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Russ Letica ….The Big Man with an Even Bigger Heart

~ Peggy Lang

I started working for Russ when he moved to

our little town from Las Vegas to be closer to

his aging mother. (Talk about culture shock)

Sadly...his mother passed in 2021.

Russ had been dealing with medical issues

for years and losing his mother made him feel

very alone even though he had many friends and people who loved him.
His huge sense of right and wrong made it easy for him to tell it like it was. He was honest and generous almost to a fault.

He loved beauty in all things… his house and yard are a testament to that.

I once asked him “ why don’t you take that money and travel, enjoy yourself ?” His answer was “I always leave things looking better than how I found it.”

Russ has made a difference in so many lives I’m grateful to have known him and will forever cherish the memories….