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Spotlight on our Native Sisters! Nicole Lybarger

~ Dr. Dawn Karima

Name: Nicole Lybarger 
Tribal Affliation: Bois Forte Band of Chippewa 

DK: What are you passionate about these days?
NL: I love to share Gods word and message to

Repent and Pray always and to forgive others.

I also love to sing, especially for God because

He gave me the talent. I love Him so much.

DK: What are you doing to make your world a better place?
NL: Praying. Prayers always work. You just have to believe and have faith. Helping others anyway I can. 

DK: What do you want us to know about you?
NL:  I want people to know that I’m trying my best to get God's message and Word to anyone I can reach. I want everyone to make it to heaven and know that Jesus loves them and He can save them like He saved me and many others. We may fall, but we will get up again! Stay praying! 

DK: Who is your greatest inspiration?
NL: Jesus Christ of course! Haha! Anyone that helps others. 

DK: Who inspires you in Music?
NL: Right now, Tufawon and Antoine Edwards, Gunner Jules, Frank Waln, Nataanii Means and a lot of others are inspiring me to write music! They are amazing... check them out! 

DK: Who do you hope to inspire?
NL: Anyone and everyone! I love you all!

DK: How do we connect with you/buy your art/invite you to an event/support what you do?
NL: On SoundCloud & Reverbnation, you can listen to some music I wrote. On Facebook and Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, I have most of my music 
under Voicenlove. On 
YouTube it's under NativeAmericanSinger!

DK: Thank you for sharing! 
NL: Thank you so much and God bless you all! Love and Prayers for all!