SOUND “In the Concept of Becoming Connected”
~ White Wolf

Music is a rhythm of our individual, yet soulful kindred

spirit that defines us. Our everything feels it as the pulse

of our own heart, and we reflect that.

We can use our personal music playing electronics, or

better yet, we can make our own. We are the same as

what the sound touches, because it touches us. So,

literally we are hearing everything around us; from the

inside of a teepee or a room, or the all of outside like

rocks, trees, and hills.
Much like the light we use in a room, the light reflects off everything and creates a glow in the room that becomes the all of light, as one brightness.
We could use a hand drum for a steady beat, and even sing a song we have running through our mind. Sing it right out loud ~ “maybe when no one else can hear us” ~ Maybe not ~ Because we are singing to everything around us. The beat we make, the words we sing bouncing off all that is within our personal realm at that moment in time.
That is but one way to connect to what surrounds us. With some good thoughts and words flowing we can become grounded and feel peace, for however long we can make it. This could be called a higher level of meditation or release of stress and tension, as we share it with all it touches.
So, there’s a concept... If we can do that, then we can make this same kind of connection with everything else, even animals and of course people. The concept is to feel the harmonics in the rhythm of what is around us and be in tune, to reflect that. This will bring more times of happiness in whatever it is we really want. If we are in tune, there is peace, and we will be open to enjoy every moment we can.
You deserve this, take good care of your soul, it is sacred.