Terrorism and Resistance
~Dawn M. Gibson
     While learning about the Criminal Justice System,

many of our assignments are based around criminal

activity. The topic Terrorism came up, I am happy to

report our instructors are very open minded, as long

as we can back up our statements.  While describing

the Governments definition of terrorism, which

different organization disagree or have different

definitions, the government states any threat to the

United States (FBI, 2017). The National Institute of

Justice states that, the FBI’s definition is: any unlawful act to cohort or force a group of people for political or social objectives. Title 22 of the U.S. Code, Section 2656f (d) defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience (NIJ, 2017, para 2). So my questions are, why isn’t the Standing Rock situation more in the public face? Terrorism has been happening to ALL Native American’s since 1492. The invasions of the Native lands, the false meetings by Whites which lead to entrapment and MURDER of many Native leaders, which lead to the Native resistance to change. Much like Britain did to the Irish and Scottish (among others), falsehood of meeting invitations to come to peaceful terms ending in death. War caused by whites, which when Natives won it was called a massacre.  

     They hung 38 Natives, after the Natives won a battle, in Mankato.  Lincoln ordered this done, while 300 were slated to hang, this is one of many disgraceful acts, done to Native Americans.
      The unjust writings about Native Americans, which excluded the truth - how does one trust a government who writes history as they want it rather than as it actually was? Yes it is true modern devices help the situations these days. It does not however allow us to see what actually happens. We see the incidents at Standing Rock and people still defend the evil actions against a people who remain true to their culture. Who understands so deeply the connection between Mother Earth and our survival? They understand without clean water, clean air, we cannot live. Yet ignorant people still want this pipeline to go through. Ironic, how America claims to care about mankind and the environment, while allowing this abuse towards the Native people. This is indeed terrorism upon the Native Americans, non-stop.
    How do we trust a so-called legal system when they cannot admit they made a mistake or were wrong?? Examples include Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal. So many have been released because of the Innocent Project and Amnesty. These men will forever be in the hearts of their people as martyrs because they have not committed the crimes accused, they were just present, the government needed a person to pay and they made them their target. EVEN THOUGH proven that the so-called evidence against them was tampered with, even through cohorts’ testimony, and even admittance on the evidence they both are innocent because someone had to pay. This is the justice system that is sworn to protect the innocent? So a question for all is, if this is protection, just how safe do you feel? When people speak up, rise up to say ‘enough is enough’, they suddenly are labeled terrorist; a huge misrepresentation of the word. For the’ people by the people’ includes our opinion, expressions, and demands for the justice to be done. This is call resistance - we resist to be silenced, we resist to just deal with it, we resist because we know what is being done is wrong and ‘by the people for the people’ allows this. No it is not terrorism as we and they have been labeled, but we are and will resist when the law becomes corrupted, when the law wrongly imprisons those, when due process of law has not been done, and whenever we feel we are in danger of those who claim to protect the people, those who claim to be for the environment while mass deforesting is done, while fracking, and stripping the lands continues - we will resist! That is why many invaded the Native lands. The freedoms in which we will protect and keep, and resist all who try to take our freedoms in the name of corruption, greed, selfishness, and the real term of terrorism. Stand and resist the oppressors!! Stand and resists against those who are the TRUE terrorist!!
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