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Spotlight on Our Native Sisters: Jill Harris

~ Dawn Karima 

Name:  Catherine Jill Harris 
Tribal Affliation: Gros-Ventre (Fort Belknap Tribe) 

What are you passionate about these days?

My work. Licensed Addictions Counselor…

and Gardening 👩‍🌾 

What are you doing to make your world a better place?
My life's work. Helping people work through the darkness of drug addiction  and alcoholism. Show them how to find available resources and what to do to get back on their feet after treatment, on-going treatment, continuing self help with AA, NA, Al-anon, and the like. 

What do you want us to know about you?
I am traditional, cultural, modern, raised on the reservation but believe that we will never truly be a sovereign nation until we are able to generate our own revenue and are no longer dependent upon the government. I love to do my own beadwork, I used to tan my own hides, but I’m just not as strong as I used to be to do all that anymore. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration of all time was my late mother-in-law, Mary [LittleSun] LodgePole. She taught me all the wonderful cultural, traditional, Spiritual things I needed to know to raise my family, and to keep me & us going for generations to come. I miss her daily! 

Who do you hope to inspire?
Every person I help along life’s healing journey.