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The Battle Scarred Shield

~ Corey Flood

Tunkasila my loving Grandfather
I come to you Grandfather in my need.

I, alone am nothing.
Please remove people in my life who are

wrong for me.
Who ask because they claim they want

to know our ways, and try to change them

to suit their selfish means and beliefs, please
remove these ones who have no eyes or ears to the beauty of you
I ask you G randfather in my need to cleanse me of the shame and
guilt that lives in me, because I chose to walk away from you and

I come to you Grandfather in my need and pain to ask me to lend me your eyes so I can see me in the way you see me, I come to you in my need to ask you to restore the power and strength I once had, to restore me and add to what you have freely given to me

I come to you Grandfather asking for your aid in needing no other person on this Turtle Island you created just for us.

I ask you to remove the ones who see me as my backward steps.

I ask you Grandfather to show me in the skies, and my daily walks, my talks with others, and my life- showing you are always with me nudging me into action – true life changing action- actions that will truly honor you, my parents, and the many beautiful elders you placed in my life.

Grandfather- I come to you with the knowledge that the loving elders I had once had physically and spiritually prepared me for this walk alone with you, they showed me, taught me, and shared with me each thing I hold dear in my heart. The path that leads me to you, the path they prepared me for , the path I am once again on as I write this, you fill my heart, mind and life- the path to my personal battle scarred life that I did so much to destroy, and as much as I tried – you shielded me and finally brought me to my knees in happiness and pure joy, and happiness.

I come to you Grandfather thanking for your loving and beautiful ways because in each instance of grief, pain, sorrow and extreme hurt Ive always felt you place your shield that has been through many, many battles, and because of you I always managed to fight through adding one more dent in your beautiful way of bringing me back to the sacred walk, a walk I now give myself fully to, a walk that leads straight to you, the shield always, always, restoring me back to the sacredness of your love. I now see the much older version of me, my hair past my waist with golden eagle feathers braided into the wonderful dark brown you gifted me with, Pilamaya Grandfather for the sight of the sacred pipe that I see in my lap, the sacred smoke of sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco to send my prayers straight to you, are in the air. The sight I now see before me shows me the walk to you was just what you patiently waited for.

In all that I am, or will ever be, the road in front of me will be without obstacles because of the extreme love you have always had for me.

Your loving, grateful, and in every way , beautiful healing power has brought me home.

Your grandson, Corey Allen Flood