Spring is Sprung!
The grass is riz! I wonder where the flowers is?

~Maureen Brucker
With our delayed winter this year, it was well into April

before the bulbs Christina planted made an appearance.

They made a lovely start to a rather traditional English

front garden. In future years, we will add to the glorious

array. The two fruit trees are also thriving although the

late weather has been hard on them.
I am thinking that among the bulbs in the front by the locust tree, I eventually will plant some herbs. Perhaps next year as my strength continues to return.
In the meantime, I am learning the rhythm of Christina and Ruben's garden. As soon as plants are shipped to our area, Ruben begins meeting with his friend who is a truck driver. He purchases plants that would otherwise be thrown out as they were damaged in shipping. Thus, as the season progresses, we have all kinds of vegetable plants being nursed back to health, awaiting the magical mid-May planting time. Pots of all sizes cover every available space as each is tenderly prepared for transplanting. The house becomes a garden indoors awaiting the last frost.
This year, there is the possibility of a yard sale. If it happens, there will be a collection can at the register table for the Whisper n Thunder EREZ Fund. It is never too early to start collecting for those in need. This is especially true with the governmental threat to shut down the heating assistance program. If everyone does their share.
Do not forget to talk to your employer about matching funds when you contribute regularly. As a 501c3 non-profit, your donations are tax deductible.
As the weather gets warmer, plan a lemonade stand with the children. Give a percentage to the fund as well.
Anything will be of help.
Go to www.whispernthunder.org . Click on donate. Very easy.
Enjoy your spring and the garden.