~ White Wolf 

 Authors Note: The importance of Shape Shifters

varies within the different tribe cultures. The 

following provides a glimpse into understanding

the connection between humankind and all animals

on Earth Mother as directer by Creator.

Chapter 37 Review

Four Feather’s Medicine woman apprentice brings out some white sage, and cedar bundles. She lets the people know these are being passed around for everyone to smudge and be cleansed and renewed for the journey to begin in the early morning.  Four Feathers was impressed by her apprentice and lets her know how proud she is and gives her gratitude. The woman smiles, nods, and bows her head in a humble way.

Stories of the other side are told and excitement of the people abounds, like being rewarded for their sincere hard efforts of preparation. Catman mentions that the fish are now ready. The people know to leave at first light they must pack everything this night and then sleep and be ready to get up eat, and go.

The people went to task and finally everything in order for the next morning, so they settled down for some rest. The excitement level was still high even though they were tired from the days work. It took some time for the whispering to stop and all drift into sleep, save for the warriors on watch.

The morning light was close but not there yet when the first of the rain drops started to fall. The people awoke in the wet cold of the promised storms beginning. Suddenly it was pouring rain and Wolf was directing not to eat; lets us get on the tall hill he advised for them to follow him, and off he went in the dark of the morning light, with his vision being hindered by the dark clouds of this huge storm.

Wolf in the lead and the tribe strung out behind him all climbed and crawled over and around the wet boulders and now muddy earth. It was muddy and slippery as they continued to struggle at a rapid pace to get up the hill to safety.

Wolf looked back and all the people were on the hill strung out with gaps from the slippery footing. He looks towards the North and a big flash of lightning lending Wolf a short time to see. He is very concerned. He saw a large wave of water coming towards them and it is filling the valley they were climbing out of. He calls out and the word is passed to hurry up the flood is coming.

Looking back once again and another flash of light revealed the flood was almost upon them and the people were not up high enough to keep from being drowned and washed away.

Wolf looks to the sky and calls out to Tunkasila,Wakan Tanka (Grand Father, Great Spirit) and all the ancestors; “Please help our people to live and be passed by the flood of death.” All keep moving and slipping some are crying from the life or death drama. But nobody is giving up even if it does mean their own death, they help others not as fast to get ahead.

There is a roaring sound from the flood front wave racing down the river rolling and throwing boulders, and then it went silent.

Shape Shifting ~ Chapter 38

Wolf looks back towards the hill they had been camped by. He saw a large wave splashing flood water suspended in mid air. The dark water flood rushing through the valley with huge drops and spray that appeared to be  stopped by time itself. He looks down at the river and it also looks to have stopped moving and held in place.

He looks at his people and they are all still climbing at a hasty pace up to the safety the top of this tall step hill provides, which will be the bank of this new river being created before their very eyes.

As Wolf helps each person, pulling them up to the safety, he can’t help but notice the people are moving at a normal speed, however the rushing water has stopped. But wait, he looks closer to see the water is moving so slow it just appears to have stopped. In reality looking even closer he can see the water is still moving so very slow he confirms it has not stopped. They must hurry.

He sees that the rushing wave has been deflected away from the people by the hill next to where they had camped and now has a direction of flow towards the center of the valley where the small river once was.

Wolf has not seen this type of shift in time speed, but he remembers stories of it from the ancient ones.

The last of the people made it to the tall hill top and they paused to look back when a huge Lightning bolt struck so close it made everyones hair stand out and the thunder was instant and felt like the sky was being torn apart.

Wolf looked up because he was the only one hearing the thunder as the voice of creator as it rumbles continuously across the distance of the sky. Wolf was silent and strained to not miss one word from Creator.

The thunder, Creators voice said: “Your request to save all the people was heard and granted. Your helpful compassion for everyone of the people has gifted you this connection and guidance of the tribes journey by reading the signs I set forth for you all. Your willingness to accept others out of the tribe, like the Catman are proof that the tribe has open loving, caring hearts, minds, and spirits. Understand that I sent the Catman and know he will be of great need and help in the near future.

We the Ancestors of the medicine council in the sky will remain with you and the tribe for the honor and respect that you show, not only for each other but also for the outsiders. All the people are equal and your compassion, empathy, responsibility, and acceptance for all; continues this journey of the great mystery, always in a good way. Go forth in this new land moving south. A bountiful amount of blessings will be with you all. Procreate towards becoming more than many and continue to expand your numbers for the Great Nation you will be.”

Wolf is humbled and thankful. He looks at the people with concern for the welfare of each one. He looks down at the direction of their sight and see the river almost up to the top of this hill, now moving swiftly and with great force. This explains the peoples wide eyes with fear of the unknown.

Wolf looks over at Four Feathers and nods. They both open their arms and begin to guide the people down the safe side of the hill. The ground and rocks are muddy and slippery from the heavey rain storm. Wolf and Four Feathers encourage the people to keep moving down away from danger and are saying take it slow and easy, this is no time to panic and run. The people look back up at Wolf and Four Feathers with a thankful smile and slow their pace to follow the leaders directions which they see is helping them all be safe.

They all keep moving towards the flat land at the bottom of the tall hill. Wolf and Four Feathers are behind them all helping those who are struggling to get over the slippery mud and rocks continuing down the hill.

The tribe gathers and huddles together at the bottom on a relatively flat area. It’s still pouring down rain and the people are wet and cold. Wolf sees and feels their anguish. He looks at Catman, knowing how much Cats dislike water. Catman is just sitting there with a look of wide eyed searching for a drier place to be. 

Wolf catches the eye of Four Feathers and signs for her to stay there and comfort the people while he takes a couple of warrior shifters with him to find a close by place to find shelter from the continuing torrential down pour of this heavy storm.  She nods and quickly begins talking among the people as a distraction that does seem to have a calming effect. Her words are of phrase and how they all worked together and that brought them to the safety of this place over the tall hill and away from the flood. Their eyes have a thankful look that their lives have been spared, and Four Feathers words are what has instilled these feelings of hope and encouragement.

Wolf touches LittleWolf and Oneclaw on the shoulder and walks out of the group with those two closely following. Four Feathers has the people distracted, where as they didn’t notice the three men that walked away into the dark pouring rain. Four Feathers looked up to see one last look as the three disappeared quickly into the darkness of the pouring rain storm.

Wolf speaks to the warriors with his mind so they all make the shift together and can move faster with better footing through the dark raining forest. The wolf eyes and senses are in full effect and they can see like there is morning light.  This helps them see father off with more clarity. Wolf sees a hill that’s barren on top and starts running up to the top with Littlewolf and Oneclaw.

On the hill top they can see far, in all directions. The three wolf warriors are each looking to see if they can spot a place the tribe might take shelter. Littlewolf sees what appears to be a cave in the side of a cliff, and barks. They all turn to look. This cave is closer back to where they left the tribe to wait. They are off on a run to have a closer look at this cave.

They are running and darting back and forth through the forest, the storm of lightning thunder, and the hard pounding wind blown rain. They come to a small river and see they must cross it to get to the cave. They begin searching the river in both directions to find a way for the people to cross without getting wet from the cold water in the river winding down from the high mountains snow melt.

Wolf finds a place where the River has split and three different streams run into the one they have been searching. Wolf lets out a howl and the others come running to the sound of his call. Four Feathers and the people hear his howl as well and take it as a sign that they have found something worth exploring. Four Feathers continues to calm the people by saying; we are close it won’t be long now so cuddle in tight and be ready to move. They are all still sitting out in the open storm without any cover.

Wolf and the other two quickly walk up the river and in a very short distance around a small canyon curve they see how narrow the three streams are and know they have found the crossing place. They can see the cave from here and decide they need to go check inside before they bring the tribe, just in case there may be some sort of danger.

They run up to the front of the cave and stop; they smell something different yet not unfamiliar. All lower their heads in anticipation of what they don’t know. Wolf walks slowly out in front and begins to enter the cave.

His wolf eyes allow him to see piercing the dark shadows.

Wolf moves slowly around a corner where the internal walls of the cave turns. Suddenly they hear an ear piercing scream from more than one person. Wolf stops and turns to see it’s just him and Littlewolf in the cave, Oneclaw is not there.

Wolf turns back to the people and sees them scrambling to get up and away from the rear cave entrance, running away from the wolves with fear. Wolf and Littlewolf immediately shift back to human form so the people in the cave will calm down. They stop; holding still and go silent. Wolf is curious and looks up to the rear opening towards the sky. There stood Oneclaw as a Wolf. White Wolf waves his hand towards Oneclaw who, from this sign, also shifts back to human form. Wolf is holding his hands out palms up. This is the sign of a friendly greeting.

As luck would have it the people were focused on Oneclaw and didn’t see them shift. They turned back and their eyes opened wide looking all around signing where are the wolfs. Whitewolf and Littlewolf smiled and both now held out their hands. They felt a hand slide across theirs, the sign that validates the acceptance of their friendship.

A big flash of lightning lit up the cave from the top opening where Oneclaw stood. The bright light  illuminated the cave inside and Wolf could see there was four women and one man. The women had their hands behind them and Wolf soon saw little faces peeking around the women. Four women, one man, and three little faces. All with fear in their eyes.

Wolf signs for them to come out into the dryer part of the cave as the opening at the top back of the cave had rain pouring in and was making a small stream flowing through the middle and running off the rocks out in front.

They all sit in the larger front part of the cave. Wolf signs for Littlewolf and Oneclaw to go quickly and bring the tribe into this cave for shelter from the storm.

Wolf sits with them and begins to communicate. It is told that they also came over the same tall hill but a little farther North. They made it before the flooding river became so swollen it filled the valley. They are thankful they were on the North side of this small river to walk beside and find this cave.

As they shared their stories, Wolf told of the tribe and how many so the new cave people will be more at ease when they show up. They are all sitting around in front of Wolf cross legged on the soft cool earth of the caves floor. The three kids are sitting on what Wolf perceives to be their mothers laps. The fourth woman is kneeling on one end and the man is behind her holding her shoulders as they all take turns talking.

Soon the tribe arrives walking in a long line yet with some urgency in their walk. Wolf sees Bear bring up the rear dragging a big tree branch still filled with leaves. Bear has the trunk over his shoulder while other warriors are lifting and pulling the rest of the dragging tree branch. The new cave man ran out to help with the big piece of tree. Wolf is smiling not only to see this new man eager enough to run and help but even more so to see Four Feathers and the rest of the tribe.

The rain has stopped as they walk up to the cave entrance. Wolf knows they must build a fire to warm and dry out the people.

Bear walks into the cave mouth and dumps the big tree piece down with a loud thump, as he twitched and the leaves fell from his shoulder. Bear shook all over and Wolf helped by brushing some remaining leaves off his back, saying; nice job Bear we need some wood to make a fire. Bear smiled and said; a gift from Creator when the lightning hit this tree branch and it fell right in front of me, I knew it was a sign to bring it here.

The rest of the tribe comes into the cave with Four Feathers making sure everyone made it by following at the end. She looks at the cave people and walks over to take their hand one by one. Welcome to our tribe she said. They were all smiling as the rest of the tribe came to the new people with an open arms welcome. We all share together Four Feathers said. Indeed said Wolf what is ours is now yours as well. The new people were happy and filled with joy of this friendly tribe.

Wolf directs the warriors to move the big tree branch covered with leaves to block off the entrance to the cave so that it might block some of the cold wind blowing straight in on them.

Four Feathers calls for the smoked fish knowing they must eat a little to rebuild their strength. The new people stepped right up to be as a tribe member helping in anyway they can.

Wolf hears something and calls for silence as he peeks through the tree branch leaves to look outside. He sees movement and turns back to pass directions to remain still and silent.

Wolf looks back through the leaves, they all hear the steady continuous rattle. Wolf looks to the top of the tall hill and sees an angry tribe, he can feel their very negative energy. Once again he turns back holding a finger to his lips.  He looks back out and sees the rattle source. One of the warriors is holding up an empty gourd with what he knows has little rocks inside shaking with each step they run. He also sees, since they are running to the North on the hill top path, they are all men and have face paint on. They are on the path of war and looking for something to take, including lives. Wolf knows from experience, he has seen this behavior before.

The face painted warriors continue to run, the tree covering the cave entrance perhaps has saved them from what surely would have been a fight. The rattle sign faded as they got farther away. The rattle was a warning, a sign reflects the angry disorder of greedy takers.

We will be less safe, by not paying attention to the signs. If we believe in the facade of a simple rattle with gullible thoughts to believe what we are shown or told by a band of warriors out looking for blood; will that make us protected from the tricks of taking over all of our everything? The people all shaking their heads no. They have learned over the years that they must follow through to define the real truth before moving forward into a trap to be captured in the clutches of another tribes greed that surely will take all for themselves, without any thoughts of compassion for anyone or anything but their own personal gain. 

Wolf facing the people now addresses the moment and reaches for a small piece of smoked fish. The rest of the tribe follows his lead and soon they are all eating and talking low.

Wolf walks to the back of the cave with Litttlewolf. They look up at the rear flat opening it’s a short standible height. The small stream running down has slowed to be just dripping since the rain has stopped. Wolf slowly stands up and peeks his eyes out to look around. He sees the, now tiny from a great distance, face painted warriors still running North on the tall hill top until they go around another hill and out of sight. He climbs up and out of the opening followed by Littlewolf.

They look around and then at each other agreeing that this is a good place to be for now. They walk around to the cave front and it can’t even be seen from the tree branch blocking the opening providing a good hide.

They tease the tribe inside by making funny noises and everybody starts laughing. They pull back part of the big branch and slip inside with the rest of the tribe.

Some warriors are already preparing a fire to warm and dry off the tribe. The clouds are getting thinner and the Morningstar is going below the tall hill to their West.

The tribe is all gathered around the small fire talking of the adventure and giving thanks for their safety. As they continue talking, they are getting dry and sleep can be seen as it’s making their eyelids heavy. A light breeze through the big branch is carrying the smoke at the top of the cave straight out the back and up out the rear opening. Wolf smiles at this fortunate path of the rising smoke. 

Slowly they start laying back as sleep begins to find them. All are laying down in rest now, Wolf looks around and sees the peace, gives thanks, and drifts off to sleep.

The Morningstar light coming in the back opening of the cave awakens the tribe. The whole tribe slept late from yesterdays tribulations.

They made a fire and pushed the big branch out a little to easily walk outside to greet the Morningstar and the first day in this new place.

Everybody is stretching and looking around, when someone said: “The new people have darker skin than any of ours.” Wolf says: what does it matter we are all the same. Four Feathers looks at Wolf first and smiles, then the rest of the tribe joins in, everybody was smiling and nodding their heads in agreement.

Someone in the back shouts out we should give them names. Wolf speaks up and says I’m sure they all have names they are just like us and we will respect that and call them by their own names. We can offer up a new name later but remember it’s up to them if the name is accepted, and it’s okay if they have more than one name.

Everyone is happy with where they are compared to where they were. The people are walking around and looking to see what their new area is ready to gift them with. Four Feathers calls a few women that follow her back in the cave to fix up some food before they get to wandering some distance away from the camp. Bear and some other warriors move the big tree branch farther back to provide a larger opening to walk through.

The people ate and talked of what was to happen next.

Four Feathers offered up for her healing apprentice and anyone else; all are welcome to join her on a walk to gather some healing medecine and food plants. Several nodded and agreed that it was good and wanted to join.

Wolf mentioned that anyone is welcome to join him to go hunting and find some meat or big food plants. Catman said he would go to the river and build a fish trap, the new kids all wanted to come along and learn. 

They had set up plans for the day. Everybody has purpose even the few that would stay back and work on getting this new place set up as a camp should be.

Wolf says; we might be here a while so enjoy creating this camp as it will be so.

Four Feathers and a larger group go walking down the river bank looking for a sign for the direction to go.

Before long she hears a chipmunk calling. They all stop and look in that direction. The sun was still low in the sky, having only recently risen from behind the horizon. Still, its rays were powerful enough to shine down upon the large pristine plush valley that spread out to cover the valley floor for farther than anyone of them could see. They are significantly humbled and give thanks.

She looks back at the people with her and they’re all smiling and laughing. Four Feathers says: “That’s a very big and great blessing of a sign”, as they split off in pairs or more to gather what they know.

Wolf and the warriors with him had a good hunt, there’s plenty of strong life in this valley, Wolf mentioned, and at that very moment the new man took out a bolo and started twirling it over his head to let it fly and he takes off running in time to see the rabbit’s feet get wrapped up and stumble. He pick up a thick stick and clubbed it fast so it wouldn’t suffer for long.

Wolf talked with him when he walked back to the group. “That is a fine hunting weapon. Oneclaw found one stone with a hole through it just like one of those.”  Wolf recalls memories of the conversation, about that, on a exploration journey they made a while back. He says to the new man: “We talked about it being used just like this. You have good skills my brother, please share your wisdom and teach us how this works, in our sit around time.”  The new man was happy to be validated and smiled big with a nod of agreement.

The Hunters returned to the cave first. They were followed by the fishing Catman and the children.

They all had a good amount to eat that will last for more than a many days.

Wolf and Oneclaw walk out to track Four Feathers and her band. It will be light for some time, but the direct shine of the Morningstar is about go down behind the tall hill. The shadows are getting long and mix with tree and bush shadows dancing in the breeze as the two walk in the bands path following their tracks.

Suddenly, Oneclaw said to Wolf; I’ll be back, and went running back from where they came. Wolf shouts out where you going? Oneclaw stops and turns to let Wolf know. Wolf is surprised because where Oneclaw has stopped he has become invisible, or at least it just seems so for the shadows and the forest has hidden his form and outline. Wolf could hear what Oneclaw said from the strengthening breeze creating the loud rushing sound of the forest.

Oneclaw starts walking away again and Wolf can now make out where he is from his movement. Wolf is surprised by this and knows this wisdom can be used during a hunt or other times the people need to hide.

Wolf sees Four Feathers coming with her band of helpers and healers returning from gathering. The people walking behind her. All are carrying armfulls of plants and tubers. Wolf decides he will show this new hiding way to Four Feathers and the people by example.

Four Feathers and her band of people are happy with the way they have gathered more than expected to make healing medicines, food, and food cooking flavors with healthy infusions to be strong and continue their quest of procreation.

Wolf is standing in the shade from shadows cast by the trees watching Four Feathers leading her people back to camp, right towards him.

Wolf loves to watch the graceful strong moves and happy that shows in their walk. All are walking with joyful purpose to get back to the new camp and proudly display what they have gathered.

Standing in the path, hidden by the shadows yet right out in front of them Wolf watches the happy band of his people, it makes him smile thinking about the good of the people and this special place they have found to be even better than from where they came.

Suddenly Four Feathers is running toward Wolf, she sees him, how can that be when he knows he’s invisible at the distance, shadows, and this time of day. She must be using her Wolf senses to pierce the veil of Wolf’s hide.

The people all pause where Wolf and Four Feathers stand, proudly holding up all the treasure they have found. Wolf smiles nods and turns to walk back towards the cave and everyone else follows. There is talk of their gratitude for the beauty of this bountiful place.

They walk to the cave and now all are in the new camp. The people that stayed have been busy collecting a large pile of dried fire wood. They have arranged a large rock circle and built a wood pile. All is ready to start the night’s council fire.

Others are cleaning fish and rabbits preparing meat for the evening meal. The gathering band is washing some tubers herbs and fire pepper plants.

Everybody is smiling some laughing and talking of the days adventures while they joyfully work to prepare the foods. Four Feather lights the fire, getting ready to make some fresh flat bread.

Wolf walks up to the top of the cave and looks to the North. He sees just a few dark clouds, way far off in the distance, that don’t look threating. A small flash is seen far away, and he listens to hear the thunder. As it starts to barely rumble some of the people look up and Wolf hears a deep low whisper: “Be Ready” Wolf is puzzled by these words wondering, be ready for what? He looks back towards the clouds and sees they are almost gone, blown away, and he hears no more words.

Wolf sits and looks to the North pondering over this connection. He closes his eyes and tilts back his head thinking the words of thanks and request for help with understanding. He’s snapped out of the moment when Littlewolf makes an Owl call, for all to hear and know that the meal is ready to eat.

The tribe is sitting around the night’s council fire. Some are finishing up their meal, mostly snacking on flat bread. The day’s adventures are shared for all to hear. Respectfully they talk in turns as the others listen and remember what has been sparked in their thoughts by the story of another.

The turn came to Wolf; he praised Creator for all of this beauty, comfort, and their safety. Everybody started expressing their thanks for what could be their new home for some time while they build their numbers. Never has anyone seen such a plentiful valley with everything they need right here. They are feeling truly blessed by Creator for this new home.

Little wolf choses some warriors to stand night watch for the camp, to insure they are not unpleasantly surprised.

They are tired and wind down as the kids go to sleep by their Moms. The men pick them up to carry, and the people start moving into the cave. It’s nice and warm in here, they were thinking. Someone had already lit a small fire where the other one was, and the smoke was drafting nicely. Soon they all drifted into dreamland.

Deep in the night Littlewolf starts shaking White Wolf to wake him up and come outside. The night sky is glowing light orange and filled with smoke. They run up to the top of the cave and see to the North there’s a big fire running across the horizon. Another warrior runs up to them and reports he just got back from running over that first hill to see what was happening.

He’s out of breath but speaks rapidly; the all of the North looks to be on fire and the wind is blowing it towards us.

They run into the cave and wake up the people.

Make ready and take just what you can carry, no time for drag poles on the dogs. We must run for our lives. Just grab what you can help each other and lets meet outside.

They gather by the now cold council fire. Wolf points the direction for Oneclaw to lead the people down the river and away from this choking smoke. Off he goes and the tribe strings out behind him with Four Feathers and Wolf bringing up the end to be sure all the tribe escapes.

Four Feathers stops at a small rise and looks back past Wolf who’s already looking back at the flames running down the hill headed straight for their new home, the cave.

Wolf turns back to see a tear running down Four Feathers cheek. All she said was: “Thanks for the time in this beautiful place.” Three dogs came running past, and startled them a little. Wolf puts a hand of Four Feathers shoulder as they turn to follow the tribe away from the fire and their new home.