Some Thoughts on Living and Life
~ Joelle Clark

Recently I collapsed running a temperature

of 103 with a blood glucose level of 1090.

Most people will realize its nothing short of

miraculous that I escaped entering a diabetic


The cause? My right kidney was blocked by a kidney stone which for a diabetic is a quick recipe for disaster. 

After spending five days in ICU,having a Stent placed in the kidney and knowing that there were a lot more medical procedures to come, I finally got to come home. 

Like many who come close to traveling across the Milky Way and spending some time with the ancestors,I returned introspective and questioning some of the things that I have spent the last few years of my life working hard on. 

Many things that I have focused on I discovered were important but that taking care of me had to become a priority if I am to continue doing the things that I am here to do.Sometimes you have to take time for yourself. 

There were some funny and interesting things things that ran around inside my brain during those days.

Did you know that 71% of the earth is covered with water or that 60 % of the adult human body is composed of water? That  is why when the physical systems governoring how our bodies  process fluids fail our lives are immediately at risk.

That is one more proof that Indigenous people are right when we say that Water is Life.

Did you know that historians have pretty well proven that civilization's that place families needs first,then communities and governments survive longer and are morally stronger than those who practice the reverse?

Did you know that laughter really is healing? It lowers your blood pressure and heart rate.

So yes,as long as I have breath I will continue to be there for my family, Stand for Water and the people. 
That is my life walk. It is humbling and a blessing. 

I pray that each of us find our path here for life is precious.We must work together to protect it.

I am reminded each time one of my grand babies face lights up when they see me or a little arm goes around my neck and a small voice whispers in my ear,"I Love You."

Find the reason in your heart that you choose life and stand strong!