to respond. We must get him back to camp quickly and allow Four Feathers to start her healing energies to revive and keep him alive.”
The warriors agreed and went straight to work preparing to accomplish the task.
One warrior brought some water and helped the man wet his lips from drying out anymore and cracking. Also to moisten inside his mouth so he could drink a few sips of water. Another brought a few berries to feed him and begin reversing the process of starving. Others are building a man carrier like drag poles they use for their camp dogs. There’s a difference in this carrier; the poles are long enough for two men in front and two men in the back with a branch woven bed for the man to lie in the middle.
They were all talking about nobody ever seeing such a man carrier before. Wolf walks out to see who is directing its creation; it’s Little Wolf. Wolf talks about, and remembers the time: “We went through some type of portal, a change into a different time. There was a tribe dancing in a circle calling for help from their ancestors. They were protecting a river from big crazy things that had star lights on them to make the areas of bright light, like the Morningstar lights up the ground and they were aiming fire sticks that would flash on the end and knock the warriors down while continuing to spraying big strong streams of water on the people in the cold night, a terrible thing to see. The people protecting the river were getting beaten down, all the while remaining peaceful and shouting over and over; Mni Wiconi, Mni Wiconi (water is Life); there was and still is strong truth and power in those words. But there was also some carriers like this, to help some fallen warriors carried back to their healers. It was like two different tribes; one of Standing Rock, he heard them called, to protect the water and another pushing them to violate it. However, the good point of this strange encounter was that Little Wolf learned and remembered how to create a man carrier. I’m proud of my son’s memory and creativity.” 
They make ready and Wolf directs some wolf shifters to skirt the outside edges of the man carriers to watch for the Big Cat which they have not yet seen or heard. It is time while there is still light to make the journey.
They made ready and began to track back to camp. Several things that, as wolves, were no problem yet as men moving with the man carrier did create some more difficulty in the journey.
All was overcome by the strength and will of the brave warriors. They changed men to relieve the ones carrying so they could continue at the rapid pace.
They were very efficient on this long walk/run at almost a continuous running pace, to get the weak man the help he needs to live.
Eagle Two Hearts fly’s over the camp and calls down. Four Feathers looks up and acknowledges her flight to scout out for Wolf and the warriors position. Eagle soon fly’s over the men and sees where they are; estimates the rate of pace and knows the time they will be back to camp. A Red Tail Hawk fly’s up to Eagle and they touch talons to pass word. The Red Tail continues back towards camp and swoops and dives with brother crow, again passing word. The Crow fly’s fast and hard never gliding always stroking his wings to fly as fast as he can. Moments later he arrives at a tree in the camp and Four Feathers looks at him before he even speaks. Caw, Caw, caw calls brother crow. Four Feathers turns to the women all watching and says: “Our Warriors return and will be here before the setting of the
Morning star. We should begin to prepare the meal.”
Four feathers signs for the women to help her fix some healing herbs. She tells the woman as they work: “One man is weak and we need to heal him, saving his life, from his time of starving with no food. This is a new man in addition to our own warriors. He’s being carried so all the warriors will be worn out and need some gentle carrying.”  
The women are busy preparing the meal, and are happy to hear their men will be back soon. They silently pray for their safety.
All is ready in camp and the warriors are so close they start smelling the food being cooked. This brings a smile on their faces as they increase their pace with renewed energy.
The women are waiting in watch as they see the warriors coming to the hill camp. The carriers set down the sick weak man and collapse on the ground from fatigue.
Four Feathers greets Wolf in her mind as she goes to the sick man with her helper. They are both working on the sick man to renew his strength and spirit. He is so weak they work swiftly and cover him with a buffalo robe to increase his core temperature.
The women are helping all the warriors with drink, warm food and kind encouraging words. Four Feathers helper continues working on the sick man who is starting to open his eyes and take a few bites of food. He then lay’s back down while chewing. The healing helper is working diligently with the healing herbs and ways she has learned from Four Feathers.
Four Feathers walks over to Wolf with some food and drink. She says: “So did you find any signs of the Big Cat?” Wolf responds in the negative. He asks if the outer warrior camp guards have eaten, and finds out they have, and remain on watch.
We will have a small council fire tonight and a short talk of the journey. Four Feathers smiles and says: “You are all tired and need rest. By the way, did you get any attention from the rainbow fish?” Wolf chuckled and just shrugged his shoulders and smiled tilting his head to one side with a wink.
At the council fire in the dark they talked a little but most wondering about the sick man and what will become of him. They agree that they will help all peoples if they have good spirits and are willing to be friendly and helpfully join the tribe. Much like Earth Mother provides all our needs and willingly helps us all in so many ways. We must tread lightly on Earth Mother leaving little or no tracks.
The guard changes are set in place to remain on watch for the Big Cat and anything else that would threaten the tribe. Soon sleep found them and the night turned into the next morning at +first light of the Morningstar glowing over the Eastern ridge line.
The tribe awakens to the new day. The warriors from the journey are stretching their muscles and the women have already got the cooking fire going. They gather around the morning fire and eat as fast as it’s made. Four Feathers looks around smiles and is making funny comments talking about a bunch of hungry warriors.
Wolf asks how the new man is doing. He hears his voice mumble and looks around Four Feathers to see the man sitting up rather tall showing a very fast recovery. He complements Four Feathers and her new training medicine woman on such a good job and that they do show great healing powers.
The tribe is with joy this morning and the outside camp guards have just changed again so they can dig in and eat from the long dark cold night.
They finish the meal and are casually talking around the fire making plans for the day with the biggest question of what the plan is to delete the threat of the Big Cat.
The new man stands up and drops the buffalo rope saying: Perhaps I can help you with that.” All turn to listen from this man they have saved…. He drops down on his hands and knees and with the flash of an instant; shifts into the BIG CAT letting out a mighty strong loud earth rumbling roar. He’s twice the size of Bear. All shifters have shifted; the lesser in strength, like the deer sisters, have all run off into the woods in fear of their life. Screams and fear full breath gasps come from the people.
They have healed the enemy and he is now among them and there is no defense.
What will they do in this critical moment of survival or death to the whole tribe?