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Spring Book Reviews

~ Dr. Dawn Karima


New Year, New Me. New Year's Resolutions.

Do Better. Each new year, social media fills

and floods with promises to lose weight,

break habits and change lives. Yet, as the

year progresses, many find their progress

paused, their dreams deferred and their

resolutions repeated year after year.

MIND SHIFT 2020, a new anthology by Josh Kangley, aspires to inspire real revelations.  “It’s time to heal. It’s time to unite. It’s time for a Mind Shift!" declares Joshua S. Kangley, author of MIND SHIFT 2020. Kangley, who wrote the book THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS is also a popular podcast host.

This compilation features a diverse array of thinkers, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders and influencers. According to the author, "Mind Shift 2020 is a collection of stories, wit, and wisdom that will inspire you and motivate you on your journey towards success!" Kangley continues, "This book is jammed packed with inspiration from authors of all backgrounds and they share their unique perspective on what we need to do to succeed and learn from one another."

Available on Amazon, this anthology strives to share ideas from thought leaders in a non confrontational way. A non judgmental tone and open mind makes reading this book feel like attending a TED TALK or participating in a think tank. The ideas are presented in engaging, innovative chapters, each written by a different expert.

Readers could use this book like a daily devotion or weekly inspirational reading. They could develop discussion groups or book clubs to read this book together. This collection could also provide prompts for reflecting in a daily journal. Self help groups, counselors and support groups might also find these stories and examples to be helpful. For those who simply want to keep the resolutions that they make this new year, MIND SHIFT 2020 may renew their minds and revise their lives.

As the author announces, "These stories will touch your heart and inspire your soul, and don’t we need inspiration now more than ever?"  In the pages of MIND SHIFT 2020, Josh Kangley promises that "You will read stories from Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Authors, a 12-year-old CEO, and so much more!" As a contributor, I am honored to hear Langley proclaim, "I call them Guiding Lights and may their beacon of light shine on you and guide you to success on your journey.”


POWER OF THE STORM thunders onto the literary

scene, powered by prolific Cherokee Editor

Marijo Moore. This stunning new anthology

celebrates the influence of poet and activist J

ohn Trudell. A veritable who's who of Indigenous

Writers fill the pages with pieces that span genres,

tribal identities, and subject matter.

A strength of this collection is that it compiles pieces written by the most visible Native authors of this decade alongside work by emerging writers. Youth and Elders are represented in a balance rarely seen in other recent compilations. By bravely ignoring blood quantum, Moore has created a literary environment of inclusion and diversity. 

POWER OF THE STORM is perfect for pandemic online book clubs, which could discuss the book on ZOOM or other online platforms, while sheltered in place.  Students could also read this book for book reports or research. Instructors and Teachers could assign this book as a means of presenting Natives in modernity. Quarantine means more time to read and this book is available from The forecast for readers of POWER OF THE STORM is that this outstanding anthology will educate, enlighten and inspire.