Standing Strong For Our Women
~ Dave Kitchen
Men, we need to support our women more.

If they are upset with us as men and say, " We

women have no rights and you men have

them all", instead of getting hurt, we need to say,

"You know, you are right.” and support their issues.

Women of almost every society are on the

bottom rung of the ladder for human rights,

especially Indigenous women who have the

highest rate of abuse, kidnapping, rape and murder statistics for their numbers.*
I am not preaching here. I am stating facts. I can think of many ways we fail them all the time. Little things like helping them through a rough time even if you don't understand their emotions. How many times have they supported us in our endeavors to be free or get work or complimented us and make us feel good when no one else would? 

Instead of treating women like objects of sexual desire and objectifying them, why aren't we treating them like equals and partners in our endeavors?

When we allow these stereotypes of women to remain and we treat them as less, it leads to all of these abuses, rapes, kidnappings and murders. And these man camps that companies have when putting in oil pipelines etc. are some of the worst perpetrators of harming and disrespecting our women. 

Ladies I realize that I haven't included everything here. I just want some of us males to realize how nasty you've been treated. I didn't put so much here like work place sexual and other harassment. And us talking down to you or not treating you as equals. Unlike the stereotypes women are strong within and intelligent. Let's give them the respect and support they deserve. Because like in our families they are someone’s mother, sister, wife, cousin or as in my case, some of our strongest supporters and best friends.

The Facts on Violence Against American Indian/Alaskan ...
Impact Statement American Indian women living on Indian reservations experience unique challenges that intensify the epidemic of violence against them.