Six Nations in Oh6 june: RedStock

~ Soldier Blue

It was a dark and stormy night! (eeaayy?!)

That is the beginning of a story, a fiction,

this is neither. the telling of truth.  Caledonia,

northern Ontario  Kanenhstaton ( the protected place ). The community of Caledonia, wanted to build a new subdivision, an archeologist was brought out to ascertain if there were any human remains.

The people of the Haudenosaunee told them there were at least two burial mounds on that land. The archeologist said there were no human remains.

When the.." the clearing  of the land", began the bulldozers kept pushing up bones, identified as human remains along with funerary objects which further identified these remains as of the Haudenosaunee. But rather than tell anyone, allow for repatriation, the contractor and construction workers building for Caledonia decided to burn the bones instead!

The Mohawk people, when they witnessed these actions, put a stop to it and began occupation of the grounds now known as  Kanenhstaton( the protected place ). A recognized flute player organized a benefit concert, which because of the amount of interest on the part of native performers became known as Redstock. I was privileged enough to be one of those allowed to perform some of my spoken word works. I can not begin to ell you how much it affected me, being around people who are in full command of their language, living and vibrant, strong in their ways of being Haudenosaunee, and what that meant personally and as the circle of six fires.  The strength, and grace of the women's council singers was a power to behold! That is no wise an exaggeration, their voices were as much a part of the land as they were a reminder of spirit to the people. A woman of the Seneca people asked to speak with me, and I listened. That journey is still with me, as it will be for the time I am here on my earth walk. I felt that I had left something behind, I felt great loss on returning "home". 

As with many native issues of this nature, there is yet to be a resolution amenable to those most affected. Us, RedEarth. We shall see what the future holds.